Beginner’s Guide to Nationstar

1. Company Introduction:

Foshan Nationstar optoelectronics co ltd is a national key high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, and sales of led and led application products. Company started its business in led packaging in 1976 and is one of the earliest led manufacturers in China. In addition to strengthening the main business of led packaging, Nationstar also considers the development of upstream led chips and downstream led lighting products to establish a complete led industry chain and achieve vertical integration.

Nationstar’s main business involves the whole industry chain of led industry, with a wide range of products, including device products (led display device products, white light device products, indication device products, non-visual device products), component products (display module and backlight, Mini backlight module) and led epitaxial wafer and chip (various power and size of epitaxial wafer, Nationstar led chip products), of which the largest proportion is still led packaging and component products.

Foshan Nationstar has become the leading enterprise in China’s led packaging industry and occupies an important position in the global led packaging industry. The market scale of display devices ranks among the top in China, the market scale of white light devices ranks among the top in China in high-end applications, and the component products are the core strategic suppliers of international famous home appliance enterprises.

2. Nationstar RGB Device Division:

The RGB device division (Nationstar smd led display screen) has been dedicated to R&D, production, and sales of full-color SMD led devices since 2002 and is the largest division in Nationstar’s turnover. It is equipped with advanced fully automated production lines and production equipment, international leading quality testing and reliability verification equipment.

Full-color SMD LEDs cover all kinds of led full-color display devices, from 0606 to 3535, with dot pitch covering P0.x-P10 or more, mainly in 4 series: high-end outdoor RS series, FM series for indoor and outdoor display, small pitch CHIP series, NH series for outdoor display. According to the brightness level of the models, different fields of use are recommended. So far, RGB has obtained 49 patents and its products have been used in many major projects at home and abroad.

  • 1). ReeStar Series

A. ReeStar ™ (“RS”), a high-end full-color display device launched in 2013, mainly has four models, is the high-end brand of indoor foreign star high quality led screen, more than three years warranty, excellent performance can fully realize the led high-definition display, high contrast ratio, high waterproof, high reliability, low light decay and other requirements. requirements.

B. 7 Major Performance Advantages of RS

 •  a). Waterproof and moisture-proof: waterproof performance reaches IPX8 level; moisture-proof performance reaches MSL 2a level.

 •  b). Cold and thermal shock resistance: high bonding of packaging materials, -65℃~+150℃ cold and thermal shock without dead light.

 •  c). Anti-back pressure: meet the high refresh frequency demand, 85 ℃, 85% RH, simulated back pressure test without failure.

 •  d). Salt spray resistance: the use of a wide range of simulated seaside corrosive environment without dead lights.

 •  e). UV resistance: UV experiments accelerated aging outdoor simulation using 3 years, light decay is less than 20%.

 •  f). Low light decay: high temperature and high humidity accelerated aging simulation of outdoor use for 3 years, light decay <20%.

 •  g). High brightness: the highest brightness level in the industry.

C. RS’s 3 Major Appearance Advantages

 •  a). Matte surface, high contrast.

 •  b). Surface luminescence technology: turn point into surface, solve the problem of led glare.

 •  c). Low pin technology: high cup and short foot, easy for customers to fill glue and cover mask.

D. There Are 4 Main Models

RS-1921MBAR, RS-2020MBAM, RS-2727MWAS, RS-3535MWAR

  • 2). FM Series:

A. Full-color FM series of display devices as the king of the Nationstar, is the king of similar products, warranty for more than two years, covering outdoor and indoor Nationstar led panel, mainly used in the field of rental fixed, etc., product models are complete, size from 1515 to 3535, can meet the current market demand for indoor and outdoor point spacing.

FM series of products using a combination of high-quality selection of materials and original packaging technology to meet the high refresh the FM series products adopt the combination of high-quality materials and original packaging technology to meet the requirements of high refresh, high grayscale, and high color reproduction.

B. Product Features

 •  a). Brightness guarantee: white light frame, high brightness.

 •  b). Consistency: scientific spectral screening, uniform color.

 •  c). High contrast: five-sided three-dimensional brush ink, matte package, no mirror reflection.

 •  d). High reliability: patented design; dust-proof, waterproof, UV-proof.

