How to Build LED Stage Screen?

LED display stage backdrop screens provide clear and sharp pictures to the audience and create an impressive feature that evokes the audience. No matter whether it is a live show, concert, conference, dance floor or any other kind of stage show, these led screens deliver the vision of the action from multiple angles.

Now, in all types of concerts, evening shows, performances, the presence of concert led screen, it stunning eye-catching, breathtaking, all-round display of the beauty of the stage, and the actors together to show the audience a perfect visual feast, then why the stage screens so much attractiveness, what about led stage screen charm value is reflected?

1. Event Need LED Stage Screen:

  • 1). Brilliant Background – Excellent Performance

As we all know, in the past, because led display screens were not used in stage performances, the most used stage background was curtains, and this kind of curtains was static, so the scenes that could be presented were also very limited. In the previous impression, every time the performance started, there would be staff behind the scenes who were responsible for pulling the curtain, and then the actors would pose after the curtain to correspond to the content scene of the performance. This is the early-stage scene application.

This situation was not improved until the emergence of led display screens. Only in the early stage, stage display screens used a single function instead of setting functions, mainly displaying video data, and acting as a curtain. But as it is applied to a certain stage, its function becomes more perfect, and its role on the stage becomes more prominent. It is not only used as a stage background, but its flexible and changeable images are integrated with the program, bringing different visual effects to the audience.

  • 2). Changing Lighting – Contrast Atmosphere

Because in traditional stage performances, the actors are moving, and the background is quiet. With such a static movement, the actor’s performance brings the audience an intuitive feeling, while the background cannot bring the audience a beautiful enjoyment.

However, with the application of led stage display screens, the pictures it creates are delicate and lifelike, more impactful than the actual scenery, and by playing pictures that match the program, and then matching the corresponding music to enhance the atmosphere of the scene.

This will allow the audience to get more sensory experience outside the performance, which will affect the audience’s psychological changes and give the audience a sense of being on the scene. The distance between the audience and the actors is closer, enabling a deeper level of communication.

  • 3). Flexible – The Situation Is Not Only One

In today’s stage performances, different programs need different scenes to cooperate, so the traditional setting obviously cannot achieve such a functional effect, and the biggest advantage of the led stage screen is its flexibility.

Because of its clearer picture, the performance is more stable. It can not only achieve more flexible scene changes and complete screen switching instantly; but also, can achieve arbitrary display effects through technical means. The clear display of the screen, the richness of the content and the realistic background effect not only bring the audience a beautiful enjoyment, but also bring out the superb acting skills of the actors.

2. LED Display Stage Design Form:

Over the past 20 years, with the continuous upgrading of stage technology elements, stage construction, lighting design, character modeling and costumes have undergone layers of evolution. There is no doubt that led technology has become the most spectacular art presentation method in the evening stage art design.

It greatly improves and broadens the creative concepts and horizons of stage art designers, and forms a new aesthetic function as an extremely important component of stage art. There are basically three types of large screen designs that generally appear on the stage of the evening party.

 •  1). A stage with led screens as the main body according to the frame of the stage, leaving light positions around the screens of each unit.

This kind of stage is more common. The whole stage is built with a deep stage frame, and the screen is hung on this stage frame in a patchwork manner, and lighting effects are hung between the screen and the screen.

It is the staggered arrangement of the depth of the screen that leads the disappearance of the stage to the distance, which makes the depth of field of the whole picture longer, and produces a strong perspective effect, plus there is so much left on the side for the light to hang and play.

The space and the whole stage also have a good atmosphere and dynamic feeling, and also expressed the theme of this evening party. However, in this way, the stage structure will appear relatively simple and not vivid.

 •  2). The big screen is the whole stage design, and the big screen is designed as the background and side curtain. The space and time in the scene are all done by the big screen, and the actors perform non-physical performances.

This kind of scene is used in many places. Of course, it has its advantages. It saves trouble. A picture can explain all the things that should be explained in the plot. A piece of video picture shows the formal sense of the entire program, using a large screen, saving a lot of cost of stage art.

As early as 2012, the entire stage had adopted a large-screen box setting, and the small screens of the large screens could be raised and lowered individually. When the show requires high mountains, the small screens on the stage can first get along with the shape of the mountains through their respective lifts, and then add a three-dimensional picture of the mountains on this basis.

The background scenery shows the distant mountains as the background, and the large screen on the top displays the shape of the sky, coupled with the meticulous processing of the screen and video by the video production team, formed a three-dimensional realistic and virtual ideal space, and the image of the space can be moving.

