Beginner’s Guide To Stadium Video Screen

With the rising of sports events in recent years and the accelerated construction of stadiums, professional led displays have become important facilities for the display of game information and live game broadcasts in stadiums. Stadium led display has become a necessary facility for large stadiums, such as the Olympics, European Cup and NBA events, you can see it.

Stadium video screen enthralls the viewers and convey information in a visually appealing manner. These displays can be customized to make larger than life displays. Our outdoor led stadium display delivers vibrant output even under direct sunlight.

Based on making full use of the world’s leading core technology and precise understanding of customer needs, we provide professional advertising and information release solutions for all sports events. The solutions include led displays around the stadium, sports video walls, and central hanging led screens. led strip display. With a high refresh rate, stable and reliable system, the product can provide fans and athletes with a unique experience and make them impressed.

1. The Use of Stadium LED Display:

 •  1). Introduce the players’ information and the actual situation of the competition. The large and clear live game screen breaks the seat restriction and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.

 •  2). Connect the referee system, timing and scoring system, the led screen can display the game time and score in real time.

 •  3). Slow motion playback has become the basis for the referee to make correct decisions, maintaining the fairness and impartiality of the game, and reducing unnecessary conflicts.

 •  4). Highlights, slow-motion playback, close-up shots, bring the audience a perfect visual feast.

 •  5). The broadcast of commercial advertisements added the icing on the cake to the scene of the competition. The perfect picture quality and sound effects made the scene more atmosphere and shocking of the competition.

2. Classification of Stadium LED Screen:

  • 1). Live Video Wall

The live video wall is composed of many led displays, including ceiling installation, bending, freestanding, etc. It has the advantages of wide viewing angle and high image clarity. It can display the entire image or divide it into different windows to ensure that each the audience at the location will not miss every highlight of the live event.

At the same time, it relies on features such as high contrast, high refresh rate and high color reproduction, which can truly synchronize the field of play and attract potential sponsors.

  • 2). Stadium Fence Screen

The stands of stadiums are generally equipped with fences. The use of fence displays can not only replace the fences in the stadiums, but also display more content on the display screens, to fully satisfy the display of football, basketball, and handball events. need.

Taking the UEFA standard of UEFA as an example, the fence led screen requires accurate color rendering of the brand LOGO, and the high refresh rate can effectively avoid black lines and flicker during live broadcast. In addition, the stadium fence screen adopts anti-collision design, on the one hand, it can ensure stable work under high-intensity impact, and the soft mask also prevents players from being injured.

  • 3). Center Hanging LED Display

On the one hand, the central suspension (hoisting) led display can be used to centrally display game information, game scores, timing information, and player technical statistics. On the other hand, it may be divided into multiple areas to display various statistical information, charts, animations, live broadcasts, or rebroadcasts, and it can also perform segmentation management, release, and update of the entire network screen in the system to interact with the audience, to heighten the atmosphere of the scene.

  • 4). LED Strip Display

As a supplement to the main screen of the stadium, the led strip-shaped display shell is strip-shaped, specially designed for playing strip-shaped videos, animations, and advertisements in the arena. The box is light in weight and easy to maintain, to meet the requirements of different installation environments.

  • 5). LED Bucket Screen

The square led display in the center of the stadium is called “bucket screen” or “bucket screen” because it resembles a funnel. ㎡) as an example, it conforms to the NBA competition standard, has the function of lifting adjustment (vertical movement), meeting the needs of competitions and performances, and is regarded as a sample of led bucket-shaped screen applications by the industry.

  • 6). Small-pitch LED Display in the Coach Lounge

The small pitch led display in the coach lounge is an ideal solution for playing fast-moving sports content at close range and is suitable for coaching tactical layout and game playback.

3. Classified by Purpose:

  • 1). Full-color LED Large Screen

It is used to play the highlights on the stadium (including other stadiums) or replay the wonderful close-up shots in slow motion.

  • 2). Stadium LED Fence Screen

The led fence screen is mainly used to play commercial advertisements. It is composed of many single led cabinets connected by a Snap-On connector, which can be quickly and easily disassembled and maintained. There are separate supporting feet behind each box, through which the angle of the screen and the ground can be adjusted to ensure the viewing angle.

  • 3). Timing and Scoring LED Display

It relates to the timing and scoring system of the game to play players’ game results and related information. In the sense of the game, the timing and scoring screen is more important. Some stadiums may not have a large video screen, but it cannot be useless. The screen for timing and scoring. The key to the timing and scoring screen is real-time accuracy and clarity, and on this basis, try to be more vivid and expressive (such as animation, etc.).

4. Classified by Installation Environment:

  • 1). Football Field LED Display

Mainly installed around the football field. It is used to publish advertisements around the football field. Through the control of the system software, the advertisement can be broadcast in a loop, with rich content and good performance.

  • 2). Funnel-shaped LED Display

Mainly used in the sky above indoor stadiums and suspended installations to introduce athletes, scores, event progress and other live events. More common in basketball stadiums and multi-purpose gymnasiums.

