LED Screen Rental for Events

1. LED Screens Events on the Gloden-Guitar Awards:

The led screens events project contracted was successfully used for a club in Australia. Recently, customers come to the club to watch the Golden Guitar Awards, while praise the perfect performance of stage screen, that with our company twice to work together and re-cooperation.

Create indoor led large screens for events with high refresh rate, low power consumption, wide viewing angle features soft and vivid colors, consistency is very good, the total three screen reached 95 Square meter. According to the customer, the video wall screens installation, the famous ensemble Los Tigress del Norte this portrait.

In fact, all customers know that the perfect performance of the company’s full color led screens is due to its excellent quality and perfect service. After 10 years of painstaking development, is not only the production of live led screen products, sales of manufacturers, but also the field of leading rental led display suppliers and integrated services provider.

2. Banquet Event Live Background Giant TV Screen Rental:

The event was attended by more than 200 spectators at the high-end opening ceremony at the Beverly Hills Los Angeles-based artist and landowner. Our hd led displays from the middle of the opening, Ferragamo fashion model and brilliant, wonderful together.

When researching which led rental displays video or led display panel price solution will be right for your led rental event, educate yourself on the different technologies and products that are available. There is a huge range in quality with regards to image quality, screen size and price.

With our inventory of mobile and modular screens, we’re able to supply video led displays for any application. Regardless of your needs, please contact our engineering staff to provide you with the right solution.

3. LED Displays Increase SCO Summit:

From June 9 to 10, the 18th SCO Summit took place in Qingdao. The heads of states for the eighteen countries gathered to plan the development of the Yellow Sea.

Reported that the large led displays of the Qingdao SCO Summit News Center are built with a surface-mounted p2.5 hd stage led screen which will present first-hand picture quality and brilliant color news screens to major media at home and abroad. P2.5 hd led panel screen rental is a classic work in the high-end display area of the lobby.

It perfectly meets the needs of the high-profile international meetings to accurately convey the video, and the atmosphere is beautiful to show the needs of big countries. The meetings at the BRIC Xiamen and the global party conferences are dazzling performance. This time, the large led displays has made important contributions to the successful holding of the Qingdao Summit, which has added a lot to the excellent quality.

4. Creative Screen Stimulated Insane Impact in Bar:

As a bar’s logo and facade, the DJ station is designed with exquisite style, which puts higher demands on display equipment. At present, non-led displays are suitable for small-scale and extremely complex environments. Although the LCD splicing screen can also realize the special-shaped splicing, its flexibility cannot be compared with the led display on rent. Thanks to its superior profile display performance, the Creative Screen is unique in the creation of the bar DJ.

In this project, the designers of incorporated the controllable informational mechanical design into the bar stage display and lighting design, using the company’s P3 full color and P4 full color display unit combination, using programmatic the led displays device creates a 3D visual space, creating different light and shadow patterns, making consumers feel like they are in space and feel the interlacing of time and space. Using the modern led display types on the wall to match the sound effects and illusion of the night scene, the trend has become the place where people’s souls relax.

5. Stage Backdrop Screen Interpret the Most Beautiful:

In 2018, it is a sporting year. Especially with the advancement of intelligent interactive display technology, stage led backdrop rental has more and more wonderful performances in the opening and performance of many international sports events.

The appearance of the 5 sets of high-tech stage creative products of “Hangzhou 8 Minutes” triggered the audience of the entire Pagano Sports Center and the audience in front of the TV. The performance designed five sets of high-tech multi-degree of freedom “Smart Dance Screen”, which is the first high-tech stage creative work at home and abroad, but also to give the audience a huge shock and artistic expression.

The stage uses an unmanned on-board unit with a 360-degree rotatable mechanical rocker arm and a led stage backdrop. “Wisdom The maximum height of the smart dance screen can be about five stories. The overall structure is five intelligent industrial robots. The new artificial intelligence motion control system works with video content. This has also changed the traditional static stage presentation, which is called ‘the robot that dances.’