 •  e). Long life: good heat dissipation, low light decay, low power consumption.

C. There Are 6 Main Models


  • 3). CHIP Series:

A. Small pitch CHIP series products are divided into two series, 0808 and 1010, which adopt the original high contrast packaging process, featuring high reliability, low brightness and high brush, high gray softness, low light decay and good consistency to meet the requirements of indoor ultra-high-definition full color display.

B. Product Features

 •  a). High contrast ratio: black substrate, black matte encapsulation process.

 •  b). High reliability: Anti-voltage, no leakage, failure rate <10PPM.

 •  c). Good consistency: scientific spectral screening, uniform color.

 •  d). Low gray and high brightness: high gray scale, natural and delicate picture quality.

 •  e). Large angle light: wide viewing angle, more than 110 ° large angle light distribution.

C. There Are 2 Main Models:


  • 4). NH Series:

A. Full-color NH series display devices for the 2015 launch of super cost-effective products, mainly into the civilian channel market, mainly used in outdoor led Nationstar display. Through the combination of high matching materials and optimal design, the products have higher reliability, high contrast, dustproof, waterproof, UV protection, etc., to create a high-end brand in the channel market.

B. Product Features

 •  a). Cost-effective: high-quality selection of materials, scientific collocation.

 •  b). High brightness: white frame, high brightness.

 •  c). High contrast: five-sided three-dimensional brush ink, matte surface matte package, no mirror reflection.

 •  d). High reliability: patented design; dust-proof, waterproof and UV-proof.

C. There Are Mainly 3 Models:


  • 5). Naming Rules of Model Number

※1. Product code: RS stands for ReeStar ™ series.

※2. External dimensions: e.g., 1921, 0808, etc.

※3. Light-emitting color: M for full color, R for red, G for green, etc.

※4. Frame color: W for white, B for black, Z for black outside and white inside.

※5. Package form: W for scattering, Y for scattering plus black, A for normal matte, etc.

※6. Brightness representation: L/M/P letters represent different brightness levels.

3. Nationstar Gold Wire and Nationstar Copper Wire:

LED bonding wire is one of the key materials for led packaging, its function is to realize the electrical connection between led chip (also called wafer) and external pins and plays the role of importing and exporting the current between the chip and the outside world. Nationstar led wires are mainly:

  • 1). Gold Wire

A. Gold wire is the most widely used and the most mature process.

B. Expensive, resulting in high packaging costs of leds.

C. The use of Au purity of 99.99% or more of pure gold wire drawing, reliable and stable performance is guaranteed.

D. LED’s main function is to brighten, color change, etc., gold is generally used for anti-oxidation to ensure contact stability.

E. The number of gold lines (in fact, the chip electrode) has little to do with the size of the chip, 24mil also has a double electrode and single electrode.

F. Gold line or with the chip process and characteristics, the general single-electrode chip are vertical structure, the bottom can be directly energized so less an electrode, directly to the electrode to the substrate, these general red and yellow chips are mostly. And most of the double line is the horizontal structure, positive and negative poles do in a plane, the bottom substrate insulation, this kind of general blue and green chips are mostly.

  • 2). Alloy Wire

Alloy wire, also known as silver alloy wire, based on gold wire with a large amount of silver and IMC to maintain the stability of the palladium and a small amount of trace elements, there is a certain degree of oxidation, immature application in the old welding line equipment or need to add nitrogen protection to use.

  • 3). Copper Wire (single crystal copper wire and palladium-plated copper wire)

A. Copper wire is inexpensive, costing only 1/3-1/10 of gold wire, and has great potential for cost reduction.

B. The high stiffness of copper wire compared to gold wire makes it more suitable for bonding of small wires.

C. Copper wire is easily oxidized, and the bonding process is unstable.

D. Copper wire has higher hardness, yield strength and other physical parameters than gold and aluminum.

  • 4). Performance Test

A. Reverse pressure test: under the reverse pressure test, led gold wire package chip did not fail, the test effect of quality is obvious.

B. Anti-oxidation test (oxidation effect): led gold wire > alloy wire > copper wire

C. Production process: gold wire is stable in nature, not easy to oxidize, easy to handle; alloy wire needs to add protective gas in the process, the technical requirements are high; copper wire is hard, difficult to bond.

