Viewing Distance and Pixel Pitch

A common source of confusion is the distinction between “resolution” and “pixel pitch,” so let’s first define our terms. Most people know resolution from its use in describing TV screens and digital photos. We intuitively understand that “high resolution” means a lot of pixels.

However, since TVs and photos tend to come in predictable sizes, people have come to associate high resolution with tightly packed pixels (and therefore a sharp image) but that’s not necessarily the case. A 300×400-pixel photo might look sharp at six inches wide, but blown up to six feet, the same image would look blocky.

1. The term we use to describe the distance between each pixel is “Pixel Pitch LED Screen”, if you’re considering a led video wall, settling on a pixel pitch is one of your first decisions.

  • 1). Consider the Viewing Distance

Tightly packed pixels are more expensive. They look fantastic even up closely, but you don’t want to invest in quality that will go unnoticed. Human eyes can discern about one millimeter in pitch for every eight feet of viewing distance. From 16 feet away, a two-millimeter pitch delivers the best observable image. Anything tighter than that is overkill.

  • 2). Consider Your Content

You intuitively understand that high-resolution video would be wasted on a low-resolution display. That would mean lost visual information. The resolution of the content and the led display should match up. Whether you’re repurposing existing video or developing fresh goods, you will want to know what its resolution is going to be, because that will determine how many points of light you will require from a led display.

Here’s the thing: once your content resolution is set, your pixel pitch will govern the size of the overall display. With more pixels packed into a super-fine pitch, less wall space is needed. Modules with lower pixel densities will cost less but also take more space (and more modules) to do the same job.

  • 3). Ever-larger Resolutions

You’ve heard of “4K,” right? (It’s a bit of a misnomer. At 3,840 pixels across, the 4K UHD standard is just shy of 4,000.) So, here’s an easy-to-follow example. Using D3’s ultra-premium P1.6 modules, a 4K display would be roughly 20 feet wide and 11 feet high.

Using less densely packed P2.0 led modules would likely lower your overall cost, but it would also increase the display width by five feet and the height by three feet. Finally, for a comparable visual experience, we would want to apply Rule #1 above: position viewers of a larger display (wider pitch) roughly three feet further back than viewers of a smaller display (tighter pitch).

There are many factors that go into the design of a led display but remembering these two basic rules will make it easier for you to decide a logical starting point for your display’s pixel pitch. There are some data in theory wp hitch can reflect the relationship between the pixel pitch and the best viewing distance.

Here Are A Few Cases to Illustrate:

2. Southeast wisdom-city, a total construction area of 271622.48 square meters. The project is in the southeast area of Shijiazhuang city, south of the second ring road and sports street Interchange southeast, covering about 1500 acres, is the provincial capital of the village of large rules.

The project requires a curvature of the change, the middle need some embedded, display size: 16*5m, this effect is more layered, so the led panels must have a radian, seamless splicing, high resolution, true reproduction of the image, color uniformity, high contrast, clear picture Octavian, viewing distance we about more than 5m, so recommend our P4.81 rental display.

Rich content: can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information; flexible way: arbitrary display by the user display mode; large amount of information: the information displayed is not restricted, can suit the stage performance, or press release requirements.

With the improvement of people’s living, P4.81 indoor rental led displays has gradually entered more and more performances, conferences, and other public occasions, we uphold a good company product in the industry cut a striking figure, to become the preferred brand of customers.

3. Hebei TV children’s science and education channel since the launch of the “growth of knowledge, open the mind, entertaining, cultivate sentiments, training four new people” as the direction of the program, adhering to the “open wisdom tomorrow” brand concept.

Unique professional brand, cover children, science and technology, education, three areas, rich in resources. Scientific and rational linear choreography and highlight the history of humanities, educational services, science and technology frontier, children’s entertainment, and other characteristics of the wonderful program.

Before 2017 Children’s Day, we undertake the installation of a P4.81 indoor stage led display, about 120sqm, this led display superior performance, broad perspective, so that the wonderful performances of children more colorful, so that childhood memories more fun, Distant view of a wide range of rich colors, near to see the clear and natural without distortion.

Because the full color indoor stage led displays spacing and excellent performance – high refresh rate, vivid colors, the screen display clear and delicate, we provide the most professional led display solutions, service-oriented attitude so that customers praise more than this, given the display to praise!

This led displays design is a major bright spot in the shape of the stage, set the three-screen body, to achieve different angles of the audience have three-dimensional effect; another screen body to adjust the display brightness, so as to achieve eye protection, so that the eyes do not adapt, the design is extremely humane.

4. Recently, the first college students structural design competition and the Eleventh National College Students Structural Design Competition Division Competition in Lanzhou University start. The competition in Gansu Province, a total of 13 colleges and universities of the 28 team to participate in the competition entitled “super high-level structure.”

