New Advertising Choice – Transparent LED Displays

After long time technical innovation and development, transparent led displays had been widely accepted by the customers worldwide. With the advantages of good heat dissipation, fast installation, high transparency, high brightness and easy maintenance, transparent led screen could be used behind any shape of glass surface, and keep the internal natural lighting and viewing, that is the reason why it’s the best choice of glass led display advertising.

Transparent led banner is a transparent screen micro-innovation, SMT manufacturing process, packaging lamp beads, control systems have been targeted improvements, coupled with the hollow design of the structure, reducing the structural member block the line of sight of, maximize the perspective effect. It also has a new and unique display, the audience stood watch over the distance, like a picture on top of suspended glass curtain wall. Transparent led displays these features make the application more widely in public places, more and more segments of the application presented to the continuous development.

1. The Birth of Transparent Screen:

With the advancement and development of technology, people on outdoor advertising media or media requirements than ever greatly improved, the traditional light box, posters, paper, etc. Obviously has been unable to meet people’s growing demand, so outdoor high definition led display stands out.

However, led display screen at work can indeed play a brightening city, release information function, but in the “rest” time as if it is a city “scar”, and the surrounding environment is out of place, greatly affecting the city’s beauty, and destroy the urban landscape.

In this context, led strip light screen, curtain screen, curtain wall screen, lenticular screen and other products were born. With the continuous development and improvement of technology, led transparent wall screen was born and began to gradually replace the former, occupying an increasingly important position in the field of curtain wall applications.

2. What Is a Transparent Screen:

As the name implies, transparency and transparency are the most important features of a transparent screen. Since 2006, the industry has been developing strip screen to improve transparency by reducing material, but due to the limitations of light bead size and PCB structure, the effect is not so good.

The transparent screen developed by LEDSINO relies on the unique light-emitting method and the super-wide bracket pitch, even if the pitch is reduced to 2.8 mm, the led Transparent Display can still maintain 65% transparency, and the conventional pitch is as high as 90%!

The weight of transparent video wall is very light, compared to the traditional display screen of 45~65 kg/m2, its load-bearing requirements on the installation environment are quite low; due to the high transparency of the transparent screen, airflow will naturally pass through the gap, so the wind resistance is greatly enhanced, which is very suitable for installation in buildings with glass cabinets or glass curtain walls.

3. Advantages of Transparent Screen:

 •  1). The appears of transparent window display not only incorporates all the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition led display and shop windows to maximize the elimination of load-bearing and beautiful, solute the retail industry window video display problems perfectly.

 •  2). Currently retail showcase for the transparent led banner, not only light, thin, easy to install, but also to achieve the smallest pixel pitch of 2.8mm and transparent degree high more than 80%. Its use needs to overcome the ordinary paper poster posting replacement trouble, nor ordinary led display screen and LCD screen, heavy, impermeable, unsightly weakness. Compared to the use of building walls, windows led transparent displays may be a larger market demand.

 •  3). The design of transparent led displays advertising content screen, you can remove unnecessary background and replaced with black, only the expression of the desired content is displayed, when playing black part does not emit light, led transparent display effect is shown as such playback method can greatly reduce light pollution, but also can reduce the energy consumption can be achieved than ordinary led display more than 30% energy saving.

 •  4). Transparency can be higher than 65%-95%, light transmission, air permeability, no shadow to the original lighting and view of the project building, especially the design of the project building exterior aesthetics have no other shadow.

 •  5). Simplify the box design, reduce the box keel width and the number of led light bars to support the fixed poles; thin and light, no need to install additional steel structure, directly attached to the original curtain wall keel installation, saving space and installation costs.

 •  6). Indoor installation, outdoor video viewing, more safety and security, easy system maintenance, for some special projects or special regional can reduce the user’s application for the record or even be able to eliminate the application process, reduce the project specific implementation time and cost budget.

 •  7). Lightweight and lightweight, often used in conjunction with curtain wall glass and tempered glass window advertising, without the need to add additional frames, while relying on the existing frame installation, more security and cost control.

 •  8). Customization of cabinet size, the size can be customized according to the project installation environment, so that the box keel and the project installation site glass keel fully integrated, reducing the area of permeable blocking area.

Most of the led transparent screens are used in curtain wall glass and window display, and the installation environment is more complicated, the new products can be customized to assist the structural characteristics of the glass curtain wall. The structure and shape of the screen can be customized (curved, cylindrical, elliptical cylindrical, conical, etc.), which can be customized according to the needs of the project by the designer’s arbitrary creativity.

