Factory Tour

As a professional manufacturer and trade combination with over 10 years of experience, we specialize in reliable led display products, comprehensive services, and creative solutions.

We would like to recommend our highest-rated products in your market. Your forward-thinking design and advanced technology concepts will be realized with guidance from our engineers.

We will develop complete solutions for you, providing 24/7 support throughout the entire process.

We specialize in outdoor/indoor rental led displays, commercial led displays, led posters, flexible led displays, stadium led screens, led spherical displays, and other custom led displays.

We recognize that quality control is our top priority in conducting business. You will receive products with reliable delivery guarantees and competitive pricing, ensuring that you will benefit from retailing our products.

Success comes from perseverance and hard work. Unity is the beginning, progress comes from unity, and working together leads to success.

Product Certification

Excellen Team

Our experienced sales team will be your expert consultants. We’ll help you understand how pixel pitch and resolution work together. Our sales team will guide you in finding solutions that meet your needs and budget.


Our led video display products are ready to use right out of the box. However, when multi-location functionality is needed, our experienced support team and engineers are available to guide you through any technical issues.

Quality Assured

We provide only high-quality products that maintain their appearance and functionality even in harsh weather conditions. We are very confident in our quality, offering a 3-5 year warranty on most products.

Fantastic after Service

We have a professional after-sales service team. Our goal is to contact any customer under our service agreement within 24 hours. We can also train your local staff for simple repairs, or we can remotely resolve any issues for your display.

System Solutions

Your needs are very important to us. We will follow all details and provide complete feedback on how to build your led video screen. We always provide the perfect led video screen solution for each project.

Instant Delivery

We rely on experienced engineers to develop new products and make improvements. With 80,000 square feet dedicated to manufacturing, management, and customer service, we support all our needs, ensuring on-time delivery.