LED Billboard Help You Win Business

1. Outdoor LED Billboard on Facade of Shopping Mall:

In partnership with system integrator brought to life a unique artist-built project – the installation of an outdoor led billboard system on the façade of the ocean plaza shopping mall. The excellent and timely work on the design, production, and digital billboard installation ensured that the project was commissioned and completed on time so that the high-level opening ceremony could go ahead as planned. An original solution with the bright content and interactive show platform made a WOW-effect, becoming a real talking point for the public.

Today, the broadcasting of brands shop advertising screens messages alternates with image and game bumpers, supporting the thematic design of the building. A unified information canvas is a continuation of the shopping and entertainment center concept, serving as a flexible marketing platform as well as a powerful business tool for increasing the ROI of the project.

2. Advertising LED Billboard Signs in Singapore Shopping Mall:

Recently, our one indoor advertising led billboard was installed in a shopping mall in Singapore. The advertising display is clear and delicate, and the effect is bright. And customers give very wonderful alike!

Our indoor led billboard is one of the mature products, it can play high-definition video and ultra-clear video files. This product belongs to the high-definition advertising led billboard series. The advantage of P3 indoor is the clear picture. Delicate, vivid colors, seamless splicing, as well as superior heat dissipation features, these advantages are also welcomed by more and more customers.

As our products are getting better and better, the P3 type occupies a certain position in the indoor led billboard. Moreover, we have won the market with excellent quality and has won the recognition of customers with its caring service, so we will the best product for all customers.

3. Smart and Prosperous Giant LED Bill boards:

With the advent of the digital age, the emergence of digital media has dramatically changed the form of advertising and the carrier of communication. From the inkjet printing introduced in the 1990s to the large size led billboard screen today, from a single picture with poor visual performance to a dynamic performance with strong visual impact. Giant led billboard is used in building curtain walls, municipal engineering, and sports events in major cities, which undoubtedly become the most important display window for corporate brand image and city image.

Known as the “Light of Asia”, Asia’s first giant led screen cheap billboard advertising is in the center of the Guaynabo shopping district in Chongqing, built around the two sides of the Suning Tesco Building. This huge outdoor led billboard with a total area of 3,788 sqm combines architectural aesthetics with the business environment to showcase the prosperity of the city while keeping the pedestrian’s vision in the best viewing area Immersive experience.

LED outdoor commercial display not only has the advantages of waterproof, lightning protection, anti-seismic, etc., which can be applied to various harsh environments. It can also realize regional network broadcast, and can interact with human billboards such as Weibo, positioning system, infrared sensor, and face recognition. Combination of technical applications. It really turns from a simple display device to a smart business led billboard companies that can provide a total giant led billboard solution.

Facing the future, we will continue to grasp the core idea of “Innovation-Driven Development”, give full play to the led billboard companies’s own advantages, and continue to develop steadily, and make unremitting efforts to build the corporate vision of “Global Audio-Visual Technology Leader”.

4. LED Billboards Help Edge Out Competition:

A total of 14 led billboards on the external wall of the Carousel Shopping Mall in Istanbul. In addition to this, eight vertical led applications, one way finder and eight information billboards, were installed inside the mall. The shopping mall continued to serve the public during the system installation, and upon the activation of the digital billboards, the mall witnessed an increase in the number of its customers compared to the previous period.

This project aims to ensure that customers prefer Carousel Shopping Mall to the other malls located in the immediate vicinity. To this end, System established a total of 14 vertical led billboards, each of which covers an area of 8 square meters on both visible facades of the mall and, as a result, we ensured a achieved the targeted success and visual harmony. In addition, the led applications, the way finder and the information small electronic billboards
established inside the mall helped the mall customers feel the outer digital ambiance.

The way the billboards were going to be placed was also among the most important issues as it was a must to make sure that the exterior led billboards broadcast on one single display. The primary objective of this project was to stop potential customers from visiting the other two neighboring rival malls and draw them to carousel shopping mall.

Before deciding where to put the exterior led billboards, System worked with directors of photography who carried out several computer trials. The main reason behind such works was to ensure that the exterior led billboards formed an integrity by giving one single image when necessary and to create billboard transitions to draw the attention of the public to the mall.

The data received from the mall officials also showed that the shopping mall witnessed an increase in the number of its visitors by about 30 to 35 percent compared to the period when the digital billboard costs were not present. In addition, it was announced that the led billboard, touch applications and information billboards available inside led to an increase in the total amount spent in the mall by about 10 percent. The entire system installation, software, content management and technical support were provided by Sistem. Of course, clear, and stable led billboards are inseparable from the support of professional outdoor led billboard manufacturer, digital billboard manufacturer will get more cooperation in the future.

