Application of HD Rental LED Screen

1. With an opening ceremony held in the ancient Greek theatre in Italian city of Taormina, the 2017 summit of the Group of Seven (G7) countries kicked off on Friday.

Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentilic welcomed the other six leaders of the world’s most industrialized economies, who gather here for two days to talk about terrorism, cyber-security, migration, climate change, inclusive growth, among other issues.

Chile’s President Michelle Bachelet speaks during a ceremony to inaugurate the construction of the world’s largest telescope in the desert of Atacama, Chile, May 26, 2017.

We found that more and more activities use the hd rental led screen to as the background, for text, numbers, pictures, or video supplement.

The video led screen have pure color, light and other characteristics, and is widely used In a variety of activities show, lectures, whether outdoor or indoor can be compatible, innovative design, whether it is lifting or stacking can be suitable.

2. The “The 8th Asian Pacific Topic Conference (Monothematic Meeting) 2017 in conjunction with Indonesian Digestive Disease Week (IDDW) 2017” which will be held on May 20-22, 2017, in Bali-Indonesia. The 8th Asian Pacific Topic Conference of IDDW employ P3 indoor led video wall.

Through the scientific programs presented in various sessions, will highlight important issues currently affecting our practical and our specialties delivered by more than 50 invited distinguished International and National Faculties which will portrait the most updated issues, current advances, and controversies in the field of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy.

The led video wall of this scientific conference hall using our P3 indoor high definition led screens, configure the high refresh MBI5124IC, the nationstar smd lamp, about 30 square meters, can be fine display of medical endoscopy resolution display requirements.

3. Trusted and caring, that is the best taxpayer tea is a special kind of Chinese tea, is accumulated in the history of the ancient Chinese civilization in a wonderful work, due to the origin of Purer tea and the Central Plains culture developed District of thousands of miles away, Purer tea this wonderful until the Ming and Qing Dynasties was recognized.

Recently, Xiaoguang Tuo-Tea 2017 dealer meeting in Chongqing, the activities of the leadership and guests introduced the history and status of the Tuo-Tea raw material reserve enterprises, on the Tuo-cha work in the main problems and the new situation below the tea policy recommendations and field leadership and guests to do the exchange and discussion.

Activities use our indoor P3 led hire screen, about 30 square meters, mainly for advertising and the role of the meeting for the overall image of the promotion and dissemination of information is of great significance. Brightness can be adjusted automatically to adapt to different periods of time the station light changes.

4. P3 indoor led display successfully lit Zengcheng Children’s Palace, the project will be completed after the set of training teaching, activities, cultural performances, exhibitions, and other functions as one of the juvenile social education institutions for the surrounding area to provide quality of the educational resources.

This screen uses P3 indoor led display high definition, more than 40 square meters, the use of simple cabinet, but made a steel structure, plus package edge.

Company engineering to install, the product quickly installed design and engineering department skilled installation Approach, so that customers are very satisfied with the impression that my staff is also excellent.

The duration of the deliver cate of 15 days, after the installation and the test, the superiority of our products is show, delicate color details of the deal, the bright color with the video screen brightness with the external light intensity and other automatic adjustment of product features so that customers amazed.

5. When your project needs these creative effects or want an idea of colorful led display that you aren’t sure how to make it happen, please contact our engineering staff to provide you with the right solution.


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