The mechanical arm of the Asian Games is further connected with sports, fully embodying the concept of “sports”. Firstly, the robotic arm transforms the led stage backdrop wall in the traditional sense into a mobile display with free space and a variety of combinations. It can even install various special effects lamps and smokes on it and cooperate with other performance equipment to create an illusion.

The effect became a “robot” star involved in the performance. In short, the mechanical arm realizes seamless splicing and continuous display of the smart indoor led display in any space on the entire stage, which greatly enriches the stage art style and ensures the performance of the performance.

The integration of sports events and new technologies has become a trend. Especially with the increase of sports events and the increasingly sophisticated display technology, it will bring more opportunities to the screen industry. Of course, there are also challenges. LED display manufacturer must take the initiative to innovate and come up with excellent products to seize opportunities and win development!

6. Jumbotron Rental Screen Boost Alibaba Strategic Release Summit:

On January 18, 2019, the Alibaba International Station Strategy Release Summit, a “Digital Reconstruction of Cross-border Trade”, attended by more than 4,000 entrepreneurs, was grandly opened!

Under the joint witness of more than 3,000 on-site participants and medias, Alibaba announced the cross-border trade commercial operating system, explained the overall strategy of digitally reconstructing cross-border trade, and re-integrated digital strategy, digital practice, digital products, and global resources. Under the new opportunities and challenges, help businesses to obtain digital strategic vision and new capabilities for global distribution of cross-border trade.

The indoor full color led display provided by our company was installed and put into trial 3 days in advance. The project consists of a 28*5m main big led screen rental near me and three 10*6m lifting rental led display screen, with a total area about 320 square meters. It uses the second generation indoor P3.9mm pixel pitch portable led screen rental front maintenance independently developed by company.

The hire careen complies with the CE-EMC CLASS A standard, realizes the module front maintenance, configures the Nationlstar lamp, the Meanwell power supply, the novastar control system, and the high refresh IC to ensure bright colors and vivid effects. In the activity, it can not only capture exciting moments, can also achieve many tasks such as fancy lens playback, live and information broadcast, received more praise of the event organizers.

7. Mandalay Bay Events Brings LED Displays:

DK, has been asked to manufacture and install 15 led displays throughout the venue, including an eight-display centerhung system. Installation was completed early this summer as the displays are ready to inform and entertain event attendees.

Each of the four main center hung led video screen will measure approximately 11.5 feet high by 18 feet wide. In each corner of the center hung, a video display was installed to provide a full 360-degree visual experience. Each the center hung corner displays measure 11.5 feet high by 3 feet wide. All eight displays feature 6-millimeter line spacing to bring excellent image clarity and contrast to every seat.

The main center hung displays are capable of variable content zoning allowing each display to show one large image or to be divided into multiple windows to show any combination of live video, instant replay, up-to-the-minute statistics, graphics and animations, and sponsorship messages.

Additionally, two led ribbon displays, and five courtside led scorer’s tables were installed inside the event center. Mounted to the seating fascia, the two ribbon displays each measure 2 feet high by 182 feet long and feature 15-millimeter line spacing. Each of the five scorer’s tables measures 2 feet high by 9.5 feet wide and feature 6-millimeter line spacing.

These displays help immerse fans in the event experience by sharing additional animations, graphics and statistics while also offering sponsors the opportunity to share their messaging throughout events.

Our video outdoor led screen rental and messaging display technology offers a long lifetime with consistent, industry-leading performance and low power consumption, providing value and excitement for years to come.

8. Chevrolet Creative Conference, LED Screen Detonated the Audience:

On September 5, 2019, the Chevrolet new model launch conference was held in the Ganged Test Site, the largest “Testing-Place” in Asia. At the press conference, the led display is the most suitable as a display terminal for the show. At the car conference, the exhibition has great requirements in the car performance area. The larger performance area requires more led display area to meet the different viewing requirements of the audience in each location.

1). While meeting the basic traditional display functions, the led display screen needs to be creatively displayed according to the specific situation of the press conference and the auto show to create a colorful picture to attract the audience. The creative display can be used as a separate unit to create ideas, such as the shape of the led display, you can set the display of different shapes according to the needs of the scene. Curved, round, misplaced and other creative mix-and-match led displays will be visually pleasing.

