Two Types LED Display Control Software

LED display control software is mainly responsible for receiving the picture and video from the computer serial port or DVI interface to display the information placed in the frame memory, led display screen can be identified by the serial display data generated partition drive to control the timing and scanning.then show the pictures and videos on the electronic led display.

LED display control software is classified to two type:

1. Asynchronous led control software Such as: Xixun, HuiDu, Lumen, Onbon, Listen, longGreat, Sheencolor, Lytec.

For the asynchronous led display software, it has the single color led card, double color led card and full0-color led card. single and double color led control system will just show the text, symbols, but full color led control system can show the graphics, animation and videos.

The led display asynchronous control system, also known as off-line control system or offline LED Controller Board. it has the memory storage function, Mainly used to display a variety of text, symbols and graphics or animation-based or simple video effects. The led screen displays the information by computer via RS232/485 serial port or RJ45 cables, pre-populated with led display frame memory, and then play. also you can use the flash memory to store the program, and connect it with the async led card.then it can show the programs in the flash memory automatically.

Its main features are:

1). The operation is simple, inexpensive, and the use of a wider scope.

2). Asynchronous control system can only display a digital clock, text and special characters.

3). The sub-regional control to display the contents of the led screen.

4). Supports analog clock display, countdown, pictures, tables, and animation. Timer switch, temperature control, humidity control and other functions.

2. LED Sync Controller, such as: Novastar, Linsn, Zdec, Dbstar, Moomcell, Colorlight.

LED sync controller, mainly used to led display video, graphics, and notification in real time. Mainly used for indoor or outdoor led display. The work of video control systems to control led screen is substantially equivalent to the computer monitor, it is a profile of at least 60 frames/sec rate and dots to dots mapping of the image on the computer monitor in real-time, typically having a multi-gradation color display ability to achieve multimedia advertising effect. Sync led control card can not run separately, it need to work together with the led controlling PC.

Its main features are:

1). Real-time, good effects but expressive.

2). The operation is more complex, high prices.

3). A set of led screen controller is composed by led display driver board, led receiving card and DVI Graphic card.

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