The design concept is fashionable and beautiful, full of scientific and technological sense and atmosphere, very suitable for “media engineering architecture” industry, its future development follows the emerging market trend, and successfully opens this new media advertising media.

4. Transparent Screen Applications:

 •  1). Stage background: transparent ultra-thin led transparent screen, the display effect is novel and unique, when the audience is watching, the screen is suspended in the air, clear and transparent, so that the design of the suspended stage can be truly realized, like a dream.

 •  2). Large shopping malls and hotels: led transparent screen is an effective combination of modern art and beauty and shopping mall environment, is shopping malls, shopping malls, glass partitions, etc. have a wide range of application prospects.

 •  3). Chain stores: store image with personality can attract consumers to stop and increase the flow of customers. The unique design approach, let transparent clear led display instead of traditional store wall led display, more vivid video advertising, let store cool extreme, very eye-catching.

 •  4). 4S and luxury glass window: Transparent display brings revolutionary changes to retailers, and is increasingly popular in building facades, glass window decoration, interior decoration, and other fields.

 •  5). Stadiums and background municipal engineering: especially in the application of glass curtain wall construction, in recent years gradually hot, the emergence of glass curtain wall, led transparent canopy and other solutions.

5. Transparent LED Display Types:

 •  1). Lamp bead positive paste (positive luminescence): is the use of front light-emitting technology, in the use of conventional led display standard lamp bead, can guarantee a full range of 140 ° viewing angle.

 •  2). Side stick (side emitting): the side emitting technology is adopted. The side stick type led light beads are installed on the top or bottom side of the light bar, the viewing angle is up to 160°, with a wider viewing angle. In the industry, it is called side-luminescent led transparent screen.

 •  3). Contrast: side light-emitting led transparent screen has higher transparency, can reach 90%, and has better anti-knock ability, easy and quick maintenance requirements, so it will be quickly accepted by the market sought after.

6. Transparent Display Installation Mode:

 •  1). Fixed lifting: this method is used in the atrium of shopping malls, gold jewelry stores, business offices, etc. It is not easily moved after installation.

 •  2). Rental hanging: directly using the sling beam (with hook) installation, frequent installation, and disassembly, such as concerts, stage performances, exhibition site.

 •  3). Glass curtain wall installation: this is also a fixed installation method, single-point support glass curtain wall installation, double-point support / four-point support glass curtain wall installation, component glass curtain wall installation, all-glass curtain wall installation.

7. Difference Between Transparent Screen and Conventional:

 •  1). Structural Features

Conventional led display, heavy cabinet, including cabinet frame, module, heat dissipation and other equipment, heavy, difficult to repair.

Transparent led screen, simple structure, aluminum profile structure and transparent PC panel, fashionable and beautiful appearance. Because the lighting is transparent, there is no need for additional heat dissipation equipment. And no box accessories centralized layout. The weight of the same area size is more than 50% lighter than the traditional display.

 •  2). Presenting Display Effect

Traditional screen, color reproduction is not strong, and the color tunability is not strong, especially the small pitch, easy to mix colors. Transparent screen, transparent, bright, brilliant, ultra-high refresh rate display screen floating, color illusion, attracting people’s eyes.

 •  3). Installation And After-sales Maintenance

Traditional screen, complex structure, heavy weight, steel structure for installation, if the installation is fixed on the wall, will destroy the wall, and outdoor installation has safety hazards, post-maintenance also requires special operations.

Transparent screen, due to its transparency, can be installed indoors. The skeleton is fully movable and lockable, which is easy to install and operate. And the accessory module is not welded to the transparent led module, the 1/4 module of the module can be replaced by snap-in type, which can be pushed lightly by hand from behind the module without removing the module, only the problem unit parts need to be replaced, which is simple and labor-saving for maintenance.

 •  4). Product Specificity

Traditional screen, strong resistance, protection level up to IP67, soft rubber embedded layout, the minimum distance can be P0.8, the display effect can reach Ultra HD transparent screen, due to the exposed light beads and light texture, protection level up to IP46, due to the need for transparency of the specificity, the minimum distance can only be P3.

8. Difference Between Transparent Screen and LED Glass Screen:

 •  1). Different Structures

LED transparent screen is a SMD package technology to paste the light in the PCB groove, which can be made into a standard box and customized design and installation according to project needs.

