Guide to Commercial LED Display

Shopping mall is a place where the number of people is relatively dense, integrating entertainment, consumption, food, and other places. The construction of modern urban communities, near are inseparable from the large shopping malls, it can be said that the mall is one of the places that bring together the largest number of people, but also most people’s first choice for leisure and entertainment.

Because of this, the advertising area in the mall is also more valuable, especially the mall 3D led display, can be intuitive, vivid display product advertising.

1. Commercial LED Display Main Function:

  • 1). Merchandise Promotion, Attract Customers

Commercial led display can show the whole aspect, multi-directional display of goods, through the details of the display more perfectly present the goods of the difference.

  • 2). Improve The Grade

The installation of commercial indoor led display in the store can improve the grade, upgrade the taste.

  • 3). Lighting Effect

Indoor led electronic screen has the role of lighting, can play the role of new and different.

  • 4). Play Business Information

It can be used to play the information of business products and related knowledge in the product industry and play the role of popular awareness and thinking.

  • 5). Bulletin Board Promotion

In the promotion, release of job information, advertising notice, or search for people, play the function of the bulletin led board.

  • 6). To Set the Atmosphere

Through the display screen can play the welcome words of the superior leaders and various VIPs to visit and guide, and the celebration words of various major festivals, etc.

2. Commercial LED Display Features Require:

 •  1). The design of commercial display is advanced and reasonable, the display system is stable and easy to install and maintain.

 •  2). All-day work, bright colors, high refresh frequency, anti-static, dustproof, good heat dissipation, and high-cost performance.

 •  3). Display mode, move left and right, move up and down, pull the screen left to right, open and close in the middle, flashing, i.e., display and many other modes.

 •  4). Using the program editing playback software, you can edit, add, delete, and modify the arrangement of text, graphics, images, video, and other information stored in the contents of the control card by the program automatically cycles through the broadcast information.

 •  5). Adjustable brightness: within the visible distance, the display content is clearly visible, no polarization, no color, and adjust the brightness according to the environment.

 •  6). Good viewing angle: both horizontal and vertical viewing angles are large to meet the guests’ viewing place from all angles.

 •  7). Adopted non-linear point-by-point correction technology, with clearer features and a stronger sense of hierarchy.

 •  8). High reliability: commercial led electronic screens generally use distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, with high reliability and stability.

 •  9). Display mode diversification: support a variety of display modes, screen switching, fade in and fade out, live broadcast, etc.

 •  10). Easy to operate visualize the computer screen, use the programmable led signs, and send the display edited content with one click.

3. Types of Commercial LED Display:

Shopping malls have a relatively important economic status of life in large and medium-sized cities. Shopping mall is a collection of food, drink, play, entertainment in one place of leisure, shopping, entertainment, but also businessmen are happy to do advertising. Among them, full color led advertising display way to play advertising content is one of the more common ways, but also more effective way to promote products or services. So, what are the types of commercial led advertising displays that are so loved by businessmen in general?

  • 1). Shopping Mall Outdoor Video Screens

This kind of led outdoor screen panels are usually installed on the first floor of the mall wall, using the specifications of P4, P5, P6.67, P8, P10 outdoor led screen etc., the specific specifications need to be combined with the actual project, size, budget, and other decisions. The advantage of this type of screen is that it can cover more audiences, and people coming and going in the vicinity of the mall can clearly see the content of the video advertising, which is conducive to the promotion and publicity of the brand, goods, or services.

  • 2). Indoor Full-color LED Advertising Screen in Shopping Malls

In shopping malls, there are also many led advertising screens used to play business advertising, such full color led advertising display is generally closer to the flow of people, the specifications are mostly P2.5, P2, P1.875, etc. Many businesses in shopping malls also like to choose indoor led advertising screens to promote their products, such as services, food and beverage, cosmetics, such FMCG products, when consumers wander around or sit down to rest in the mall, the FMCG advertising in the display may cause immediate interest of consumers, thus generating immediate consumer demand.