The use of dynamic led screens enhances the sense of hierarchy and movement on the stage. The dynamic led screen can be moved up and down according to the specific content of the performance, which will greatly improve the performance of the program and make the audience immersive.

 •  3). Use the large led screen as the “center” of the stage and create a three-dimensional stage scenery with the help of projection and holography.

The stage design was cleverly designed to make the led screen and the real scene integrated, in line with the theme of the party, and the stage has a strong sense of form and three-dimensionality, adding modern technology elements, large-scale engineering projectors, and holographic imaging technology.

The application continuously brings new ideas to the audience visually. It also gives enough space for the lighting. Such a stage is in line with the traditional aesthetic concept. Whether it is from a close range or a long distance, it is very real and presents a relatively perfect stage effect. Compared with traditional stage art techniques, the biggest feature of the use of led technology and video stage art is the creation of the second space.

Through a variety of unique three-dimensional technologies, the director creates a virtual visual space through the led screen. This space is combined with the real space on the stage, which can greatly expand the visual space of the performance scene, allowing the audience to have a sense of time and space interlaced, and present extremely rich Stage visual effects.

 •  4). But in fact, when most of the party’s creative teams use led screens, they still regard it as a traditional two-dimensional scene, instead of treating it as a three-dimensional space. The final stage visual effect is not only To maximize the advantages of led, but also to lose the characteristics of traditional stage design and production, the gain is not worth the loss.

Of course, there are various styles of the stage, and each era will have a different form of stage performance but led has undoubtedly become the trend of the era. It can be seen everywhere in life, and it is even more indispensable on the stage. The application of science and technology is not the only means. The key is what means we can use to achieve the desired stage effect.

3. Stage Screen Construction Plan:

  • 1). Stage + LED Large Screen

Compared with other backplanes, led is heavier, and all stages are important, stable, and strong, so that safety can be ensured. The steel structure stage is safe, strong, and stable. After using the large screen, the scene can be flexibly switched screens or play videos and materials as needed, making the stage background elements more colorful.

  • 2). Stage + LED Large Screen + Color Screen

LED large screen, after using the large screen, the scene can be flexibly switched screens or play videos and materials as needed, making the stage background elements more colorful. Event theme screens, videos, PPT, live broadcast, video interaction, and program materials can be played in time on demand. The color screens on both sides play corresponding materials for each annual meeting performance program and link, making the atmosphere more active and more visually impactful.

  • 3). Stage + T-shaped Stage + Round Stage + LED Large Screen + Color Screen

The addition of the T-shaped stage and the round-shaped stage makes the stage more in-depth and three-dimensional, shortens the distance from the audience, facilitates interaction, and provides convenience for the integration of some T-runner shows in the performance.

4. The Use Taboo of Stage LED Display:

The use of led display wall, from the earliest method of a large-area main screen in the middle and secondary screens on both sides, has gradually transitioned to the comprehensive utilization of panoramic video walls and omnidirectional three-dimensional video walls. However, convenient technical means do not really mean high efficiency, and the comprehensive utilization of high-tech means on the stage does not mean a real improvement in stage performance.

 •  1). The led screen usage habit that only considers the whole and disregards the local led screen makes it difficult for TV broadcasting.

While many large-scale evening parties are held on the spot, most of them will put forward the demand for live broadcasting through TV. At this time, the creative team of the party should not only consider the live performance effect of the party, but also consider the communication characteristics of television.

In traditional stage art production, TV cameramen can find the background of low brightness or the background with large color difference in the background video as the background of the main subject, to achieve unique TV picture artistic effects, but it is widely used on led screens.

Today, if the needs of the TV lens are not considered at the beginning of the design, the final picture will lack three-dimensionality, the main body of the picture and the background are easy to fit and overlap, and the effect of TV transmission will be greatly reduced.

The basic constituent units of TV pictures are shots of different scenes, in simple terms they are panoramic, mid-range, close-up, and live performances are more concerned with the “panoramic” effect. Many creative teams often only consider the “big effect” of the panoramic presentation when designing and producing stage art, and lack of consideration for the mid-range, especially close-ups, required for television broadcast.

 •  2). The abuse of real scene images has caused a huge conflict between the video stage and the content of the program in terms of the sense of form.

The continuous upgrading of stage led display manufacturing technology has caused many production teams and organizers to love the “high-definition” feature of the screen, and it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding of “small loss and big” in the creative process.