The creative led screen can also be integrated with other elements. The led display has rich application experience in the stage design of the dance. LED display companies can apply the stage design experience of the dance to the car conference, auto show. The display can be combined with the need for lighting, music, and other elements to integrate on-site automotive content information for deep creativity.

Secondly, in the car conference, the auto show’s full performance of the car’s performance, control, technology and other will also further tap the led display more display performance. Car new product launches and high-end auto shows have higher requirements for the display quality of led displays.

The related technologies of led display micro/micro leds are constantly maturing, and the peripheral technologies such as 4K and HDR are constantly being blessed, and the image quality of led displays has been further improved. While the display quality is improving, it also occupies a high-end auto show for led displays, and the press market has won more weights.

LED display enters the high-end auto show. At the same time, the conference will bring new development opportunities to led display enterprises. At the same time, led display companies have some problems in entering these fields. At the high-end auto show, at the press conference, due to the close viewing distance of the led display, the viewing time is too long, the brightness should not be too high, and the product should have anti-glare and dizzy design when the product is produced. At the high-end auto show, the release rate for led displays is even higher.

At high-end auto shows, there are often cameras, cameras, and cameras. If the conference will be held, the refresh rate, brightness, gray level, and other indicators of the led display at the exhibition will not meet the standard. The photos or video images will show water ripples or moiré, which will not be conducive to the promotion of the car brand. The brand is undoubtedly a major loss. In the end, this is not conducive to the further expansion of the led display at the high-end auto show and the conference market.

The booming development of the automotive industry has brought more development opportunities to led display companies. LED display industry enterprises must seize the opportunity of development and promote the comprehensive development of the led display industry. In the face of the problems encountered, only by striving for better solutions can we continue to expand the broader market of the led display industry.

9. Video Screen Safeguard Faculty Forum:

Recently, the Amaryl Faculty Forum was held in Cairo, the forum provides an opportunity to learn state-of-the-art approaches and best practices in education, research, and training; and to build, support, and strengthen the academic informatics community.

As the forum outdoor cinema rental equipment supplier – LEDSINO, together with 150 sqm Rn-2.98 hire led wall video screen and 40 sqm curved Rn-2.6 rental led wall (ultra-light and ultra-thin, easy to splicing and disassemble, high contrast), providing professional and perfect led video conferencing solutions for the event, the educational elements and the live interpretation art are perfectly combined. The overall stage display is particularly dazzling and full of enthusiasm for people to participate in the event.

The success of the project relies on the product and patented design concept of the mature and stable product itself and is carefully tailored for the event venue. Video screen can be installed with 15-degree curved splicing to achieve the best visual effect at different angles; The high refresh 3840hz can fully cooperate with the professional camera’s picture to shoot freely, without shaking, no strobe line, perfect to present a clear and delicate picture, fully meet the lens switching needs during recording and playback.

There is no doubt that our’ Rn-series nationstar led screen in the international market is fully in line with the design concept of high efficiency, energy saving and replacement of fabricated public facilities. I believe this fist led video screen will be bring a new level in the industry and create more social and economic value for customers.

10. Rental LED Display Export to Indonesia:

About 20 sqm P2.98 rental indoor led display installed in Indonesia, its delicate quality, brilliant colors, clear display, get the high recognition, out concert led screen products quality and intimate service to give a very high evaluation.

The company’s technology maturity is very high. Before the start of the project, customers through the Guangzhou, Shenzhen and many other full colors led display manufacturers to conduct business visits, after a comprehensive comparison, and ultimately to determine the company Together to start cooperation, and communicate many times, the final choice of this led display.

P2.98 outdoor led display rental, is one of the company’s leading products, the advantages: its stable performance, using the latest technology, wireless terminal control, eliminating the complex interface, a key to open intelligent enjoyment, according to the scene environment Size change shape customization, more in line with the aesthetic, easy assembly, and maintenance.

