Beginner’s Guide to Front-service LED Display

LED display products after decades of development, the competition has gradually white-hot. Products are constantly updated, technology continues to iterate and upgrade, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligence has become a major trend in product development.

LED display maintenance is difficult to become a pain point for many customers, for the use of mosaic, wall-mounted customers, maintenance work has become very difficult, can be described as a hair, and move the whole body. LED display products should not only meet the standardization, but also to meet the simplicity, to meet the growing demand of the public market.

The introduction of the front maintenance led display, precisely from the fundamental solution to the maintenance of complex pain points. In the process of the front maintenance led display, once the display failure, just open from the front of the display, you can achieve the led module repair or replacement of the problem module, so that the led display maintenance has never been easier.

1. What Is Front Maintenance LED Screen?

Front maintenance led display is a led display that can be maintained and repaired from the front. If there is no space at the back, the front service screen will be preferred. When you go to the front, it also reduces the complexity of maintaining the screen without having to go through the heat and narrow passages. Sometimes the back of the screen is a dangerous place that can get you scratched and can easily make you handle mistakes.

The indoor front maintenance led screen, is the led display module and the box between the use of magnetic adsorption for fixed; when maintenance is required, the use of suction cups will need to maintain the module from the front of the box to remove. This way not only can make the screen body thinner and lighter, save space, and post-maintenance is also very convenient, so more and more favored by users.

2. Difference Between Rear and Front-Maintenance:

  • 1). Rear Maintenance

The benefit is slightly lower price, suitable for roof type, column type and other installation scenarios, inspection and maintenance are convenient and efficient. For those installed in the building facade of the large led display, shall be designed with maintenance access, maintenance personnel screen body back for maintenance and overhaul.

Therefore, the installation is relatively cumbersome, not only time-consuming, and laborious, and the overall technical requirements are high. Obviously, and the space inch of indoor compact applications or mosaic, wall-mounted structure, which is clearly not a more appropriate choice.

  • 2). Front-Maintenance

The larger feature of pre-maintenance lies in the space saving, for indoor or mosaic installation structure, so it will not leave too much space for maintenance access. So, before maintenance can greatly reduce the overall thickness of the led display structure, both can be well integrated with the surrounding architectural environment, but also to ensure the effect of saving space at the same time.

The front maintenance method does not need to set aside maintenance channels, supports independent front maintenance, and saves the back maintenance space of the display. It does not need to disassemble the wire, support fast maintenance work, disassembly simpler and more convenient. It can achieve greater use of environmental space and reduce the difficulty of post-maintenance work.

When a single point of failure, only a single person on a single led module, power supply or control system card disassembly and maintenance, maintenance efficiency and low cost. However, because of the indoor high-density characteristics, the structure of these products has high requirements for box heat dissipation, otherwise the display is prone to local failure.

3. Several Ways of Front Maintenance:

Front maintenance led display is for the special environment, and only from the front of the maintenance of the structure of the way, there are three ways.

  • 1). Magnetic Suction Structure

LED module using magnet characteristics and led display case magnetic adsorption and fixed, before the maintenance, so that the led display module structure from the led display cabinet to take down easily.

Compared with the module structure of the existing technology that requires disassembly screws, disassembly is simpler and more convenient, minimizing the damage to the module components and ensuring the integrity of the module structure, mainly for indoor screens, or semi-outdoor doorway screens, or outdoor led screens with waterproof treatment on top of the screen body.

Full front maintenance led module magnetically absorbed in the cabinet and can be maintained from the front and back of the module, power supply and receiving card, without disassembling the entire led display. For projects with insufficient maintenance space and limited installation locations, this maintenance method provides extremely simple, quick disassembly, saves labor, reduces maintenance costs, and increases efficiency.

  • 2). LED Module Structure

The screw holes are designed on the front of the led module, and the screws are directly locked on the case from the front of the module. Now outdoor front maintenance led display use more and more, because the front maintenance led display cannot need to set aside maintenance channel, save the whole screen thickness, easy maintenance, reduce maintenance costs.

Maintenance personnel only need to use a hexagonal wrench can easily complete the task of disassembly, and outdoor build and installation is also very convenient, the most important thing is waterproof, so by more and more customers love.