To reflect the characteristics of the high-definition screen as much as possible, producers are often keen to play a specially shot real-life video on the live video wall as the background stage. For example, in a song and dance program, many urban landscape pictures and humanistic life pictures are broadcasted to achieve a combination of the artistic interpretation of the program and the reality of the screen, but the result is counterproductive.

The stage performances pursue a high sense of form, with color, light, and formation as the length, and most of the live-shot videos are too rich in colors. Using it as the main background of the stage will interpret the form of the stage program.

It caused great damage and caused the audience to have a sense of confusion of “not coming over” and “don’t know where to look”. Originally designed to enhance the effect of the program, it finally had a huge impact on the audience’s viewing, and it also violated the design. The basic principles of stage design and production to serve the program.

 •  3). The abuse of led screen destroys the lighting effect of the stage performance area.

The gradual reduction in the cost of production and use of led screens has led many creators to blindly pursue the concept of “panoramic video stage beauty”. LED screens are used extensively in stage design. Even more, all dance scenery films are replaced by leds. However, many creators have overlooked the fact that led screens can easily bring huge light pollution to the stage. When the stage is designed and produced and the overall lighting is synthesized, they have regretted it.

In the overall design of the show, lighting plays a huge role. It can make the whole stage present a magical sense of space and layering and make the overall visual presentation richer and more interesting. In the traditional stage design, the only light source is the lighting system. The director, lighting engineer, and stage artist can work together to create a unique stage space with lighting.

5. Attentions at Construction Site:

Setting up the stage, renting stage equipment, I have done more and experienced more, but there are also many things encountered. The following points need to be paid attention to at the event site:

 •  1). Because the construction activities are short in time, and most of them are built in the evening, so there must be more on-site staff, adopt crowded tactics, and reasonably allocate personnel, and each group will be divided into groups, and each group leader will issue tasks. A lot of work will be done in a short time to effectively complete the activity setup.

 •  2). When the construction is basically finished, each team will assign one or two employees to clean up and deal with details.

 •  3). If it is an outdoor event, even if the event site is officially started, sufficient manpower must be prepared to serve on-site and solve emergencies at any time, because the outdoor natural environment will encounter severe weather such as wind and rain, and rescue measures must be taken at any time.

Do not take the tools away, stay on site, use any tools at any time, and if there is a large background board, you must consider the bearing capacity of the Polylith? Consider the stability? Consider whether the ground can be reinforced? It is best to go to the site in advance. Negotiate the construction plan, it is best to check the weather in advance, and take preparations for this thing in the worst environment.

 •  4). If there are many customers at the event site, there must be staff to guide them in dangerous places to avoid unexpected accidents. There are always staffed to walk back and forth to check items to prevent safety accidents due to crowding.

 •  5). The activities are mostly large hotels, which are built in these places. Therefore, the staff must be careful when moving the goods. The ground must be protected when moving the goods. At least one layer of carpet must be laid to prevent the ground from being scratched.

At doorways, corners, and freight elevators, you must also watch all directions, don’t just rub the walls or corners, everything in these high-end places is expensive, so employees must be careful to carry any goods!

 •  6). If you want to build a model, you must measure the height limit of the hotel in advance when you set up the background board. Many hotels often have large chandeliers, so you must not touch them, or it will be miserable, it is best to come in advance before starting production Measure the size at the scene, look at the freight elevator, and the route of the cargo. Don’t make things too big, but you can’t get in when you come to the scene!

 •  7). Before setting up, be sure to let the person in charge of the hotel check the scene with you. If there are scratches or dilapidated places, it is best to take some photos, just in case, or if the customer returns the deposit, the hotel may mistake it for it. If you deduct the customer’s deposit if it is damaged, it is equivalent to deducting your banknote again, so don’t be dumb.

 •  8). When the time is scheduled to be set up, it is best to communicate with the customer or the hotel, can it be set up? Because it is often inconvenient for the hotel to enter the venue temporarily!

6. Attentions When Installing Screen Panels:

 •  1). All installation methods are required to avoid collision of the frontage 4 corners of the rental led displays cabinet, causing unnecessary damage, and affecting the normal use of the cabinet.

 •  2). When taking out cabinet from flight case, make sure the cabinet remain level and in a steady speed. Avoid any possible friction between the flight case clapboard and the cabinet if the cabinet inclined, which will affect the outlook and performance of the cabinet.

 •  3). In general, unused cabinets must be placed in flight cases or carton boxes. However, in case of no flight cases or in other special conditions, the leds side should be placed upwards, separating cabinets with foam or soft paper when stacking (stacked layers ≤ 10PCS cabinet). Prohibit placing cabinet upright, in line of dominoes form.