  • 3). Stadium Wall LED Display

Mainly installed on the wall at one end of the gymnasium, it is used to synchronize live events and display real-time event information. Generally, a large display screen.

  • 4). Outdoor Column LED Display

This type of display has higher quality requirements and needs to have the performance of wind and dust resistance, good temperature adaptability, and adaptability to various types of weather. It is generally installed on a large column in an open-air gymnasium.

5. A Few Key Parameters of Outdoor Stadium Screen:

  • 1). Surface Roughness

The full color led stadium display surface roughness should be within + 1mm, to ensure that the display image does not distort, partial convex or concave can lead to blind visual angle of the display screen. The flatness is mainly determined by the production technology.

  • 2). Brightness and Visual Angle

The stadium video screen brightness needs up to 800cd/m2 and outdoor display up to 1500-10000cd/m2 to ensure the normal work of display, so that people could see clear and vivid images. The brightness is mainly determined by the led chip, but too high brightness would shorten the lifetime of leds, so it’s not a must to improve the brightness excessively.

Nowadays for indoor display require low brightness and high gray scale, generally brightness among 800-100cd/m2, and gray scale 16bit. The visual angle of display decides the audience quantity, so the better visual angle, the better. The display visual angle is mainly determined by led chip encapsulation method. So far, the SMD view angle is up to 140°, compared with DIP, it has better view effect.

  • 3). White Balance Effect

This is one of the most important indicators of full color led display. In color science, when red, green, bule colors’ ratio reach 1:4.6:0.16, there shows pure white color. If the actual ratio exist deviation, white balance will appear deviation, normally we need to pay attention if there exist partial blue or partial green-yellow appearances. White balance is mainly determined by the control system of the display screen.

  • 4). Color Reducibility

It means the color reducibility of the images, the screen displaying color need to keep highly congruent with the play source color, to ensure the authenticity of the image.

  • 5). If There Exist Mosaic and Dead Light Phenomena

The mosaic means there appear constant bright or black block in the display, it’s called module necrosis, the main relevance is the display connector quality. The dead light refers constant bright or black point in the display screen, the quantities of dead light represent the quality of led chip. Our stadium video screen products have 72 hours aging test before shipment, eliminate dead light issue and show clients prefect products!

  • 6). No Obvious Color

If there exist color lump, it refers to the obvious color difference between adjacent modules. Different batch full color led display might exist tiny color difference, the reason of color lump phenomenon is quite complex, we production operation process is strict in accordance with ISO quality system, to ensure every steps perfect!

  • 7). Robust

The displays are rugged with IP 65 and IP 66 which makes them withstand adverse weather conditions and deliver vibrant quality output. We provide a range of pixel pitches starting from 4mm to 10mm that will be suitable for your semi-outdoor or outdoor venues.

6. Growth Situation of Stadium Video Screens:

New research from Transparency Market Research shows the market was worth more than US$1.3 billion in 2018 and is forecast to reach US$1.9 billion by 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2019 to 2022.

While Europe was the largest market for led stadium screens in 2018, accounting for 35% of the overall led stadium video screens market, it is Asia Pacific which is expected to witness the fastest growth out to 2022. “Asia Pacific, especially in terms of countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, India, Australia and Singapore, offers several growth opportunities for the led stadium display market,” Transparency Market Research says.

The research house says while early versions of global LED stadium screens were highly expensive and only affordable for a few of the major stadiums globally, the impact of the screens on spectators was so profound that the trend of installing them thrived, despite the high prices. The popularity of the screens is also being driven by the fact they are a recurring revenue source for sponsors or operators. The most popular types of led stadium screens are led video screen, scoreboard display and timing screens, and perimeter led displays.

LED video screens contributed the bulk of the global led stadium screens market revenue in 2018 and accounted for 68% of the market in 2018. Market research says the led video screens market is expected to expand at 7.0% CAGR from 2019 to 2022. The company says in terms of technology, individually mounted led displays accounted for around 60% of revenue in the market, but the surface mounted led display segment is expected to grow fastest through to 2022.

7. P8 Outdoor Stadium Video Display:

Recently, our P8 outdoor led stadium display installed in the new football stadium. Stadium led display is being widely used as perimeter led display, stadium led display, basketball arena sporting led display etc. Besides this kind of sporting usage, led display is being used for the world’s most popular sports–Football.

As the leading led display solution provider in China contributed to this well-known football stadium, we contributed to HEROES stadium outdoor led display with size 15.36m x 7.168m, the module size:320*160mm, cabinet size:960*960mm, main features of this project as below:

  • 1). P8 high stability nationstar SMD lamp
  • 2). Highly efficient led chip, low power consumption, less heat dissipation makes
  • 3). Display resolution: 1920*896 pixels for each display
  • 4). IP65, waterproof in outdoor environment
  • 5). Guarantees a reliable performance, excellent color reproduction capability
  • 6). Signal input: SDI and HDMI via video processor
  • 7). Communication method: single / multi-mode fiber optics
  • 8). Display application: live broadcast and led scoreboard

This P8 outdoor led stadium display works for MTK. We do believe it continuously contribute to football match and development.