  • 3). Front Flip Cover Structure

The front flip cover structure is for the led display case, in the original case structure to optimize the results of redesign. If the front cover and back cover is divided into two parts, the role of the front cover to fix the module, the role of the back cover and wall fixed, the front cover and back cover through the hinge fixed, simple understanding of the flip phone style. If it is outdoor double-sided led screen, it needs two sides can be turned up, the middle of the frame can be fixed.

4. Application of Front Maintenance Display:

Conference display, security monitoring display, control command center display and so on indoor small pitch display is used in the front maintenance way, to stick to the wall installation, space-saving, thin and beautiful.

For outdoor advertising signs, billboards, signage, or when there is not much maintenance access, use outdoor rotatable front maintenance module.

Front maintenance led display is the ideal solution for outdoor advertising media, government and enterprise projects cultural tourism, sports, publicity image, commercial real estate. Compared with the traditional outdoor fixed led display, the wall-mounted display has obvious advantages.

5. Advantages of Front Service LED Display:

 •  1). It is easier and faster to replace the faulty module. Each front service module is fixed with two screws, we just need to remove two screws from the front to remove the faulty module. It will help you save about 3 minutes when replacing the defective module. The service tool is simple, only a wrench is needed.

 •  2). While traditional led displays require consideration for repair space, the front service solution will help you eliminate the worry of these issues. Front service led displays make embedded wall mounting, double-sided display and wall-mounted column mounting more flexible installation.

 •  3). The housing is thinner and lighter, superior to traditional fixed led cabinets.

 •  4). You will be able to set up advertising messages or programs through your smartphone with 3G or 4G Wifi signal. With light sensor, temperature sensor, Novastar asynchronous control card, support wireless and wire control mode.

 •  5). The cabinet size can be freely customized according to the module size, so you can determine more cases with different sizes for your project, such as 1920 x 1280 mm, 1280 x 1280 mm, 960 x 960 mm, 1280 x 960 mm. And you don’t need to worry about the installation structure, we provide you with solutions that can be hung or fixed. Most applications are in retail stores, small shopping, gas station advertising.

6. Features of Front Maintenance LED Panel:

 •  1). Special PCB 1.6mm, International A material board, flame retardant, low current.

 •  2). Ultra-high refresh display, fast frame change speed, eliminating ghosting without trailing.

 •  3). Fast installation and maintenance of modules without screws, saving assembly costs and efficiency.

 •  4). UV-protected, anti-deformation module set, packed flat and without deformation.

 •  5). Module 320 * 320mm standard size, processing standard precision, iron box design simple, light, and convenient, models have P4, P4.16, P5, P5.33, P6.25, P6.67, P8, P8.33, P10 led module panel, another size 250 * 250mm have P3.91, P4.81 led board.

 •  6). Original “cold screen” technology, the temperature is 40% lower than conventional, effectively control the temperature rise, the screen is more stable operation.

 •  7). Low power consumption, energy saving about 50%-60%, energy efficient drive IC, reduce circuit drive loss, reduce operating costs.

7. Conclusion:

The display revolutionizes the way of maintenance, compared to the traditional post-case maintenance, the front maintenance based on the unit module appears more efficient. Using a special hexagonal wrench, from the front invisible maintenance hole inserted into the rotation, the back of the module latch then open, within seconds you can easily achieve module disassembly and maintenance, the display is not only easy to maintain, compared to the traditional display, is much lighter and thinner, but the maximum weight of the case is also only 26 kg per square meter.

The back of the display does not need a special maintenance channel, especially suitable for the installation environment of limited space or wall mounted display, because no maintenance channel, can greatly reduce the requirements of space. The existing front maintenance modules are all 320*320mm standard size, which greatly simplifies the screen design solution. Adopting automotive-grade waterproof rubber ring design, the waterproof performance is even better.

In addition, based on the front maintenance box after the closed design, get rid of the space constraints of the back door, the whole screen can be arbitrarily large, breaking the traditional front maintenance box size restrictions, front maintenance design led display development of an important trend, front maintenance led display will also be full of broad market prospects, for most customers to bring extraordinary visual experience and a new user experience.

Our company has three outdoor front maintenance program modules, FML series, FMR series, FMD series, which have different applicability. If there are similar projects, please ask us for specific solutions.


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