5. The Role of LED Billboard in Mall Atrium:

These few years, with the continuous development of commercial buildings, culture, comfort, interaction, and richness of formats have become more and more important, such as large atriums, sightseeing elevators, fountains, etc. making their commercial spaces more focused on creating the inner atmosphere, so that customers immerse themselves in the space that the atrium creates. The mall atrium led art display more and more performance, like circular, arc lines and so on.

The application of led billboard billboards of indoor atriums is an application method that has risen in recent years. The led billboards installed in the atrium location have advanced artistic beauty, fashion, atmosphere, and taste.

The led art display has been frequently used by the world’s top designers as the finishing touch in their works to enhance the taste and style of the works. The creative large digital billboard creatively solves the problems, like conventional led billboard price list with limited load bearing on the ceiling, the analysis of spatial force bearing properties, unsecure engineering, high installation costs and complicated steel structures, making the atrium ceiling led billboard more beautiful, just like a delicate artwork.

Whether lit or not, the atrium video billboard is visible to the naked eye. Therefore, it pays more attention to aesthetics and design, shape and uniqueness and creates new labels for space art billboards. With the theme of environment and decorative arts, custom cheap led billboard integrates all major aspects of commercial construction, commercial operations, advertising, and other aspects, effectively shaping the corporate brand image, helping to promote products, and has become a new billboard marketing promotion model.

6. LED Display Advertising Board for Shopping Centers:

The owners of shopping centers now like to create remarkable experiences with led advertising billboards to attract shoppers, diners, tourists, and residents. It is sometimes part of the larger renovation of their old complex, sometimes the original design of their new-opening malls. No matter what kind of building, we work closely with the shopping centers to wow visitors with our custom led advertising outdoor electronic billboard signs solution.

The led advertising billboards we provide include indoor fine pitch led billboards, advertising digital board, and plaza electronic advertising boards, etc.

The first challenge is how to give this building a modern and harmonious update to evolve the brand of a shopping center. Because the center is often designed to integrate with the surrounding architecture. The second is how to plan for installation and ongoing maintenance in such large digital video displays, sometimes hanging from the ceiling, sometimes seamlessly wall-mounted without big space.

Another is to make the large led advertising billboards visible by most shoppers, to navigate them in the many floors building and easily find their favorite stores. Get the led advertising display fixed within an existing structure, honoring the original architecture to transform the high-resolution big digital canopy into a real digital scene.

Design the dynamic contents to keep the advertising display always fresh, visible for most passersby, and leading them through the big mall. Customize the mounting system for the unique led advertising display in this mall to get easy access and servicing for a maintenance crew.

The led advertising display will not only be as advertising digital wall but also serve as a new medium capable to re-imagine the visitor experiences and showcase a great idea of artists working like a cultural hub which make the shopping centers brighter, lighter, and smarter.

  •  1). We can offer a variety of led advertising billboards solutions with any size, pixel pitch and shape, no matter it’s going to create eye-catching appeal, targeting nearby impulse buyers, or simply attract the potential customers.

 •  2). Our digital led zeppelin billboard is going to be very simple to let the end users easy operate and maintain. The customers can instantly monitor the billboard status and update the marketing contents by just running a simple software on the computer.

  •  3). Our custom led billboard power consumption solutions for malls are to create unforgettable experiences that entice the passersby, increase the traffic, engage the customers, and finally driver revenue and reinforce your brands.

  •  4). We offer 24/7 technical support, timely and professional service, and on-site installation guide and free training. We’re devoted to developing custom led advertising displays solutions for every customer, working with designers, architects, and engineers to integrate a unique good led billboard price into the environment of your shopping centers.

7. Making A Bright Investment for Your Retail Space:

With each new business venture, even the most experienced retail brands find themselves in the driver’s seat at several key crossroads. Decisions of location, strategy, and design all profoundly shape the direction and ultimately the success of a project. Contributing to the decision opportunities is the emergence of digital signage, a trend with such tremendous benefits it is impossible to ignore. With a variety of outdoor digital billboard display options available, retailers around the world must carefully analyze which digital signage technology provides the best solution for a store’s specific needs.

Today’s major contenders are LCD and Led billboards, each of which has a unique place in retail environments. LCDs are backlit displays that create images by permitting light transmission through their liquid crystal lens. They have the greatest resolution on smaller displays, from 20 to 100 inches, and offer versatility as they can be tiled together to create larger displays. LEDs, light-emitting diodes, on the other hand, are ideal for larger displays, typically over 100 inches. Led billboards create images by changing the brightness of LEDs and are scalable to any size with no visible seams. Their most impressive features for retail are their brightness capabilities with minimal glare, a significant visual benefit for continuous, uninterrupted imagery on large video walls.