  • 3). Shopping Mall Full Color LED Column Screen

LED column screen is also a common led signs in shopping malls, specifications are generally P1.875, P2, P2.5 flexible led screen module is commonly used to make led column screen products, a large led column screen can be made of many small flexible led advertisings display stitching, flexible screen is characterized by good flexibility, can be arbitrary the flexible led advertising panel is characterized by good flexibility, can be bent at will, various installation methods, can meet personalized design, low power consumption, can save electricity expenditure.

  • 4). Mall LED Transparent Screen

LED transparent screen is often installed on the glass walls of jewelry stores on the first floor of many shopping malls. This kind of led advertising board has 60% to 95% permeability, can be seamlessly spliced floor glass façade and window lighting structure, transparent, translucent, restore the lighting and vision of the glass curtain wall, does not occupy space, but also can play a role in beautifying and decorating. led transparent screens are also seen on the outside of commercial center buildings in many cities.

  • 5). LED Poster Display in Shopping Malls

With the development of technology, led poster is widely used in major supermarkets and shopping malls because of the advantages of led advertising machines such as durability, fast response time, space saving and easy communication. The displays are set up in suitable places in shopping malls, such as elevator entrances, specific shelves, checkout counters, etc.

  • 6). Mall LED Shelf Screen

As the quality of life improves, the service experience requirements of shopping malls for customers gradually improve. In the new retail mall or supermarket, we can see the shelves combined with led display screen, in the appearance of the above beautiful, generous, placed on the shelves uniform and neat, so that the store as a whole look good.

Due to its various sizes, clear display and rich functions, the scope of use is expanding, and led strip shelf screen is gradually replacing traditional billboards, light boxes, and other display products by virtue of its advantages of video, picture, sound, and text dissemination.

4. What Kind LED Wall Display Is Needed for Shopping Malls?

Video advertising in shopping malls is generally priced according to the time and location, and the price of advertising is different for different time periods and locations, so the location of led video panel is generally considered at the early stage of mall construction. The mall led display board has a great market demand, can bring the commercial value is also extremely high, so what kind of led display needs to be used in the mall?

 •  1). Display Spacing: advertising screens in shopping malls are generally closer to the viewing distance, many big led screens are installed in the mall where there is more traffic, people can even touch the screen, such as the mall column screen, and because of this, the mall led display will generally choose a smaller spacing screen and can even be described as a small pitch led display, such as P2.5, P2, P1.667, etc. 

Of course, some viewing position is relatively far away from the place will also use a larger spacing led screen outdoor led signs, such as P3, P4, P5, etc., but relatively speaking, the use of small pitch led screen will be relatively more, after all, in the confined space of the mall, the advertising screen installed in close to the flow of people more suitable.

 •  2). LED Display Types: In fact, there are many types of led display can be used in shopping malls, more conventional small pitch led display can be installed in the mall wall, but there is a special led cinema screen in the mall, column screen, circular screen, you need to use a unique led 3d billboard, this unique led screen is called a soft module led shaped screen. This display is flexible, can be bent at will, with a high refresh rate, there are a variety of installation methods, including floor, hanging, embedded, hanging screen, etc.

 •  3). With the continuous promotion of urbanization, the growing demand for community planning and design, the increasing construction of shopping malls, the market demand for mall led display is growing, promoting the rapid development of mall led display, soft module led shaped screen is a kind of led screen mainly used in the mall, both flexibility and ease of installation, diversity, etc., are better than other kinds of led Display, and the development of led advertising screen and promote the growth of the mall economy, which is a complementary process.

Soft led display module not only small spacing, flexibility, and easy to install, is the main choice of the mall led display, and we believe that with the increasing construction of the mall, more creative led shaped screen will be developed and enter the market to meet the growing market demand.

5. Installation of Mall LED Display:

 •  1). Preliminary exploration: It is important to design the screen body according to the construction site, and the installation of a reasonable body that combines the loci and screens is the first step of the outdoor display programmable led signs installation process.

 •  2). Steel frame design: generally, within 3-5 days after the signing of the contract, the led display installation engineer according to the actual situation on site design steel frame structure and led display to the construction party. After the construction party obtains the steel frame structure drawing (CAD drawing), it can purchase relevant materials according to the drawing and plan the steel structure production.