 •  4). When make the cascade connection of power cable and signal cable, to ensure the cables in queue and beautiful, cables between two cabinets can be connected through the mounting hole.

 •  5). When the event is finished, the rental led displays cabinets should be keep into the flight case or other places, please arrange the power cable and signal cable, put the cabinet in the right place after cleaning it. Handle gently when put the cabinets into the flight case.

7. How to Choose Stage Rental LED Display?

Stage as a comprehensive occasion art, a stage performance involves all aspects of the relationship between people and things, actors, performances, props, machinery, etc., which is the basis of the traditional stage. But with the advent of multimedia era, digital technology gradually on the stage, causing a unique chemical reaction. The concept of “stage” has also changed at this time, becoming more comprehensive and three-dimensional.

In large performances, cultural parties, celebrity concerts, event sites, we can see a variety of stage rental led display, then the led stage rental screen and the traditional display what is different? How to choose a good stage rental led display?

  • 1). What Is the Stage LED Display?

In fact, is applied to the stage background of the led display is called stage led display, the biggest feature of this display is to provide a rich performance stage background, the realistic picture and shocking music effects perfectly combined to create a magnificent and very modern sense of the spectacular scene; and will be large, clear live game screen, can make people produce a kind of immersive scene Feelings, subvert the traditional visual experience.

The stage led display consists of the main stage screen, secondary screen, and expansion screen. The role of the main screen is live and wonderful playback, generally choose high-definition rectangular led display, point spacing is generally within P6, the larger the area the better, so that the scene on stage can be displayed smoothly in front of the audience.

Both sides of the main screen will be configured with several sub-screens, sub-screen can choose a special form of creative led display, like s-shaped curved screen, led flexible screen, led cylindrical screen and other shaped screen. If the budget is limited, the side screen can also choose to use the lower cost of the bar screen. Stage video expansion screen is generally used for extra-large stages, concerts, etc., to take care of the back row of viewers, so that all the audience can clearly see everything on the stage.

  • 2). Appropriate Control System

LED stage screen in addition to screen body selection is important, you also need to choose a set of appropriate control system. In general, the led stage screen has a large area, high pixels, high requirements for the number of points sent to the card band, and sometimes requires multiple control cards for cascade splicing control. If you want to display better, we usually need to use to video processor, so that you can splice and cut the video to achieve multi-window, picture-in-picture, scalable, more delicate, and smooth video effects.

Due to the special nature of the led rental stage screen, the general use of standardized box structure, easy to disassemble, light quality, easy to transport. The box is thin and light, can be quickly installed, dismantled, and transported, adapted to large area rental as well as fixed installation applications.

Finally, the need for professional training of operators, to do the basic maintenance of the display, such as the analysis and treatment of common faults, familiar with the control system and video processing, as well as the detection and adjustment of the equivalent supporting equipment, so that you can guarantee the stable and safe operation of the led stage screen.

Compared to the traditional indoor and outdoor display, the stage displays due to the different uses, functions, requirements such as configuration will also be different. The following is a comparison of the led stage rental screen and traditional display differences.

  • 3). Selection of Different Types

As the stage rental screen on the choreography display high, the screen playback effect requirements clearer. Therefore, the general indoor environment using P3, P4 models of high-definition screen, or even more stringent will use to small pitch P2.5, P2, etc., outdoor use P6, P5 models.

As for the traditional indoor and outdoor display, due to the viewing distance or display requirements are not high, indoor generally use P6, P5 models, outdoor use is the most P10, followed by P16. and indoor are surface paste, outdoor usually use plug lights, but sometimes also use surface paste products, currently for the rental market, has launched five kinds of box series of products, models covering all mainstream models on the market, including P3, P4, P4.8, P6, etc.

  • 4). The Cabinet Difference

General traditional outdoor led display is waterproof box, the structure is relatively heavy. Indoor is also the use of simple box; for led stage rental display, are usually made of die-casting aluminum box, thin structure, high stability, more convenient to install and remove at any time, suitable for holding concerts, stage performances.

  • 5). The Installation Method

As mentioned earlier, the stage rental screen disassembly and installation are convenient and quick, such as a concert is finished, can be disassembled, and transported to another stage venue to build. The traditional led indoor and outdoor display, usually fixed installation, installation position is fixed, it will not be easy to move.

The above is the biggest difference between the traditional display and stage rental screen, other differences include price quotes, configuration, installation environment and other differences.

8. Common Stage Rental LED Display Types:

Stage led display is now widely used in concerts, TV shows and large-scale performances, through the large screen to see the performance skills and effects above, the content is colorful, and the effect is vivid and realistic. What are the sizes of the stage led display? How to choose the type?