With obvious advantages to both LCD and Led billboards, the cost of ownership weighed against the features and benefits of each often becomes the deciding factor. LCD displays have a typical lifespan of 30,000 to 60,000 hours, or 3.4 to 6.8 years, and have historically required less of an initial investment. Today, however, point-of-entry for Led billboards typically can start 20 percent lower than the lowest point-of-entry for commercial-grade LCDs, making them appealing as an introduction into digital technology. Higher end led lighted billboard require a greater initial investment but have a typical lifespan of 80,000 to 100,000 hours, or nine to 11.4 years.

  •  1). With image and color consistency throughout the whole display, LEDs provide the contrast ratio and brightness needed for indoor and outdoor settings alike. LED is noteworthy for various reasons. First, it can be used to create unique shapes like the tight radius of the Express showroom column.

  •  2). Given the same brightness, LEDs are typically 30 percent more efficient on average than LCD displays, resulting in a 30 percent reduction in energy consumption for lower monthly power bills. The reduced power usage also results in lower heat production and thus reduced cooling bills.

  •  3). From a maintenance perspective, LED has benefits. As in any technology, minor failures occur; modules go out and physical elements break down. LED, however, allows much more flexibility when these inevitable failures occur. In an led billboard, individual components can be repaired or replaced without having to unnecessarily replace functional parts.

Since the time of the square install just a year ago, the pricing of led electronic billboards has come down significantly. While the design and technology benefits of led justified the extra expense for the Express flagship location, current pricing has edged led forward as the clear choice for flagship locations and local stores alike. After accounting for extended lifetime, reduced power, and cooling expenses, the breakeven point between lcd and led begins at high-definition resolutions, ideal for large displays, particularly for longer in-store viewing distances, and is anticipated to continue to improve in the years to come.

For closer viewing distances, the extra features of ultra-high definition led electronic billboard cost, including expanded brightness and contrast, reduced glare, curved and unique shapes, and modular maintenance capabilities justify the possible additional investment. When factoring in all relevant considerations to develop the true cost of ownership over the lifetime of the product, current led billboard pricing can now meet or exceed the affordability of comparable-sized lcd displays, making it a bright investment for retail spaces.

8. How to Choose Best LED Billboard?

Selecting the appropriate type of led billboards is important moment for success of your project. If the led billboard signs for sale is disappointing for your clients, they will not pay. If you use unnecessarily expensive technologies (for example too high resolution) you will extend the period of return on your investment.

  • 1). Based On Placement: Indoor / Outdoor

The difference between the two types is mainly in mechanical design and the amount of the achieved brightness. Outdoor led electronic billboards have usually larger pixel pitch (5-16mm), indoor smaller (2-6mm). Outdoor led billboards must withstand all weather conditions, temperature changes and so on. The brightness of these led billboards must be high (min.5000cd/m2), so the image is visible even in direct sunlight.

Indoor led billboards do not resist such influences and may not serve brightness so high, usually 1000cd/m2. Beware of cases where choice between the use of indoor and outdoor led billboard is not so clear. For example: led interactive billboard located in the business center, but in the glass part of the building where the lighting conditions are the same as outside. Then the brightness of the indoor led billboard would not be sufficient. Or the led electronic ads billboards in multimedia dices on the ice rink. Brightness is sufficient here, but environmental conditions are rather as outside.

Low temperatures and especially high humidity, dangerous water condensation – comparable with rain or even worse. In this case, it is necessary to provide indoor led billboard by cover, which should be at least IP43, if not outdoor IP65.

  • 2). By Viewing Distance – Choice of Pixel Pitch

Viewing distance of led billboards vary by location and use. We use several so-called pitch clusters. If the led billboard is in several tens of meters, there is no longer benefit of high-density color points to compensate higher financial costs of the display. If you use the led billboard that would artificially show the finest details, you will not be able to see them from long distance anyway.

Our led billboards use pitch clusters from 1.25 mm to 20 mm. These distances represent the space between the colored dots. How much is a pixel pitch of led billboard in mm, that many meters are optimal observation distance. For maximum viewing distance is crucial is the only real size of led billboard. In other words, Best led billboard must be so large, that even the longest desired viewing distance will provide clearly visible display content.

  • 3). By Location – Service Access

Different locations mean different options of service access. If the led billboard is on the roof, rear service access is better. If the led billboard is on the wall, the better service access is from the front. Service access from the right side means fast service and lower cost of the supporting structure and the rental of equipment required to repair. Finally, is the good look of installation of the led billboard. Why having thin led billboard, when you need at least another 700 mm space behind for service access? Then you are going to have clumsy box on the wall with a depth of 850 mm, when the billboard is only 150 mm deep.