11. Lead with Content for Your Impact LED Videos Display:

People typically don’t buy a led video wall to look at the screen itself (although we think the displays look pretty darn good on their own). People buy led videos display to view or showcase content outdoor tv rental.

While there may be a million things to consider when purchasing a video wall, we suggest that one of your first considerations should be content. What do you want to show your audience? What message do you want to convey? How do you want your audience to feel about your message, service, or product?

A primary focus when purchasing a led videos display to feature your premiere content is pixel pitch. Pixel pitch measures the distance from one pixel to the next pixel beside it, above it, and below it. The smaller the gap between pixels the greater the resolution. Thanks to direct view SMD technology, led screens for events price can now display HD & UHD content.

If you plan to display only simple graphics such as numbers or basic shapes, you may not need such a tight pixel pitch. On the other hand, if you are displaying high quality video, you will probably want to go with a HD or UHD video wall solution.

Here it is important to not just stop at pixel pitch and content when selecting led product. You will also want to consider viewing distance and viewing angle. All affect how your content looks to the viewer. Starting to sound complicated? Don’t worry. Oar’s qualified led technicians can help you find the perfect led product for your situation and content.

Traditional displays typically allow for only one video signal, or message, to be displayed. Our seamless led videos display can display multiple signals and sources within various user-defined zones. This allows a business to deliver much more dynamic and impactful content on each display.

In addition to standard video formats, a business can make a long ribbon display or a display that wraps around a curved space. Displays can even be in the shape of a cube, pyramid, or column. The possibilities are truly endless.

You have a vision for hire led video wall? Great. Dream big! Then call me or fill out a quote request and share your dreams with us. We would love to help you find the perfect led solution to fulfill your content needs.

12. Get the LED Wall for Events at Your Next Event:

Rental outdoor led displays are the fastest growing trend in live production as they can quickly elevate and enhance any event. No matter if your design is indoors or outside, led video can adapt to any occasion and offers a multitude of technology options. Now a cost-effective and expansive design solution, we look at a few considerations to keep in mind that will make sure you get the most out of your led video wall rental.

Before we can begin to understand the technology to bring a design to life, we must first understand the production environment. Are we holding the event in a convention center, a house of worship, a ballroom, or maybe even outside on the street? With a vast array of mobile led screen rental technology options available, understanding the challenges associated with the production environment, will allow you to quickly identify the most advantageous solution.

This year we wanted to do something a little different, so we started talking about what was possible in a gymnasium with very limited rigging points. One of the challenges was that the highest point in the ceiling is only at 26-feet, so we decided to push our led video surfaces to the outside of the room. In this set-up, no matter where you were in the house, when you were looking at the stage, movie rental near me, your led visual surface was in the background. It was a unique challenge, but it turned out really well.” Jake Brantley, Production Designer.

As you start envisioning the design for your next live event, take a moment to look at the project from the audience’s point of view. What type of experience would you like for your guests to have? Is this an educational, inspirational, or just out-right entertaining production design? Many times, it can be all the above, and by understanding how the technology needs to interact with your audience is key to your events success. With led displays that can be curved, offset, rigging in the air, or built ground supported, you can create nearly any physical setup to compliment your vision.

Now understanding the production environment and the audience experience you would like to create; the day has finally come for the load-in and installation of the highly anticipated event led rental design. With time ticking until the guests arrive, all eyes are upon you to complete the design, and you need to be sure you have the right installation plan and team in place.

Having taken into consideration all the above-mentioned topics, one of the most important elements to getting the most out of your led video wall is making sure you have the right production partner. As you may not necessarily be an expert in all the nuances of led technology, you will need to rely on the expertise of your video panel rental provider to find the ideal solution for your client, your audience, and your budget.

With a dedicated team of professionals who know how to pair the right technology with your vision, we have an unconditional desire to make your event, production, or project a complete success. Whether partnering with you in a large led screen rental, screen rental services, systems installation, want to rent a led screen or jumbotron screen for sale relationship, our passion and knowledge to innovate knows no bounds.


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