 •  3). Calculation of power distribution facilities: at the early stage of installation, the power consumption of the screen body and large power distribution cabinet for pre-planning, led display manufacturer should calculate the actual power consumption according to the actual situation of the screen body, with the construction party.

 •  4). Display installation: customers can understand the steel construction, generally in tracking led display, splicing does not know too much, so the general professional engineer’s guidance, and need each other eventually screen operator involved in understanding more about the outdoor led video wall.

 •  5). Screen debugging: after the installation is completed, the led manufacturer’s technical staff is required to test the screen before powering on and connect the computer to control the led video screen.

 •  6). Screen maintenance: led screen commissioning, there may be occasional damage to a set of led modules, which requires engineers to carry out on-site maintenance, or replacement parts, the user does not have to worry about this.

 •  7). Technical training: due to the special nature of the customization of the mall led 3d display, we hereby remind most users, first, to determine their actual needs, a reasonable choice of led display type, to economic purchase, cheap use!

6. The Function of Window LED Display in the Mall:

With the continuous development of science and technology, the display window is not only a display window, but also a work of art that people appreciate. In New York, Paris, London and other major fashion capitals, the major chain stores are full of glass chain stores. Each season’s window updates will attract many passersby to stop and admire. So, what is the role of window led transparent screen?

LED window display, also known as led glass screen, set transparent, beautiful, bright, hidden and many other advantages in one, not only to ensure indoor lighting and glass window viewing, but also has good heat dissipation performance, green energy saving. It breaks the limitation that the traditional, ed display can no longer be applied to glass, making advertising more vivid and three-dimensional.

  • 1). Selling Goods

Transparent led electronic store window is one of the most direct ways to advertise. Customers can directly see the products in the store through the glass window and display, which directly stimulates their desire to buy, thus increasing the attention rate of the store and the store entry rate. Promote the growth of merchandise sales.

  • 2). Fixed Advertising

After the window led transparent screen is installed, the store owner can use it as a fixed advertising space in the store for future promotion to maximize the 3d advertising effect.

The application area of display window led transparent screen is very wide, including store windows, store image area, auto 4S stores, high-end clothing stores or shopping mall stalls and other commercial spaces with thematic display functions. In the future, store window led transparent screens will be more widely used. Discerning store owners will soon seize this business opportunity and replace your beloved store with a new one.

  • 3). Release Information

Window led transparent screen itself is a kind of led display, which can be controlled by computer to play dynamic, full-color videos, and pictures. Owners can use the transparent led electronic screen to release some daily promotional information, such as membership application, discounts, discounts, etc.

  • 4). Attract Customers’ eyes

The high-tech led display in the window will turn the glass into a transparent display. When a video wall is “attached” to the window of fashion, the advertising method will change from static to dynamic, naked eye 3d display and from dynamic to “talking” with passers-by. This unique and eye-catching design is very attractive.

7. LED Transparent Screen in Shopping Malls:

With the continuous development of urban economy, we see the figure of led transparent screen in more and more shopping malls, led transparent screen has a very important significance for brand promotion and product promotion.

In recent years, with the large-scale development of commercial projects, as well as the entry of foreign commercial projects, large shopping malls are also gradually building the demand for led transparent screens. We also look forward to the industry can appear more display system cases, and really create more favorable value for users.

 •  1). LED transparent screen role: large shopping malls internal led transparent screen as the role of advertising screen at the same time, but also to meet the scene design, to create a good shopping atmosphere.

 •  2). Transparent screen features: personalized design, and installation environment harmonization; space art effect display; complex and variable modeling; installation methods vary.

 •  3). LED transparent screen application scenes: large shopping mall atrium location, brand chain store glass window led transparent screen, shopping center glass curtain wall led transparent screen, physical facade, roof, etc.

 •  4). Installation form: indoor environment with plastic shopping mall transparent led glass screen, and can be diversified shape design, custom size, and shape, so that the full display of creativity, bring a more technological sense and visual experience.

