Innovative LED Display Creates New Horizons

Recently, by our own research and development of large aircraft C919 in Shanghai Pudong Airport for the first flight success, which is China’s civil aviation industry an important milestone. In the takeoff scene, a piece of the core device provided by the Nationstar SMD1921 to create led large display living throughout the C919 take off every detail clearly show, and the global audience witnessed this exciting moment.

Data show led display in the1980s and has been widely used in the global. Has been the development so far, led large display in the outdoor advertising, stage leasing and other traditional application industry has developed more mature, then the future development trend of led display industry and what are the characteristics of concern, are there any new led display idea or products?

1. New Situation of the LED Display:

According to reports, the current domestic led display market growth is more balanced, including small distance led began to erupt, the city commercial display application system rapid growth, led display application industry has become a new growth point.

 •  1). LED display will be through the soft and alien innovative technology to expand the incremental market to high-definition energy-saving, intelligent interactive technology to upgrade the stock market. With the led display technology to enhance and scale effect appears, industry technology and financial barriers are also significantly improved.

Indeed, the changes in lifestyle and consumption habits of residents will directly affect the spread of the media. Internet advertising, to the traditional outdoor big, led large screen as the representative of the outdoor media and the audience to emphasize the activities of the activities of the marketing can fit the contemporary population life, consumption habits and good communication effect, which favored by advertisers.

For enterprises that are committed to providing quality marketing communication services, it is necessary to proceed with the construction of a multi-dimensional, accurate communication network that can effectively increase the channels and probabilities of obtaining audience attention, and thus better meet the demands of customer marketing activities and enhance their own Competitiveness.

 •  2). On the other hand, the global outdoor led display market is also growing steadily. According to a market report shows that by 2021 the global outdoor led display scale will reach 15.7 billion US dollars, will be 15.9% annual growth rate of growth. Led display is widely used in advertising media, sports venues, stage background, municipal engineering, and other fields, as led applications in the most mature of a market segment.

Some analysts pointed out that the led display market from the outside into the room, China’s small pitch market is showing explosive growth, is expected in this year to reach about 8 billion market size and will continue to penetrate the big screen display market.

In addition, led display will also be thin through the soft and profiled innovative technology to expand the incremental market to high-definition energy-saving, intelligent interactive technology to upgrade the stock market.

2. New Horizons with Advanced Technology:

In the end of the year, people hold concerts, company annual meetings, and varies of joint performances. With advantages of permeability, clarity and the strong sense of future, the displays occupy the leading position in stage art. LED displays links with the performance to form a continuous fluctuating emotional flow and enhance the visual experience of the audience.

With the development of the showbiz market, traditional stage art with single stage led screen could no longer meet our needs. To stand out in the shows, the organizers and led display manufacturer have made great efforts to break through the identity of “backstage worker” of the led display. They combined the led video display with holographic projection, naked-eye 3D, VR and emerging technologies in the performance, which create an new unparalleled audiovisual feast for the audience!

  • 1). LED Displays + Stage Arms

In recent years, the combination of led screen and stage arms becomes popular in the stages. This invitation takes the place of traditional style led background, and changes it to the space-free, form-changeable led screen, which shows great progress in led screen. It offers more free styles for the shows and performances.

What’s more, new led screen could be a shiny member of the show by producing illusory atmosphere with special effects such as lights, smokes, and other equipment. Nowadays, the use of stage machinery in performance has become a popular trend. The combination can bring a cool and shocking audio-visual world to the audience!

  • 2). LED Displays + Holographic Projection

The visual feast created by holographic projection not only break the border and space limitation of traditional display screen, but also shocks the world with its unique sense of future. Recently, the combination of big led display and projection technique has been widely used in product exhibitions, conferences, stage programs, screen interaction, bar entertainment, interactive projection, and other fields.

The visuals are amazing, combining with 3D led hologram display to create a full range of visual enjoyment and shows intensive cultural and artistic feast for the audience; this is all the goal of all display technology.

  • 3). LED Displays + Naked-eye 3D/AR

Nowadays, VR/AR and naked-eye 3D technology are growing rapidly in the field of display. Especially in stage art, the combination of VR/AR and naked-eye 3D with led display can make things appear or hide in the picture. The technology is popular for its vivid and lively visions, elegant environmental atmosphere, and the strong visual impact.

With the continuous emergence of new technologies, both stage art designers and audience are seeking for a stronger, higher and a more impressive stage. And the combination of led display and emerging technology has become the mainstream in the field of stage art, which brings strong sense of future to both stage and the show.

