How To Make LED Display More Energy Saving|In 2021

Green environmental protection has become a major theme of today’s times, society is progressing, and environmental pollution is expanding, so humans must protect our homes.

Nowadays, all walks of life are also advocating the manufacture of green products, so how can led wall supplier develop and design energy-saving led displays that do not produce light pollution and waste electricity and energy, which has become an important product performance that manufacturers must address.

Large led display has been widely used in various street corners of the city, has become a unique symbol to enhance the image of the city, but it beautifies the image of the city at the same time, the strong light of the screen body also caused a certain negative impact on the night life of urban residents.

Although the led industry is a “light” industry, display “light” is not wrong, but from the city’s environmental pollution indicators to measure, it has been reduced to a new type of pollution “light pollution “. Therefore, as a video display company should focus on the production of “light pollution” problem, should control the brightness settings.

  • First Control Method: Using the adjustment system that can automatically adjust the brightness.

According to the day and night, in different locations, environment and time period, a slight change in the brightness of the video wall system will produce a great effect.

If the led light screen play brightness is greater than fifty percent of the ambient brightness, we will obviously feel eye discomfort, also caused by “light pollution”.

Then we can through the outdoor brightness collection system, at any time the environmental brightness collection, and the use of display control system through the receipt of system data and through the software automatically converted into suitable for the environment of the brightness of the broadcast screen.

  • Second Control Method: Multi-level grayscale correction technology.

Ordinary led display system uses 14bit color display levels, so that at some low grayscale and color excess, the color will be displayed very hard, so it will cause the color light is not adapted.

The new led big screen control system uses 16bit color display level, which greatly improves the hardness of color in excess, so that people feel soft color when watching and avoid people’s uncomfortable feeling of light.

In terms of power consumption, although the led screen wall itself using light-emitting materials is energy-saving, but some need to be applied in the display area of larger occasions, due to long time use, the overall power consumption is still larger, because it requires a relatively high brightness, in the role of these combined factors, the power consumption of the backlit screen is quite amazing, then the advertising owners all bear the electricity costs will also be geometric growth.

Conventional led display by the following 5 points to save energy:
(1) Can be through the use of high luminous efficiency led, light-emitting chips do not cut corners;
(2) The use of high-efficiency switching power supply, greatly improving power conversion efficiency;
(3) Excellent heat dissipation design of the screen body, reduce fan power consumption;
(4) Design a scientific overall circuit scheme to reduce the power consumption of the internal circuit;
(5) According to the external environment changes, automatically adjust the brightness of the outdoor display, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

  • Third Method: Using common cathode negative technology.

1. What is common negative led display?
“Co-cathode”, refers to the co-cathode power supply method, in fact, is a led display energy-saving technology, refers to the use of common cathode to power the led display, that is, the use of led lamp beads R, G, B (red, green, blue) separate to power supply, accurate respectively for R, G, B lamp beads to allocate current voltage, because R, G, B (red, green, blue) lamp beads need the best working voltage and current is not the same, so that the current will first go through the lamp beads and then to the IC negative, the forward voltage drop will be reduced, the on-state internal resistance will become smaller.

2. What is the power supply method?
Co-cathode power supply method, is by the current first through the lamp beads, and then to the IC negative, so that the forward voltage drop becomes smaller, the on-state resistance also becomes smaller.

Supply voltage: It will separately provide current voltage to R, G, B (red, green, blue); red, green, blue three kinds of lamp beads on the voltage requirements are not the same, red lamp voltage requirements in about 2.8V, blue and green lamp voltage requirements in about 3.8V, so the power supply can achieve accurate power supply and power consumption less, pixel display in the work of the heat generated by much lower.

3. Why co-cathode LED display heat is lower?

Cold screen special common shade power supply mode, so that the led display work process generated less heat, low temperature rise. Under normal circumstances, the white balance state and play video, cold screen than the same model of conventional outdoor led video wall temperature is about 20 ℃ lower.

The same specification products, in the same brightness, common shade led display screen body temperature than the conventional common sun electronic digital display products screen body temperature is more than 20 degrees lower, power consumption than conventional led display products more than 50% lower.

4. What are the advantages of co-negative led display?

(1) Accurate power supply is really energy-saving.
Common cloud products use precise power supply control technology, based on the different photoelectric characteristics of the led red, green and blue, with an intelligent IC display control system and independent private mode, for the led and drive circuit precision distribution of different voltages, so that the product power consumption relative to similar products on the market power saving of about 40%!

(2) True energy saving brings true color.
Co-negative led drive mode, can accurately control the voltage, in reducing power consumption at the same time, more reduce the heat, led continuous work under the wavelength without drift, stable display of real color!

(3) True energy saving brings long life.
Energy consumption is reduced, thus significantly reducing the temperature rise of the system, effectively reducing the probability of led damage, improving the stability and reliability of the entire display system, greatly extending the life of the system.

5. What is the development trend of co-negative technology?

Co-negative led display technology related supporting such as led, power supply, driver IC to promote the slow reason is mainly due to high production costs, based on the original supply chain collaboration, common shade need chip, packaging, PCB and other industry chain customization with each end, the cost is higher.

LEDSINO’s main energy-saving led display, series models P6.67, P8, P10, the main configuration ICN2019 + 2049 energy-saving control program (using ICN2069 refresh can reach 3840HZ), Chuanglian (200AF-3.8V + 2.8V) dual output voltage, module size: 320 * 320mm, front and back service maintenance more convenient.

As the development trend of energy-saving co-negative power saving led tv, involving the use of electricity and operating costs, so energy saving is related to the interests of led display operators, but also to the use of national energy.

Co-negative power saving led display does not increase the cost too much than the conventional display, and in the later use of the cost savings, by the market’s esteem.


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