LED glass panels are high-end customized photoelectric glass panels that use transparent conductive technology to fix the led structure layer between two layers of glass, which is a kind of bright panel. It can only draw different graphics (stars, patterns, human body shapes, etc.) according to the project, not like the led transparent screen, which can freely play any video and pictures.

 •  2). Installation Application

LED transparent panels can be installed anywhere with high compatibility. The installation method can be hanging, fixed installation, base installation, mounting.

LED glass screen installation is to design the building in advance to reserve the position of the screen, and then the building glass is installed on the glass skeleton. There is no way to install the existing glass curtain wall. LED glass screen installation is the architectural glass in the construction of the glass curtain wall for installation, not convenient maintenance.

 •  3). Product Weight

LED transparent screen products are light and transparent, with a PCB thickness of only 1-4mm and a weight of 10kg/m2. LED glass products are equipped with luminescent glass, and the glass itself weighs 28kg/m2.

 •  4). Maintenance:

LED transparent screen maintenance is convenient and quick, saving manpower, material, and financial resources. LED glass panels are almost impossible to maintain, requiring the removal of existing architectural structures and the replacement of the entire glass panel, which results in heavy maintenance costs.

9. Transparent LED Display Size Selection Guide:

Transmissivity and dot pitch are the dilemma for led transparent screens. High transmittance means sparse light bead arrangement. At present, the maximum transparency of transparent screen has reached 85%, and the minimum dot pitch is 2.78mm. for transparent screen, the future is the pixel density and transparency of a higher, to reach the ideal balance point.

 •  1). Choice Of Pixel Pitch

In the current small pitch led market, transparency, dot pitch, large size and resolution are the key points in manufacturers’ technology PK. In practice, these factors also affect each other, and a specific dot pitch must be matched with an appropriate transparent screen size to achieve the best display performance.

For example, a P3.97*7.81mm pitch product with a full hd resolution of 1920×1080 would have a corresponding screen area of 57.1 square meters. Even without a stand, if the user’s application space is limited, it will be much more difficult to install, and the cost will naturally increase. In addition, if the viewer wants to have the best viewing experience, the best viewing distance must be selected.

In actual operation, the best visible distance = point spacing / 0.3. near, generally use P2.78 * 5.56mm, farther away with P3.97 * 7.81mm, in the transparent led display practical application, not the smaller the point spacing, the higher the resolution, the actual effect is better, need to consider the screen size and application space.

At present, the smaller the point spacing and the higher the resolution, the higher the price of led transparent screen. If you don’t fully consider the application environment when you buy the product, it may lead to overpriced, and you may not be able to achieve the desired application effect.

 •  2). Selection Of Brightness

Full indoor display transparent screen including indoor stage, exhibition hall, conference room, etc. Indoor light dark, transparent led window display brightness should be controlled between 800-1500nits, it is recommended not to exceed this brightness range, if too bright will appear too dazzling, affect the viewing effect, and relatively expensive.

Semi-outdoor displays include shopping centers, sales department entrances, etc. Semi-outdoor lighting environment is better than indoor lighting. Semi-outdoor light environment is better than indoor, brightness selection should be controlled in 2000-3500nits or so, to ensure the normal display of the transparent screen.

LED transparent screen towards the sunless case, according to the customer environment 3000CD-4500nits perfectly meet; led transparent screen towards the sun, low brightness of the transparent screen will be due to the lack of brightness of the picture blurred and other phenomena, in the sunny environment, the brightness of the outdoor transparent led display selection should be in 5000-6000nits, to meet the sunlight environment under the normal display effect.

 •  3). Large Size to Consider Maintenance Costs

Although the theoretical lifespan of led light beads can reach 100,000 hours, high-density led transparent screens are mainly used for indoor applications, which require thin and light products with low thickness.

In practice, the larger the screen size, the more complex the maintenance will be, and the maintenance cost will increase accordingly.

 •  4). Combination Of Signal Transmission Equipment

The signal compatibility of led transparent screen is very important, if the signal access needs a variety of requirements, many scattered locations, usually including H.264, 720P, 1080P and other formats of the video signal, when buying products, should avoid unilateral attention to product resolution, must fully consider whether the existing signal equipment to support the corresponding video signal.

10. Transparent LED Display Cost Elements:

If you want to buy a transparent led display, you will require led display quotation scheme as a reference, whether the budget is overspent. With many years of experience, the following LEDSINO will give you a detailed introduction of the transparent led screen price includes the various costs, to help you have a clear understanding of the purchase.

