How To Build LED Display Brand?

Today, the “price” of the word is very popular, businesses used to promote their products are in love, and customers like to pursue the product “Cost-effective”, then “Cost-effective” refers to what is it?

Product quality and price is same reference, “the price in the end” must be accompanied by “quality in the end”, but with the survival of the fittest market rules, poor quality products will eventually be abandoned by the market, especially in led large screens market, Never the lowest big led screen price of the best-selling products, but the relative price is high, excellent quality products are also not the amount of.

In other words, the success of the led large screens business, are between the product quality and price, made a proper balance. They are in the customer’s core demands that the quality of the bottom line to retain their own reasonable profit margins, since cannot consider the best quality and lowest price, then uphold the “same quality I lower prices, the same price I quality High “ideas for themselves to re-create a reference point for the quality and price balance point.

1. Why Need Build LED Display Brand:

On the other hand, we also need to note that with the Chinese economy into the “new normal”, consumer trends to accelerate, in recent years, led large screens terminal market is also maturing, customer understanding of the product, awareness is also comprehensive.

The current LED display market contradiction is the market customer core demands to upgrade, they have the same product quality have higher requirements, and the big led screen price requirements have become lower, but the current industry Although the overall level of development of production has made great progress, product prices have dropped significantly, but still with the customer’s ideal state in the general grade of quality products should have some price conflict.

The screens company can through their own potential customers to guide the way to ease this contradiction. With the development of the industry, we believe customers in the current led wall display market can find a variety of “high and low” file products, but as aging said, “a sub-price goods”, if you care about the product quality, please respect Its price, if you want is cheap, please accept its life. With the money to buy radish never buy ginseng quality, this is the law of everlasting.

2. Brand Situation:

As an indispensable part of “Made in China”, China’s led displays industry in the international led displays industry status can be described as detached, product innovation or market share, can be second to none.

But by contrast, the industry brand is slightly less than in the international market, in addition to a very small number of well-known domestic and foreign led screen enterprises in China, although most of the domestic screen enterprises have own brand, China led displays vendors have a long way to go for” led displays-brand power “.

Combined with the current economic environment the situation, led displays Vendor’s brand road, not a power can be successful, the industry chain of other related businesses, their suppliers, their own channels, social media, and national policy Dividends and so on, the screen enterprises only make full use of resources, integration of resources.

At the same time with your products (led displays or related technical support, including solutions such as soft power) to build the brand, need to use more “power” to complete the brand Build. At the same time, also need specific problems to analyze and solve.

  • 1). Change “Extensive” Brand Strategy For “intensive”

Many led displays vendors in the brand building is used on the “extensive” brand building strategy, just simply stay in the name of the enterprise, beautiful logo, product packaging and other shallow aspects.

This “extensive” brand management not only cannot really do brand building, but also a huge waste of business resources, in fact, the brand is an integrated, screen brand strategy must be considered as many factors as possible “intensive Marketing strategy.

Such as product quality, packaging, price, logo-design, advertising style, public relations strategy, sales environment, sales words, service attitude, employee behavior, and even corporate social responsibility, media opinion, public reputation, all these details Will affect the customer’s understanding of a brand, and ultimately affect his purchase decision.

  • 2). The Screen Enterprises to Accelerate The Differentiation Of The Brand

LED display industry overcapacity has become a consensus, but not a comprehensive surplus, but low-grade, homogeneous product serious surplus, high-end, high value-added products are not surplus.

Product upgrades, consumer upgrades to the market environment for the brand screen enterprises have brought greater room for development, for the screen enterprises, to enhance product innovation, product quality assurance and after-sales service for the brand building is bound to be of great help.

  • 3). Production Of Leading Marketing to Dominate The New Era of Change

Over the past three decades, China’s led display industry has been in a rapid extensive growth, the frequent occurrence of the vicious price war to the industry early into the “low-profit era”, coupled with the industry in recent years, a serious excess capacity.

For many screen enterprises in addition to continuously improve the production structure, how to build a strong and efficient marketing system, and broaden and optimize their own channel resources to become a top priority, the current led display industry has ended the “lying to win” good times, will do more to sell! “Marketing” has become the key point of industry competition!

  • 4). Media Platform and Industrial Clusters

There is a jargon in the communication world: what kind of media, what kind of business. Traditional manufacturing industry to upgrade the appreciation, be sure to use the media platform for the widespread dissemination of power.

Especially led display industry such a large industry limitation, not only need professional industry media to help industry development, but also need to make full use of social media to expand visibility and influence, to attract more social resources, comprehensive boost led display industry transformation and upgrading, and stronger Chinese led display brand, to the world!