8. P10 Stadium Video Screen to Venezuela:

Excellent quality depends on the complete details. Recently, company’s 240sqm P8 stadium outdoor led video display gets a high praise from the Venezuela customers, for the specific details:

 •  1). Our led panel for video is used in the Nationstar smd led lamp, the color and brightness have same consistency; MBI5124 high refresh, to ensure the perfect picture of the performance.

 •  2). Use Shinkong kit, custom video panel 320 * 160mm size, after long service life, the mask will not be cocked and broken.

 •  3). The Meanwell power supply high load power, leakage protection, cool-fan low temperature protection

 •  4). The National standard 4square-way plug-in power cable to ensure the stability of the voltage; the super-5 class signal cable to ensure the perfect transmission of the signal.

9. P8 Sport Video Screen to Europe:

Recently, our led sport screen light up a football field in Europe. The football stadium is equipped with a nearly 500m2 FM-series P8 led screen board. It includes a outdoor video screen for playing live scenes, slow-motion playback, close-ups, etc., as well as a fence screen for fenced advertising and information release on the court.

Our led stadium video screens help each event with its color consistency, playback continuity and ease of use. It not only greatly enhances the brand image of the league, but also plays a vital role in promoting corporate brand building.

It adopts Magnesium-Aluminum alloy case, which is thinner, lighter, and more refined. It adopts one of the most reasonable and effective heat-dissipation technologies in the P6.67, P8, P10 outdoor cabinet, which can discharge the heat in the cabinet quickly and without dead angle, and under the condition of super heat dissipation. Mute to ensure stable operation of the system. The waterproof rating reach lP65.

The FM-series is also a cost-effective cabinet: it can be used for fixed installation of advertising board; additional truss trusses, connectors and quick locks can be used for rental; additional rubber sleeves and brackets can be used for fence stadium display board.

10. Stadium Video Screen for FIFA World Cup:

Repeatedly “cold out” is the biggest attraction of this world cup. For me, in addition to the wonderful duel on the green field, the big led display of outdoor advertising on the field is also very attractive, especially one of the modern advertising: the led screens open on a “Truck”, suction eye force Max.

Recent years, with the advancement of technology and the support of policies, the outdoor advertising large-screen market has continued to develop, the use of digital big led display, creative special-shaped advertisement screens, interactive led screens and other products in the outdoor advertising market, the outdoor led screen are infinitely bright. vitality. I believe that if the outdoor led big screen market is also organized to host a “World Cup” competition will be brilliant.

  • 1). Landmark LED Creative Screen

This large-scale surface led display itself has inherent geographical advantages, and once the integration of better creative or design, will be able to better play the role of surface outdoor advertising screen. At the same time, in the context of multi-culturalism, outdoor led large-scale landmarks should also bring their own unique personality, giving them the meaning of “landmarks” and “landscapes,” and even becoming a symbol of the city.

Such as Chicago’s crown fountain landmark ad, both sides of the 15-meter-high led wall display, can display a digital image of the internal face. These people sometimes smile and sometimes they “splash” outwards. This interweaving of traditional and modern art illustrates the success of this project.

  • 2). Blend With the Landscape Shaped Screen

The large outdoor screen bears both the functions of the city and the needs of many aspects of communication. Recently, as the city rectification process progresses as quickly as possible, many big led displays that are detrimental to the overall image of the city have been forcibly removed. Although the current large-scale application of outdoor grille screens and transparent screens has revived the led display screen, they still want to If outdoor led large screens really get through difficulties, there are better directions.

  • 3). Digital LED Outdoor Screen

Nowadays, for large screens for outdoor advertising, improving the utilization rate is the top priority. How can the outdoor led screen be effective and prove effective? Let the data speak. Smart digital outdoor led big screen can achieve this very well.

Through the cloud or background analysis of the audience’s attention and interest content composition data to do accurate delivery for the customer, or more sophisticated led large-screen time-sharing, combined with complex and exquisite labels and price algorithm, brand wants to buy what time advertising, buy a few seconds or even one second of advertising can be, you can also trigger specific advertising screen based on specific data.

  • 4). Interactive LED Outdoor Screen

The use of new technologies makes outdoor advertising more interesting and efficient. With the emergence of a series of cool technologies, such as facial recognition, 3D, infrared sensors, AR, mobile phone control screen, holographic projection, and led large screen integration, outdoor advertising market has also benefited greatly, many companies have begun to apply these technologies to outdoor advertising marketing case.

11. Conclusion:

As the industry has more and more confidence in new technologies and the cost has dropped, outdoor led screen market is expected to further advance. With the increasing diversity of outdoor big led display games, led screen companies must also accelerate the innovative enthusiasm of technology and products to further optimize and expand their product “team” to better serve outdoor led display.

We are strictly controlled in every detail, and it will be refined to the extreme. With high-quality products, the live broadcast of the game, as well as the release of advertisements and information, ensured that every event was escorted.


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