Beginner’s Guide To LED Transparent Screen

Transparent display much attention in recent years, the popularity of the market by the hot seems to be no less than a small pitch. Transparent led display of the realization of the principle is the light of the screen of the micro-innovation, the patch manufacturing process, lamp beads packaging, control systems are targeted to improve, coupled with hollow design structure, reducing the structural parts of the Blocking the line of sight, limiting the perspective to improve the effect.

LED transparent displays with its transparent, thin, easy to install, energy saving, and other characteristics widely favored by the market in China’s urban construction has been more and more widely used.

1. Historical Evolution LED Transparent Screen:

LED transparent screen is like the led glass screen. As the name suggests, it is the led display, but for the pursuit of better permeability, reduce or change the material from the product. The screen is mostly used in the installation of glass place, it is also known as led glass screen.

The first outdoor led screen is conventional led display, composed of many block modules, and the led display like a thick wall, will block the scenery and light. Due to the lack of conventional screen, led screen experts increased hollow design, increase the permeability based on the conventional screen.

With the development of grid screen, it evolved into led strip screen, also known as sky screen, wall screen, curtain screen, which is outdoor led screen program more used, led strip screen is led light bar paste in the acrylic board, it needs to be attached to the glass, so that led lamp cooling blocked.

The new led transparent screens break the defects of the led grid screen; not only improves the visibility, but also does not need to rely on glass. The standard module size is simple and elegant, high transparency rate for front and back, standard cabinet design, thin and light, ultra slim & light weight, fast lock for cabinet connection, designed for easy installation.

2. Major Feature of Transparent Display:

  • 1). High Transparency

Up to 80% transparency rate could keep the internal natural lighting and viewing, the SMD are almost invisible from a certain distance.

  • 2). Light Weight

PCB board is only 10mm thickness, 14kg/㎡ light weight allow small space for the installation possible, and minimizes the negative impact on the appearance of the buildings.

  • 3). Fast Installation

Fast lock systems ensure fast installation, saving labor cost.

4). High Brightness and Energy-saving

6000nits brightness ensure the perfect visual performance even under direct sunlight, without any cooling system, saves lots of power.

  • 5). Easy Maintenance

Repairing single SMD without taking of single module or entire panel.

  • 6). Stable and Reliable

Stability is very import for this product, under the patent of inlaying SMD into PCB, ensure the stability better than other similar products in the market.

  • 7). Wide Applications

Any building with glass wall, for example, bank, shopping mall, theatres, chain stores, hotels, and landmarks etc.

3. Advanced Features:

Even in the US is extremely strict monitoring of advertising, but also by their government and businessmen smile greeted: By 2025, transparent display of the market output of about 87.2 billion US dollars, however, led transparent displays in such a bright future, what problems need to be resolved?

  • 1). Transparent

As a branch of the led displays, it must be the smaller the distance between the higher the clarity of the higher, the better the display. However, to achieve a very good display on the need to move closer and closer to the direction of development, which will certainly be at the expense of a certain degree of permeability at the expense of led transparent displays of the permeability and point spacing is a dilemma of the choice, but also the current need to solve a major problem.

  • 2). Customized

The current market, more and more led displays custom model, led transparent displays is also true, although customization can be more in line with customer requirements, and architecture can be more perfect combination.

However, this is also a lot of led transparent displays manufacturers are facing problems. the current led transparent displays is a big problem of customization, the market more customized products, less, production cycle is relatively long, including the development of the link, its production to put into use is not as fast as the current mature products, large-scale production more difficult.

  • 3). Production Costs

In addition, it is understood that the market transparent glass display used by the side of the luminous led lamp beads is not strong, consistency and stability is poor, resulting in higher production costs, aftermarket is also more trouble. So led transparent displays after-sales service, product maintenance convenience and product reliability is also the need to solve the problem.

4). Wide Range of Applications

Although the transparent display into the market soon, but it opened up a new market area, such as urban landmarks, municipal buildings, car 4S shops, airports and so can be widely used, but also to meet a new market demand.

The It is understood that China’s modern glass curtain wall has a total area of more than 70 million square meters, has a huge potential market, can be developed into a new led displays industry in the blue ocean field. And thus solve the above problems for the excavation of this huge market has a crucial role.

4. Difference Between Transparent and Glass Display:

1). The glass display on the market is still using the 3528 or 3535, lamp beads as a point light source is the patch mode, it is difficult to improve the permeability.

Our led transparent display with independent research and development side of the luminous lamp beads, light is almost invisible from the front, enhance the permeability greatly; and support machine SMD, higher production efficiency.

  • 2). Transparent Permeability Duo to Pixel Pitch

Industry glasses display transparent permeability of about 45% and led transparent display can do 80% permeability! The product can achieve more than 90% of the transparent permeability.

  • 3). Smaller Pixel Pitch Better Clarity

Industry can produce a minimum glass display spacing of 8mm, transparent display minimum spacing of 5mm, and 4mm can order.

  • 4). Can Curved Surface Shaped

With the development of the industry, profiled display has been common. But some slightly difficult shaped, such as cones, S-type, large arc curved display, is still difficult for the industry. Our transparent display to rely on the strip module structure and custom shape PCB board, the perfect to achieve any special shape, the most critical is that almost no increase in cost.

  • 5). The Dependence on the Keel Support Small

The glass display on the market horizontal every 320mm ~ 640mm must be added keel and circuit structure support, affecting the light transmission and perception. Our transparent display of the strip module is very light, coupled with a unique circuit design, can support the width of nearly two meters without keel.

  • 6). Easy to Install

The glass displays almost all the use of glue placement, installation costs are high, and the use of glue for some time after the aging, it will fall off, become the main cause of glass display sales, but also cause serious security risks. Transparent display that can be installed and can be installed, but also made TV display, advertising machine display, such as cabinet display.

7). Maintenance is very simple of the display, a single module about 25cm wide and high. Once the out-of-control points and other failures, need to replace the entire module, and the process is complicated, high technical content. Transparent display is not easy to bid, in the event of failure, just replace a single light bar, fast and simple, low maintenance costs, to technical.

5. Huge Market Potential:

Transparent led screens to retain the traditional led display with easy control, low voltage DC drive, the combination of rich color performance, long life, and other advantages. And because of its unique advantages in the application of glass curtain wall, is widely used in urban lighting engineering, large-screen display system.

It can be used as indoor display curtain wall, is widely used in large square lighting, stage sets, bars, high-end dance halls, urban landmarks, municipal buildings, airports, cars 4S shops, hotels, banks, brand chain, Glass display of the practicality, but also a certain degree of beauty and concealment.

According to statistics, the total area of China’s modern glass curtain wall has more than 70 million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas, such a huge amount of glass curtain wall, outdoor advertising is a huge potential market, the market advertising value has not been fully developed in the city outdoor advertising resources increasingly depleted circumstances, the glass curtain wall is a new market.

Transparent led screens have opened a new field of application, with broad market prospects, especially for the “architectural media” field, to benefit the needs of a new market, successfully created a high-quality outdoor media resource.

6. Conclusion:

If you have any questions or good ideas about led transparent display, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we value and need every customer’s proposal, together to establish a permanent partnership, with professional skills and enthusiastic services!


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