The contest requires three players to complete the model in 16 hours independently. Experts according to the comprehensive calculation book, design instructions, structural selection and production quality, site performance and load ratio and other aspects of the work to score.

This project uses our P3 indoor led display, is the company’s independent research and development of the installation technology, so that the installation can also achieve seamless stitching, color processing is also using the latest SMD2121 model beads, the lamp beads whether the color brightness, Degree, saturation has a very strong ability to adjust.

Our P3 indoor led display has been used for many countries, provided the perfect effects and solutions for hundreds of activities.

5. The InterContinental hotel is the premier international luxury hotel in Nankai District, which is in the core area of Guano Economic metropolitan area – Guangdong Province Financial High-tech Service Area. The hotel has excellent meeting facilities and thoughtful personalized service, making it an ideal choice for all kinds of events.

From corporate meetings to grand banquets, we are sure that your event is impressive and memorable. The magnificent pillar-free banquet hall is illuminated and offers a stunning view of the canal, It hosts can banquet for 630 people; six conference halls, equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for flexible meeting space.

Banquet halls use our P2.5 indoor hd led displays, elaborate, quality of the strict testing, each production is extremely rigorous, engineering installation work for many years to install the company’s products for many years to install more Is handy, this product regardless of color resolution, performance, or color level, have reached an excellent.

Color reducibility, it means the color reducibility of the images, P2.5 indoor hd led displays color need to keep highly congruent with the play source color, to ensure the authenticity of the image.

6. With the creativity and development of rental led screen technology, have been widely used in big activities like stage background, bar entertainment, marriage ceremony, musical theater, conferences etc.

The stability of the rental led screen play the vital effect in the whole process, especially in the rental series of performance live. To achieve diversified display effect, it is required that led screen can easily switch to different splice modeling. So, rental led screen should not only be light, easy installation and setting up but also be high stability.

Indoor P5.95 Rental LED Screen:

1). Each screen plays same or different content.

2). Support image, animation play, and Live Broadcast.

3). Die cast aluminum control box, adapt to all kinds of weather.

4). Customized Arc design: bevel edge cabinet design according to customer requirements makes Arc screen assembling.

5). Gapless connection: under 0.1 mm tolerance gap between cabinet and module, under 0.2mm tolerance gap between cabinets.

6). The popular cost-effective indoor products, using smd2121, horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 140, the brightness of 1000-1600, and the brightness can be adjusted.

7. Background Bar T-type in night club need attention that everyone can pay attention, and the colorful effect to stimulate people to enjoy the singing…so the Rolling stone Bar choose our P4 indoor led screens in Serbia.

Indoor led screens for stage must meet the following requirements:

1). High stability nationstar lamp

2). High-definition images delivery

3). Audience gets very comfortable videos, and wonderful visual experience

4). Wide view angle: 160 ° viewing angle, the maximum to meet viewing needs

8. Our slimmer and lighter video wall screens P3.91 (PH3.91mm, 500*500mm) sparkles in Cyprus., Full-screen display and multi-window cross-screen roaming. With the pixel pitch of 3.9mm and screen size of 200㎡, P3.9 indoor displays bring the audiences better watching experience.

P3.9 indoor wall screens is creatively designed all at the dimension of 500*500mm, which enables free piece-together. 7kg only for each panel, no tool needed during installation and integrated handle design all bring you great convenience.

Every panel is manufactured with CNC auto-machines of high precision so that to guarantee its seamlessness during assembly. So is well accepted by many customers as it is applicable for many indoor occasions.

9. The project is a hotel for wedding themes, the background wall is 45 meters long and 3.5 meters high. The three walls of the hall are all made with indoor led display, because they need to show a lot of colorful pictures or videos, so adopts P2.5 hd led display.

The advantages our high resolution led display are mainly reflected in its display effect compared to other media products will not appear particles and mosaic phenomenon, and the color saturation is relatively high, the color display is more symmetrical. After the lighting, the hd led screen is clear and natural, the display does not flicker, and the screen display effect is good.

Our hd led display is applied to all aspects of social life because of its high quality and cost-effectiveness. We provide design, production, structural construction, installation, commissioning, and integration services!

10. Conclusion:

Our company is a high-tech led display factory of led display, full color led large screen and led products for the main business, scientific research, development, product, engineering. We have upheld the concept of advanced and the company’s development goals, has been the industry leader, facing the general direction of industrial development.

We will also make quality and innovation two-pronged, strong itself, so that based on the led display industry, also promote the industry to “brand-power” in the direction of development. Our stage led display has been provided the perfect stage effects and solutions for many activities and countries, if you want to understand the products, please contact our engineering staff to provide you with the right solution.


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