Beginner’s Guide To LED Rental Display

In the led display, the layman is quite strange about the led rental display, then what is the rental screen? Why is it named that? It compared to other led screen and what advantages and unique features? What is material composition? Now let’s get along with it!

1. What Is the LED Rental Display?

A: LED rental display is a dedicated stage performance, cultural activities, the scene event. Because it is mainly used for performance performances, as well as private mobile acrobatic troupe, many of the acquisition of this screen are rented in the form of rent to the needs of the place, to achieve profitability, the name of the rental screen.

  • Q: What Are The Advantages?

LED rental display as a powerful led screen, light, thin, fast installation for its most important features. The cabinet is light and can be quickly installed, removed, and transported, adapted to large-scale leasing, and fixed installation applications.

And the use of synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics, and other programs to real-time, synchronized, clear information dissemination All kinds of information. Color realistic, adaptable.

  • Q: What Are the Characteristics?
  • 1). Ultra-light – weighs only 7kg, single can be a single hand, easy to install up easily.
  • 2). Ultra-thin – aluminum and zinc alloy box through the die-casting aluminum molding, high strength, toughness, high precision, easy to deformation.
  • 3). High precision – size is machined to 0.1mm.
  • 4). Compatible – the new structure design, to meet the lifting, stacking requirements, to meet the indoor and outdoor requirements.
  • 5). Fast – cabinet up and down about the use of fast locking mechanism, 10 seconds to complete a cabinet installation, installation of high precision.
  • 6). Reliable – high hardness, good heat dissipation.
  • 7). The price – the box light weight, the required installation costs low; low power consumption, low operating costs, so the price is very high.
  • Q: What Is the Flight Case?

Flight case is the traditional simple wooden box packaging and transportation cannot solve these high-tech products in the long-distance transport process cannot be effectively protected and poor mobility of the ills, for this malpractice resulting in a new alternative to transport packaging products.

  • Q: Structure of The Flight Case?

The outer structure of the flight case: from the harder multi-layer plywood paste ABS fire board nail into a wooden box, wooden box on both sides of the use of a certain thickness and strength of aluminum alloy.

The case with a high angle each corner of the metal spherical angle and the aluminum alloy and aluminum plate and clamp connection fixed, the bottom of the case with a high capacity and wear resistance of the PU wheel combination.

2. Rental LED Display Material Composition:

LED rental display reflects the diversity of the effect of the dance, differentiation, it mainly has led display modules, die-casting aluminum cabinet, power supply, power cable, signal cable, all kinds of screws and led control system.

 •  1). Rental led display screen body is generally including the cabinet, module, power, connecting wire and so on.

 •  2). Computer: General fixed installation is the use of desktop computers, leasing of the commonly used notebook and external send card with the use.

 •  3). LED controller system: the general screen is not too large to only use a send card, the receiver card is based on the length of the screen and high to the actual accounting, we will give a suitable number to ensure the led rental screens and cost.

 •  4). Power distribution cabinet: do not be cheap for their own in the hardware store to configure, so very professional, once the poor screen life and the normal use of a great impact, we recommend customers to find a professional manufacturer to buy, or by We purchase.

 •  5). LED video processor: the general fixed installation of small screen If the information is not updated frequently, do not live cannot use, if it is a large led screen or to do live on the need to buy.

 •  6). Multi-function card: can provide temperature, humidity, brightness, and other parameters of the collection, can achieve automatic adjustment of brightness and other functions. Suggest customer configuration.

 •  7). Amplifier and sound: According to the installation environment to buy, outdoor led display needs waterproof, customers can buy their own, but also, we provide together.

 •  8). Main connection wire: the main power to the power supply to the distribution cabinet, power distribution cabinet to the screen of the cable, there is the control of the computer to the main screen of the main communication network cable, which are generally prepared by the customer. The wires between the other screens are provided by us.

 •  9). Steel frame structure: We provide full color led scale displays CAD reference design drawings, customers can be produced locally, but also by the Secretary to produce our led video screen.

 •  10). Cooling equipment: general indoor general environment generally does not need special cooling equipment, indoor general to install air conditioning, axial fan cooling, to improve the stability and life of the led video wall displays, led rental display does not need that equipment.

3. How to Achieve Radian Rental LED Screen:

  • 1). The led module front width, behind narrow.
  • 2). The cabinet is also front width, behind narrow.

In the splicing need to adjust the angle, inward 15 degrees, outward10 degrees.

4. Rental LED Display Installation Characteristics:

 •  1). Installation series offer heavy duty steel cabinets which offer easy setup.

 •  2). The cabinets offer swing doors on the rear for ease of access and simple maintenance.

 •  3). Cabinets are also available in aluminum where a lighter option is required and double sided and front serviceable options are available too;

 •  4). Using Novastar cards and communication protocol the screens are easily connected to a PC any media source with HDMI or DVI;

 •  5). Scaling, rotation, mirroring, brightness is all standard and hanging beams are available.

5. Quick Installation:

With the led rental displays technology development quickly, we can make your events unique, easy, and fast.

 •  1). Cable free + signal / power backup, and easy switched by a button.

 •  2). Integrated power supply, which can be plug-in/out in 3S, much easier & faster maintenance on scene.

 •  3). Huge/ small size, any size, no limit anymore.

 •  4). Customized prevent knock against floor or cabinets design, protect the led lamp or led displays at the bottom from damage.

6. Conclusion:

Our company is an industry leader in led rental displays technology development, manufacturing, and online distribution, servicing companies not just here in the China but in countries on every continent. Our main objective is to provide the very best quality for the most competitive prices.


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