  • 4). Fixed and Rent Installations

Depending on the use of led billboard fixture there are modules for either fixed installation with wiring within modules, or in the form of rent with external cabling and cage structures for quick assembly.

  • 5). Choosing A Place for A LED Billboard

Choosing a place for installation of led billboard is one of the most important decisions and it will determine, how successful will your project be. In other words, a good place will sell anything, bad place will not save even the best led billboard. In any case, the success of any media depends mainly on its content, the creativity, and skills of the owner.

If you have a suitable place for a led billboard truck, you will need rental contract and construction permission. The biggest obstacle is usually the opinion of the department of care of historical monuments and department of transport (police). We can arrange for you documents of a technical nature (statics, manufacturing documentation of supporting structures, etc.) or advise you how to get them. Finally, you must have a suitable location for the control PC with an internet connection.

9. Convenient Store Brands Puts LED Digital Billboard:

Create a digital signage experience for many locations that demonstrates how we could enhance the customer experience and, consequently, uplift sales. We had multiple objectives to reach, so we implemented three different solutions to best meet their needs:

  •  1). Custom storefront window led billboard – 4 x 4 feet – P2.5
An excellent way to attract the attention of customers at the gas pump, by announcing different promotions available in store.

  •  2). In-store menu shop digital board for coffee/pastries/food/snacks that draws people in by having prominent and attractive content as well as quickly educating the client about what’s available.
A flexible display that offers various menus for different parts of the day.

  •  3). LED in the center of the store for beer promotions that entertains consumers as soon as they enter the store. The digital display aims to lure the consumer with beer and cold drink promotions.

One of the major issues in the project is a technical one, and it has to do with the fact that the environments are never the same, and we need to find different solutions for each location. One other challenge was to develop appealing content that could be sustainable in time and that could be changed frequently to follow the promotion’s schedule.

For a convenient store, this is certainly a slick solution to meet the objectives we had to reach and talk to the client in different complementary ways. We found out that the mix of channels and their different locations in the store were bringing in more value than expected, and the client was more than happy with the result.

10. Digital LED Billboard Driving LED Display Market:

Digital Advertising Signage with LEDs is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 18% during the forecast period 2019-2025, according to IndustryARC. The led billboard market is driven by increasing awareness about energy conservation and surging use of led digital billboard technology in laptops, mobile phones, smart TVs, monitors, and other products. Moreover, the rising demand for led billboards for outdoor advertisements, promotional events, sports exhibitions, and other parameters also impact the growth of the led billboard china market. This adoption of advanced display technology will accelerate mobile led billboard market.

It is estimated that the total revenue generated by the led digital billboard truck market will reach $23 billion by 2025 and grow with a CAGR of 14% during the forecast period. The demand for 5 plus led billboard billboards are widely increasing as people are becoming more tech-savvy and are switching to led billboards. The latest innovations such as revolutionizing smart TVs, digital advertisements and gaming billboards have provided new opportunities for led billboard market.

The escalating growth for flexible led billboards such as led curtains, led matrix and so on, has provided high resolution and a flexible rubber substrate which creates curves to the billboard that enhances the customer’s visual experience. The led advertising truck are used in applications such as digital billboard advertising, lighted wallpapers, general lighting, automotive headlamps, traffic signals, and even in medical devices.

Moreover, the replacement of billboards with digital advertising that comprises of leds in many countries has raised the growth of the led billboard market. According to Info trends’ data, in 2018 most of the outdoor advertising companies have gained 32% increased sales by adopting digital signage for advertising. Also, around 30% of the customers are preferring digital signage as a menu in restaurants.

The rising adoption of Digital Advertising displays in various stores, restaurants, and other public places for seeking the attention of customers has fueled the growth of led billboard market. Moreover, increasing investments in digital signage by most companies to increase productivity and retain customer attention will propel the led screen market soon.

Asia Pacific (APAC) is the fastest growing region and the largest contributor to the led billboard market in 2018 with a share of 36%. Companies are adopting various Outdoor Media Advertising platforms such as billboards, video walls, billboard purchase and other forms of digital advertising near me. Digital advertising displays include the use of leds that provides unique display designs and provide various solutions such as enhancing customer engagement by providing 4K displays, mobile integration by using QR codes and others. It also helps companies increase their revenue since the cost of digital advertising is less as compared to the print media.

The rising trends towards interactive media have led to the increasing demand for outdoor led billboards, driving market growth and creating opportunities for led screens. Innovative led billboard technology has spread widely due to the availability of superior brightness and longer shelf life of leds over lcd displays.


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