4. Technical Aspects (RGB LED):

 •  1). RGB LED display field: Nationstar led screen has brand and technology leadership in the field of led display and is one of the earliest led enterprises in China to develop and mass production; the further reduction of pixel pitch to promote led penetration of more applications, like the commonly led smd 2727, 3535 led chip, smd 1515 led chip; small pitch led become the mainstream of led display, in advertising, commercial retail, conference rooms, cinemas, etc. also display field segmentation plate segmentation The board quickly cut into.

 •  2). Mini LED direct display field: preemptive layout development Mini LED and other emerging technology fields, Mini LED display products adhere to the development of a generation, reserve generation, mass production generation, has developed a full range of P0.4 ~ P0.9 products, in full production and full sales status.

 •  3). Mini LED backlight field: the development of MiniPOB, MiniCOB, MiniCOG three major technology path, POB program has been achieved in large quantities, COB, COG program has been in the sampling and verification stage (some terminal manufacturers, including car manufacturers), some customers have achieved a small number of shipments, the second half of the shipments will show a better growth. In the backlight module customers are mainly TCL.

 •  4). Micro LED field: launched the first generation of Micro led display module – Nationstar led module, and the first breakthrough in the domestic led packaging enterprises below P0.3 Micro led technology and product development.

 •  5). Customers field: Absen, Aoto, Dahua, Haikang, Lianjian, Leyard, Unilumin, LEDSINO all use the main series products of Nationstar. In the backlight module customers are mainly TCL.

5. Company Development Features:

 •  1). Foshan Nationstar’s highlight in the industry is that he is a company with a full industrial chain layout. Only Nationstar and Mulinsen led are companies with a full industrial chain layout in the packaging industry, the difference being that Nationstar develops its own chips, and the latter only participates in chip companies to facilitate procurement.

 •  2). Expansion of production capacity to grasp the trend: LED future will be to small pitch led development; the company’s small pitch led production capacity of the world’s first. 1700KK monthly production capacity in the first half of 2017, and reached 2000KK at the end of the year, replacing Taiwan Everlight, with an absolute advantage to become the world’s first small pitch led suppliers.

In 2019, we will continue to steadily promote the second phase investment of the 1 billion expansion project, increase the capacity output of small pitch and Mini LED and other core products, focus on cultivating Mini LED and Micro LED projects, continue to enhance our core competitiveness, and occupy a new round of industry technological heights.

 •  3). Faster growth of intellectual property rights: In 2019, the company granted a total of 614 patents, including 559 domestic and 55 overseas patents, of which 97 were granted invention patents. During the reporting period, the Company and its subsidiaries granted 168 new patents, representing a year-on-year increase of 118.18%, including a year-on-year increase of 116.67% in new inventions granted. The company currently has nearly 550 R&D personnel, accounting for 11% of the total number of employees, and invested 146 million yuan in R&D, accounting for 3.6%, which is not a particularly high percentage.

6. Market Competition Pattern:

General lighting: Mulinsen, Honglitronic, TDLED, CREE, Refond

Medium and large size backlight market: Nichia, Jufei, lextar

Small size backlight market: Jufei, Seoul Semiconductor, Suijing.

LED display market: Nationstar, Mulinsen, Dongshan Precision, Kinglight, Kn-light, Hongsheng (HS),(We will discuss Kinglight vs Nationstar in detail).

Automotive led manufacturers: OSRAM, Nichia, Lumileds

Global led manufacturers packaging revenue ranking: Nichia, OSRAM, Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, Mulinsen, Samsung, Everlight, CREE, Nationstar, Kinglight Monitor, Lite-On.

7. Nationstar LED Datasheet and Certification:

Nationstar smd led fully implements the international quality system and perfect standardized process management and has passed the six major system certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC17025 and measurement system. Nationstar led chip’ high-quality products have passed many domestic and international authoritative certifications such as Energy Star, CE, TUV, UL, ETL, CQC, and 3C. Advanced technology and strong scientific research strength drive the company’s business to flourish.

Nationstar Information Manual


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