 •  1). For example, take P3.9 and P4.8 two models analysis, point spacing are 3.9mm and 4.8mm, respectively, pixel density is 65536 points / ㎡ and 43264 points / ㎡ (this table does not contain). Conclusion: The smaller the led rental screen model, the higher the pixel density, the clearer the resolution and picture quality.

 •  2). Cabinet size 500 × 500/500 × 1000mm, resulting in box area is generally between 0.5 to 1 ㎡. This is because: the stage led display is usually a large area, at least 15 squares above, by the box one by one stitching, to the box as a unit, more convenient for transportation and installation and rapid maintenance and replacement.

9. Stage LED Display Classification:

 •  1). The main screen, the main screen is the most central led display on the stage. The shape is mostly square or rectangular. Mainly display the stage live and performance screen, so the main screen pixel and display requirements are high, model specifications are mainly selected P3, P4, P5.

 •  2). Sub-screen, located on both sides of the main screen led display. The main purpose is to set off the main screen, so it shows the content of the abstract. The pixel and display effect requirements are not high, often using grid led display, size specifications are mainly selected P7.62, P8, P10, etc.

 •  3). Expansion screen, the user is relatively large occasions, such as large concerts, singing and dancing parties. Because the venue is relatively large, there are many places cannot clearly see the performance effect on the stage, so the side of these venues set up a large screen or two. Its content is generally live on the stage scene, commonly used size specifications like the main screen, size specifications are mainly selected P4, P5 and P6.

 •  4). Floor tile screen, this is a supplement to the above 3 kinds of conventional screen, is now also becoming popular. As a branch of the stage screen, the foot stage is more cool and stronger atmosphere. Specifications mainly choose P6.25.

10. Stage LED Display Selection Skills:

At present, our stage rental led display model P2.6, P2.9, P3.9, P4.8, P5.95, P6.25, etc., the following are some reference suggestions, of course, are not absolute, depending on the actual needs of customers.

 •  1). If it is a performance stage, temporary conference stage, wedding indoor and outdoor out shooting wedding stage and other places, the general requirements of soft light, viewing distance is relatively close, about 5 meters range, at this time to consider the display screen accuracy, shot out of the display effect, installation and movement is convenient, etc., the optional model is P2.6, P2.9, P3.9 and P4.8.

 •  2). If the performance stage with, comprehensive price and play effect, the first model to consider is P3.9 stage led display, when the budget cost overrun, and then consider P4.8 full-color screen, but in the 5-meter view range effect difference is larger, P3.9 will be much higher definition.

 •  3). If the display area is small, it is recommended to choose high density specifications, large area can choose low density specifications. Large area can choose many screens. Screen area of 5 square meters or less recommended P2.6 models; screen area of 10 square meters or more to choose P3.9; screen area of 20 square meters or more optional P4.8.

11. Features of LED Backdrop Screen:

So, what you think how hard it could be to build a large led display for the stage-well on customer demands some companies provide rental led display for stage led display, concert led screen, dance floor led display, led backdrop screen, and led drape screen, etc.

These rentals led experts are master of their work; they can build a led screen that fulfills the requirement of any event. You can get new kind of experience into your show, concert, and dance floor with customized led display, backdrops, and video innovation.

You can bring your creative ideas and imaginations to life. There is a wide range of versatile led backdrops screen for all kind of events. You will not have to worry about the rain, fog or any other climate situation as these screens are weatherproof, which means your audience will enjoy throughout. It is always an easy choice with a quick turnaround. You need to keep in mind some features for event led display.

  • 1). Should be user-friendly for smooth operation.
  • 2). Installation-dismantle, and transportation.
  • 3). Light in weight.
  • 4). Should be less noisy and high reliability.
  • 5). Color should be deep with the high contrast ratio.
  • 6). Mask color and led color should be highly uninformed.

12. Conclusion:

Rental led stage screen deliver something unequaled, unique, and fresh to any stage show; these are different from traditional staging drapery, display leaves a long-lasting impression on your audience.

This is a versatile and dynamic innovation; the led walls can be turned in any way as per your customer requirement or theme. To highlight your concert, you can use led stage screen. The stage is the main attraction of any occasion you can sync everything on stage led screen.

LED display in the stage choreography market is still a good prospect. Of course, the holiday party is a major battlefield of led display applications, their products, programs, high demand and willing to spend money, but as rooted in this industry, more should see is driven by these important party, led display in the broad category of the broad blueprint.


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