3. Interconnection and Smart Screen:

Today, smart products are an integral part of our lives, from the most common smartphones and digital TVs around to smart transportation and smart cities. Intelligent development has become a national strategy. The the smart screen is also in full swing.

From the current level of intelligence of industry products, it has entered a new stage of “smart interconnection”. Along with the hot and interactive led display market, a wave of smart connected products has caused us to see the subtle changes in the industry. We believe that the new era of the smart screen is coming.

 •  1). With the rapid development of the internet of things, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence in the past two years, many manufacturers have made great leap in the technologies of sensing technology, intelligent control technology, internet of Things and big data analysis, it can be well integrated with led display products, and the intelligent degree of led display is greatly improved, which is also in line with the increasingly refined and personalized product demand in the current market.

In the past two years, more and more application scenarios of smart led display cases have successfully landed, and the smart screen are also evolving toward a “smarter” evolution. Since 2018, the products of the led display industry have developed rapidly, including advances in technologies such as chips and video processors, and large-screen cloud computing.

In particular, the support of interactive technologies including touch sensing, red infrared sensing, face recognition, VR, etc., enables the control and interaction of the led display to achieve an “intelligent” upgrade. It is believed that with the continuous evolution of technology, led display products can open more humanized, personalized, and intelligent functions, from simple intelligent interaction to self-optimization stage such as intelligent data analysis.

 •  2). In the era of information interaction, led display manufacturer can also use the new model of interconnection and intercommunication based on “open and win-win”, and cooperate with Internet technology companies to build an open platform to build a new ecological display.

Of course, in the initial stage, through some small manufacturers and products that are aimed at users’ painful needs, we will break through and build a complete ecosystem, and then enter the more core intelligent led large-screen display field.

In 2018, the smart screen industry is continuously optimized from multiple dimensions such as technology, market, and service, and is about to usher in a new era. On the technical level, the rapid development of the underlying technologies such as the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and especially artificial intelligence provides the industry with a more mature and complete technical foundation.

 •  3). At the service level, intelligent display products enhance the user experience by providing personalized services and new interactive ways to enhance value-added space. At the market level, the industry’s sales channels and concepts are undergoing profound changes.

The two models of front-loading and post-loading go hand in hand, and indoor and outdoor smart screens go hand in hand, and the new retail concept is also driving the industry. More and more led display types are intelligent, providing end users with a more efficient and convenient product experience.

4. Creative Ideas of the LED Display:

With the development of the led display industry becoming more and more rapid, various types of led screens emerge one after another, and the creative screen has brought fresh vitality to the industry as a team that has emerged from the led display industry.

It not only brings a new visual feast, but also meets the creativity and uniqueness of the display. Bringing commercial value to advertisers and media owners, adding a beautiful landscape to the ordinary corner.

We know that the led display industry is very competitive, and major display manufacturers are competing to carry out product technology innovations. Therefore, the current led display companies can not only do the led display of the square and regular rules, but also creatively launched. Transparent screen, smart screen, and versatile Rubik’s cube creative screen.

Creative hire led display can create a variety of beautiful visual effects, especially in the competitive period of the led display hire industry. The creative screen is different from other squares in the regular display, it can be combined with 3D/VR/ The combination of new technologies such as AR creates a more creative, deep-seated effect that satisfies the audience’s viewing experience and becomes an eye-catching artifact.

The hire led display has been widely used in stage, song and dance evenings, conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theater auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-purpose halls, conference rooms, auditoriums, weddings, etc. As hire led screen, it must be faced the problem of repeated disassembly and removal and handling.

As the most trusted partner in the display field, out new creative screen adopts new materials, 3.5kg ultra-light, 5.5cm ultra-thin, greatly reducing transportation costs, handling fast, the product performance is more stable, the module is magnetically mounted, the maintenance is faster and more convenient, and the problem of the disassembly and handling of the rental display and the high transportation price are solved.

As a large-scale dance beauty and various kinds of display activities, the creative screen is seamlessly spliced, the picture can be perfectly presented, the viewing is more comfortable, and most importantly, it can be freely built with letters, numbers, heart shapes and other creative shapes.

5. Conclusion:

We start from the product quality, brings more high-quality products to customers, makes customers more satisfied, and develops more customers by virtue of its strong technology and its own strong strength. I believe that the future of China will have a wealth of artistic modeling, structural mechanics and engineering experience and other aspects of the strength, in the led display stage perfect show of self-style.

So, when your project needs these creative effects, or want an idea of colorful led display that you aren’t sure how to make it happen, please contact our engineering staff to provide you with the right solution.


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