White Lamp VS Black Lamp LED Screen

At present, the outdoor led display on the market generally uses white lamp, and the indoor led display uses black lamp, especially in the category of small-pitch led display and stage drape screen. But what are the technical differences between the two kinds of lamp?

White Lamp LED Display
The led display screen is assembled from plastic brackets and illuminating wafers. Due to the low brightness of the early illuminating wafers, engineers have made the plastic brackets into a white bowl shape to enhance the focusing and reflection, so as to ensure that the wafers with low brightness reach a brighter effect.

But white lamp also has shortcomings. When it is black or gray, his light-emitting diode color (white) also participates in the color to be expressed on the electronic display, which produces color distortion (cannot express black, gray, dark green, etc.) ). Engineers compensate for the lack of brightness in the form of loss of color expression.

Black Lamp LED Display
Now, when the brightness of the led display is getting larger and larger, the led lamp can be used to achieve satisfactory results without having to be white. In order to meet people’s requirements for image fidelity, LED display package manufacturers began to develop black LEDs to improve the contrast of led displays.

The Black Lamp LED Display Has The Following Advantages:

 1. The contrast is higher, the background color of the whole screen is more uniform; the contrast of the black lamp is 10000:1, and the contrast of the white lamp is 3000:1.
2. The black lamp has better stability, high contrast, low brightness and softer color; the black lamp is 1500 cd/m2, and the white lamp is 2000 cd/m2.
3. The black lamp consumes less power, which is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly; the power consumption of the black lamp is 350w/m2, and the power consumption of the white lamp is 410w/m2.
4. When the screen is not lit, the appearance color is the same and the display is more beautiful.
Through the above comparison, the white lamp led display is weaker than the black lamp led display in some functions, but in terms of cost, the black lamp display is more expensive, the white lamp has a strong price advantage; the Nationstar LED Ree series is black lamp are much more expensive than gold wire white lamp.
At present, the brightness of the wafer is getting higher and higher, people have higher and higher requirements for image display, and high-end LED displays using black tubes in the US,European and the Japanese market are very common, in order to meet the needs of the high-end display market. LEDSINO has also launched black LED display products, customers can choose to buy black or white lamp display according to actual needs.


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