 •  1). Screen cost: generally according to how much money per square meter to calculate, in which the display model, the material used, the price will be different. The price of the screen includes a full set of led color screen needed: tube core, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic cover, and all the internal wiring of the display, connecting lines and so on.

 •  2). Control system cost: the cost of the display sending and receiving card, a screen generally only 1 sending card, installed in the computer host, the number of receiving cards. The use of control cards is mainly based on the size of the display to determine the number. The larger the area, the higher the density of the display, the greater the number of sending and receiving cards used.

 •  3). Control computer: the necessary equipment to control the small transparent led display, need to configure the requirements or higher: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more independent graphics card, the motherboard to have a PCI slot.

 •  4). Sound + Amplifier: let the display synchronized video playback sound device, generally equipped with 1 amplifier, 2 audio.

 •  5). Power distribution cabinet: small area led display cannot be used; recommended maximum power consumption in 10KW power above the display equipped with, can provide voltage and power supply current for the display device running stability, effectively prevent the display for the power switch jump box and other faults.

 •  6). Multifunction card: outdoor display, the main function is to adjust the led full-color display brightness, temperature, and other values intelligently by time, intelligent adjustment to achieve energy saving, extend the life of led display; Indoor display cannot be used.

 •  7). Lightning arrester: outdoor led display, mainly lightning protection device; Indoor display cannot be used.

 •  8). LED video processor: mainly to improve the overall display effect and functional application, fully exploit the value of the display, mainly to improve the overall display effect and functional applications, fully exploit the value of the display screen, to solve the problem of various video signal access, processing, and display, to complete the format conversion between numerous signal formats, video processor brands and models, prices vary, we mainly use Novastar processors.

 •  9). LED playback software: including computer system software, led video playback software, etc, generally free of charge.

 •  10). Steel structure, manual installation: used for fixed installation of the display bracket, generally with steel frame structure, and aluminum composite panel or stainless-steel cladding material. Including manual installation costs (Suggestions: free steel frame structure design drawings can be provided by manufacturers, customers in the local manufacturers to make good, simple production, general workers can be completed, less cost, convenient installation).

 •  11). Freight: depending on the transport distance budget, I believe that most customers can still accept the cost of the customer can also be responsible for their own, generally by sea to the rest of the world, cheaper; if the time is urgent, need to be sent by air, the cost will increase.

 •  12). Technician fees: display shipped to the customer at the same time, you can apply for the company to send 1-2 technical engineers to help guide the installation, technical debugging. Mainly technical engineers’ general accommodation and food expenses and round-trip road expenses.

11. Transparent LED Display Troubleshooting:

 •  1). Black Screen

A. Confirm whether the control box has been energized (PWR red indicator is always on), and the signal output is normal (RUN green indicator flashes frequently).

B. If the led transparent screen has been properly powered on, the screen will flash once when the power on or off instantly and then resume black screen.

If the above two checks are correct, please confirm whether the network cable is already plugged in and in good contact, you can use the network cable tester to test whether the cable is normal.

 •  2). Screen Display Incomplete

A. Confirm that the content of the program has been created with the resolution of a transparent screen.

B. Make sure the video processor resolution is the same as the screen resolution.

 •  3). One Or More Module Does Not Work

First confirm the location of the fault phenomenon (visually confirm the location of the fault module, and make a simple mark), and then the corresponding replacement of the fault module, the replacement module specific way as follows.

A. Cut off all power to the screen; open the cover panel behind the screen and unplug the power and signal cables from the module.

B. Remove the fixing screws on the left and right side of the module.

C. Remove the faulty module from the package.

D. Install the corresponding new module, tighten the fixing screws of the module, and plug in the power and signal cables.

E. Power on to test if the screen is normal.

 •  4). After-sales Service Guarantee

A. Warranty Time: We offer a 3-year warranty on all led displays, modules, and parts. During this period, we will replace or modify all our goods free of charge if any quality problems are caused by us (sender bears the shipping costs). We offer lifetime maintenance, charged only for raw materials.

B. Installation and training: We also provide operating manuals, software, etc., will provide any relevant CAD drawings on how to fix the monitor as well as some other expert advice. You can send an engineer with some electronic and computer knowledge to our factory, and we will provide free maintenance and repair training.

12. Transparent Screens Power Growth Outdoor Signage:

Since 2008, outdoor digital signage has developed rapidly, resulting in various types of outdoor led display products, and has become the most mature and widely used field in the industry. Relevant data show that the outdoor digital signage market size in 2020 is close to 15.3 billion yuan, with a slight increase of 0.3% over the same period.

