Beginner’s Guide To LED Display Control System

The led display control system is composed of three parts: the main control circuit, the data distribution circuit, and the led drive circuit. The host control circuit generates the corresponding control signal and stores the display data from the computer display card in the frame memory, and then transmits the display data to the data distribution circuit. The display data is sent to each led driving circuit through the data distribution circuit under the control of the readout logic, and the image is displayed correctly on the led screen.

1. System Component:

LED display has developed rapidly in recent years, and gradually applied to the outdoor media and other fields, then do you know a complete led display system component:

  • 1). LED Display Panels

LED display screen is made of the screen panels, according to the standard contains led modules, the power supply, fan and a number of internal wires, sealed waterproof tank structure. Different models of product specifications and parts are not the same, the price will be different.

  • 2). Control Display System

Usually through the computer synchronization control, it divides the sending card and the receiving card, the sending card is installed in the control computer, the receiving card is distributed in the screen cabinet, through the network cable or other optical transmission connection.

The quotation of the control system is directly related to the size of the panel. Because the control card is in accordance with the resolution to control the specific points, the larger the screen area, the more control card required. Under normal circumstances, according to a standard cabinet configuration a control card.

  • 3). Framework of the Structure

The framework of the budget is based on the size of the screen, and the installation of different ways will also affect the budget price.

Common outdoor led electronic display installation methods are wall-mounted, column-type, wall-mounted, standing and so on. General column and stand-type use of steel more, wall-mounted second, wall-mounted less.

  • 4). Ancillary Equipment

Like control computer, amplifier sound, air conditioner, video processor, arrester, monitor and so on. The price of the ancillary equipment is calculated based on the user’s choice of equipment, and these devices must buy, brand models are different, the price is different.

2. Structure of The Screen:

LED video display is made up of two parts: Main led panel which is composed by several led display units (led cabinet or led panel) that can connect. This part is the main body of the led display.

Another part is the controller. the controller can also divide into two parts: control board(hardware) and led control system(software). The control board are including the sending card, receiving cards and computer.

Multifarious display panels (or cabinet units) with different specifications and controllers with different control technology can be constituted into various kinds of led screens to satisfy different application environments with diverse requirements. (Such as video processor and multifunction card).

  • 1). LED Module

No matter indoor or outdoor led display, they all composed by led modules. LED modules are including (led lamps, driving IC, pcb board and module frame). its size cannot be changed easily.

  • 2). Display Panel (PCB)

Display panel is the main body of the screen. It is made up of light-emitting materials and driving circuit. The display panel of indoor and outdoor screen are unit cabinet.

  • 3). Display Controller

Display controller are mainly include sending card, receiving cards and computer. The sending card should be installed inside the computer, the receiving cards should be installed inside the cabinets. usually, one cabinet needs one receiving card.

  • 4). Switching Power Supply

It is used to transform the 220V or 110V alternating current into all kinds of direct current to support various circuits.

  • 5). Transmitting Cables

The display data and all kinds of controlling signals generated by the host controller are transmitted through twisted-pair cables to the screen.

The function of it is to cushion the data, generate all kinds of scanning signals and duty cycle grey scale control signals.

  • 7). Special Video card and Multifunction Card

The special video card of full color led video display not only bear the basic functions of computer video card, but can also output RGB digital signals and row, field, and blanking signals to the host controller.

Besides functions the same as the special video card, multifunction card can also change the input simulated video signals into RGB digital signals (that is the collection of video communication).

  • 8). Other Information Sources and Devices

Including computer, TV set, blue-ray disc, DVD, VCD, video camera and recorder and so on.

3. Hardware Installation:

1). The standard selection of control system for our led displays control system is Nova, but Colorlight and LINSN can support too.

2). The control equipment of led displays control system includes computer, sending card (or sending box), DVI signal cable, USB control cable, and internet cable.

3). The sending card need to be installed at the computer PCI interface or in the video processor, and then insert each data cable into corresponding interface.

4). Internet cable: the RJ45 connector(cable) connect to the sending card, the aviation connector(cable) connects indoor full color led displays cabinet.

5). DVI data cable: two ends are the same, one connects the graphic card, and the other connects the sending card.

6). USB data cable: the big end connects the computer USB interface; the small end connects the sending card.

4. How Does the LED Video Processors Work:

LED video processors are also known as image processors, image converters, video controllers, image processor image converters, video format converters, independent video sources, and the like.

The led video processor is the key device for the birth, growth and maturity of the image processor led full color display. The advantages and disadvantages of the led video processor directly affect the display effect of the led display.

The combination of the led video processor and the display greatly facilitates the wide application of the end user and improves the depth of use of the led display.

  • 1). Resolution Specification Conversion

In general, image sources (such as Blu-ray DVD, computer, HD player, etc.) provide fixed signal resolution (refer to VESA, ITU, SMPTE, etc.).

And the modular spliced display of the led display screen allows its resolution to reach almost any value. The video processor converts the various signal resolutions to the actual physical display resolution of the led display.

  • 2). Color Space Conversion

LED display color gamut is very wide, and the color space of most image signals is relatively small (such as NTSC). For a led display to have an excellent image display effect, color space conversion is required.

  • 3). The Bit Depth Is Improved

The current gray level of the led display has been increased to 16 bits, 17 bits, however, the input signal source is mostly only 8 bits.

Therefore, with the advent of the high-definition display era, the application of 10-bit or even 12-bit processing technology in video processors has become an unstoppable trend.

  • 4). Zoom

During the resolution specification conversion process, the image needs to be scaled. The full image can be displayed on the screen regardless of whether the resolution is increased or decreased.

  • 5). Image Processing and Enhancement Technology

Digital image processing technology has developed from the 1920s to the present, and many patented technologies have appeared.

For example, DVD, ACC2, ACM3D and other Emmy-winning Farida laboratories have a range of patented technologies. These techniques undoubtedly greatly enhance the visual effect of the image.

5. Conclusion:

It is not difficult to understand the structure and composition of led video displays. How to connect them and use them professionally is also a professional knowledge. If you want to know more, please contact us.


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