3. How to Do:

For a long time, most of the led display company industry products are used for engineering construction, and the versatility is not strong. Therefore, most “barbaric growth” companies are often only satisfied with immediate interests, ignoring brand building and malicious trademark infringement cases.

Due to the low prevalence of led display products, some led display companies that have appeared in the era of “barbaric growth” only pay attention to immediate interests and “one hammer sales”, and subconsciously do not regard the infringement of others’ brand rights as unethical behavior.

Neglecting using the end-user experience, even to chase short-term interests and evade responsibility, often changing the company name seriously affects the overall customer-level evaluation of the domestic led display industry, which is why we should strengthen brand building.

In the entire led display market, it is in an era of new and old kinetic energy conversion. The homogenization brought about by the era of “savage growth” has become very serious.

It has begun to standardize, new and more general products are gradually being replaced, whether in the current product homogenization trend, or more standardized and generalized in the future, the brand will become the only identification mark in the enterprise.

The market, as an added value of the product, will bring additional profits to the company. In the face of today’s Sino-US trade war, we should see that although China’s led display companies have begun to awaken brand awareness, the gap with international first-class brands is still not small, and the status of “big but not strong” will continue.

China’s market is huge, but only going out is the company’s ultimate development direction. Only by actively “going out” can we gain a broader space for development.

If we want to go out, we must have our own brand. Although the “famous brand” can get the benefits of the moment, it can only be a wedding dress for people. Fortunately, everything is moving in the right direction.

Although China’s led display industry has already occupied 80% of the global market share, today, when people mention internationally renowned companies, Chinese led companies are still in the “unnamed” status, which means that although Chinese companies occupy many markets, but cannot completely transform the market into profits, and cannot have their own voice in the profit.

Just like Apple and Foxconn, the former relies on R&D and branding and draws high profits, while the latter can only rely on labor-intensive industries to charge a small profit margin.

We should see that for led display companies, homogenization is becoming more and more serious, market segmentation is becoming more and more detailed, and emerging companies are constantly joining the industry.

This is a challenging era, but the core technology of led is constantly being overcome. The advantages of led display have been further enhanced. The increasingly widespread application of led display also indicates that all practitioners are also an era full of opportunities.

In this era of opportunities and challenges, hope in the market. Companies that are faster than others have chosen to strengthen their own brand building. However, brand building without any clue can build a brand of the company and maximize the benefits?

The answer is obviously no. Before companies can build their brands, they must consider the following three issues:

1). What to sell (build a brand – what can I do)?

2). Who to sell to (promote brand – who is my customer)?

3). How to sell (dig the brand – how to serve customers)?

Only when there are clear answers to the three questions, can the company successfully recognize itself, accurately position the market to be faced, and develop a good strategic layout for its own brand building.

Brand building, is not a one-off effort, applying for a brand is only the beginning, the brand can become the image of a company, even becoming a representative of an industry, must first be based on the good quality of its own products, and the good quality of its own products, in turn, can promote consumer awareness and recognition of the brand.

Therefore, for led display companies, only by raising the brand strategy to the height of the overall strategy of the company, rather than staying at the bottom of the construction or directly in the slogan and form, can they win themselves in this fierce competition of “the muddy sand” A place for you.

Within the industry, well-known companies such as Unilumin, Absen, Leyard, LEDSINO have taken the lead in brand building, but we still hope that more and more led display companies will be able to let go. The ideological ambiguity, broaden the horizon, and build an internationally renowned brand that belongs to “Made in China”.

4. What We Can Do for The Patent:

At present, many Chinese manufacturing companies are on the road from cost competition to technological innovation. The led screen Manufacturer is also facing such change. In the construction of global technology and product development systems, the entire industry chain must be strengthened. Cooperation and innovation can better achieve industrial upgrading.

The “patent” competition speed of the screen enterprises in the industry has accelerated, and the competition in the market has been considered. “Patent competition” reflects an important fact: the current led screen manufacturer industry is not only costing, but also with continuous R&D investment.

Leading companies are forming a “moat” of their own patented technology. As some industry insiders predict: In the future, the patent lawsuit with intellectual property as the core will show a new momentum in the industry and may even become an important means for the custom led display industry to reshuffle in the next few years.

In the era of rapid changes in technology and product upgrades, if led display Manufacturer do not insist on independent innovation and a lot of patent-protected umbrellas, it is easy to lose their competitive advantage and even go to the fate of being eliminated.

5. Conclusion:

It should be noted that with the increasingly fierce competition in the led display industry, the original market competition means among enterprises has gradually become “stretched.” At this time, patent litigation, which has both industry topicality and enterprise competitiveness, has been greatly enriched.

Competition and contest between some giants. The future of patent competition is likely to become a “regular” means of competition between screen enterprises, just like low price wars, promotion wars, brand wars, and become a means for each led screen manufacturer to compete with each other!


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