In the first half of the year due to the epidemic, the project stalled, the advertisers put budget shrinkage of outdoor led display signs market, in the second half of the year under the expansion of naked eye 3D application scene, to achieve dial negative to positive. And the same period of “mainland China digital signage market analysis quarterly report” shows that the size of outdoor led sign board is less than 1 billion, which shows the huge outdoor digital signage market and its strong demand.

From the data released by the relevant agencies, the proportion of outdoor digital signage in commercial buildings information release is close to 40%, is its most important application scenario, the bus subway demand for outdoor panels second, accounting for more than 20%.In recent years, with the increase of led digital display public recognition, as well as its price downward, coupled with its characteristics of being able to display a large area, it has become the preferred medium for outdoor advertising.

Especially on the buildings of large buildings, large digital signage mostly uses led electronic sign screens that can be infinitely spliced and without gaps, compared to lcd walls, with high brightness, strong corrosion resistance, in a large area of construction costs have more advantages of oversized led outdoor display. Compared to traditional outdoor billboards, outdoor led electronic screens have stronger visual impact and higher conversion rate of brand advertising.

Therefore, in recent years, led digital signage screen is extra favored by outdoor end users, with a market growth rate of up to 9%, becoming the fastest compound growth rate of outdoor electronic sign board in the last three years, with a market share of about 17%. In addition to the application of building display, outdoor led display other typical application scenarios include airline terminals, rail transit stations, store terminals, school campuses, etc.

With the expansion of application scenarios, people’s requirements for outdoor led sign boards are becoming more and more diversified, thus catalyzing the derivation of more types of outdoor large led sign, such as outdoor digital window display, transparent led screens, led grille screens and naked eye 3D led digital signage tv.

Among them, led transparent screen with arbitrary cut, light up when the display luster content, not light up when it becomes a piece of glass, do not change the building structure, paste can be lit and other convenient features, is widely used in the building media, shopping centers, restaurants, and retail occasions in the publicity display scene, help transparent screen project in the image of the enhancement.

And the outdoor led display advertising effect is also far better than the traditional outdoor billboard, so it is more and more loved by end users. Although the outdoor digital display systems effect is good, but there are some people question its energy consumption, with the public awareness of environmental protection, the installation of outdoor advertising screen around the stricter.

To solve the pain point of energy consumption and to cope with the increasingly strict audit mechanism of outdoor advertising, common shade energy-saving technology was born to reduce the energy consumption of large outdoor advertising screens with common shade technology. In addition, as transparent screen technology, naked eye 3D technology and the integration with VR/AR technology become more and more mature, the future outdoor advertising display market will burst out with a different vitality.

13. Transparent Screen Market Development Prospects:

With the overall technical maturity and price reduction of the led display industry chain, along with the concepts of mobile Internet, 5G and “new retail”, the huge imagination space that led transparent screen has long possessed in the media industry is gradually becoming a reality.

  • 1). Market Demand:

In urban planning and construction, glass window engineering architecture is more popular, which prompted the emergence of indoor transparent led wall display. With transparent led screen with each other excellent glass window engineering construction show, make engineering architecture with fashion, color diversity, modernity, and technology, giving a unique sense of expression.

  • 2). Market Size:

Transparent led display opens a new application scene, has a great market prospect, for engineering construction media industry, to adapt to the new market trends, is a new outdoor media resource. Transparent led display in city buildings, airports, car showrooms, hotels, financial institutions, chain stores, including glass window coverage, has excellent advertising market value.

Some large transparent led display manufacturers have not only created many wonderful and eye-catching excellent large case projects, but also continue to innovate in product performance and form, walking in the forefront of creative display.

Forecasts indicate that the market value of transparent displays will be about $87.2 billion by 2025. As an important part of the field of transparent display, led transparent screen market prospects are very considerable.

14. Conclusion:

The appears of transparent led displays not only incorporating’s all the advantages of conventional outdoor high-definition led display and shop windows to maximize the elimination of load-bearing and beautiful, solute the retail industry window video display problems perfectly.

Its use needs to overcome the ordinary paper poster posting replacement trouble, nor ordinary led display screen and LCD screen, heavy, impermeable, unsightly weakness. Compared to the use of building walls, windows led transparent displays may be a larger market demand.

If you have any questions or good ideas about transparent led display, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we value and need every customer’s proposal, together to establish a permanent partnership, with professional skills and enthusiastic services!


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