For the glass curtain wall environment, transparent led display screen can cope well, without affecting the glass curtain, wall lighting and indoor personnel viewing line of sight under the premise of high brightness play advertising information; outdoor led transparent screen with IP65 high protection level, and can be customized 10,000 high brightness display, good ventilation and heat dissipation performance, another can achieve waterproof, dustproof, fire, low temperature, high temperature, lightning, corrosion prevention, is the ideal choice for led wall outdoor building facade and building roof display building.

8. Malls LED Poster:

With the development of technology, led advertising machine is widely used in major supermarkets and shopping malls because the touch screen of led posters has the advantages of durability, fast response time, space saving and easy communication. Set up displays in suitable places in shopping malls, such as elevator entrances, specific shelves, checkout counters, etc.

 •  1). With the rapid development of the social media advertising industry, supermarket malls, as a crowded public place, have been a battleground for businesses with spending potential, while containing endless advertising opportunities.

 •  2). Technological innovation for industrial development: To better tap the market potential, replacing the current local broadcasting mode of led poster advertising with a new digital, networked, and intelligent broadcasting system will be an unstoppable trend in the development of the TV advertising industry in shopping malls.

 •  3). Through the mode of circular scrolling, the promotional information of a certain commodity, such as function introduction, discount information, service guarantee, etc., is constantly broadcast. In the form of graphics and text, it attracts consumers’ attention and deepens their understanding of the product, thus prompting them to buy.

A outdoor video wall that can dynamically display information about customers’ shopping prices and continue to display product promotion is added on the customer-facing side of the checkout counter, through which customers’ impression of the supermarket’s promotional materials is continuously deepened during the checkout period.

 •  4). By combining dynamic video and text on the large led screen display of wall-mounted or vertical led advertising machines, promoting products in supermarkets and shopping malls is a new means of promotion. Its basic implementation is to place large-screen color TVs or LCD monitors in supermarkets and shopping malls in suitable places, such as public aisles, important shelves, etc.

9. Application of Shelf Screens in Shopping Malls:

Nowadays, supermarkets are a global industry that must have rigid needs in all large, medium, and small cities across the country, and industries that involve people’s livelihood. We look at the many cards on the shelves in the supermarket that write, the introduction of the goods, the details, the barcode, every time you change, you need to reprint the barcode of the goods and change it! The workload is large and cumbersome, waste of labor and time.

Now there is a kind of led screen suitable for shelf, led shelf screen, which solves this tedious work and frees up more labor and time. It can display product details, dynamic and gorgeous video animation, which can stimulate consumption. Who chooses? It also played a role in advertising. In new-type retail malls or supermarkets, we can see shelves combined with display screens, which are beautiful and generous in appearance, and placed on shelves in a unified and tidy manner, making the mall (store) look good.

Main Feature:

 •  1). Universal installation structure, suitable for supermarket/sales/warehouse shelf screen installation.

 •  2). Newly added protective led screen panel, no tool maintenance is required, and protective covers are added on both sides to prevent damage to the light panel during transportation and handling.

 •  3). Asynchronous/synchronous control, rich sockets, plug-and-play, easy to change the playback content.

 •  4). The wire buckle is beneficial to prevent the wire from loosening and ensure the stability of the product.

 •  5). The strip business display is combined with the information release system to support basic functions such as split-screen playback, time-sharing playback, and timing switch machine.

 •  6). Support terminal group management, account authority management, and system security management.

 •  7). Support extended functions, such as extract playback, multi-screen synchronization, linkage playback, etc.

 •  8). With its advantages in the dissemination of videos, pictures, sounds, and text, the bar screen is gradually replacing traditional billboards, light boxes, and other display products.

10. Soft Module in the Mall LED Column Screen:

Shopping malls are the place where many citizens are entertained and live. In shopping malls, people can not only shop happily, but also hang out, watch movies, play games and so on. In the eyes of many citizens, the mall has become an indispensable part of his or her life. For this reason, major real estate developers are building large shopping malls near densely populated communities.

As the center of people’s economic life of large shopping malls, is also the main place for businesses to put commercial advertising, which is often seen in the mall led column screen, it can be displayed around the advertising content, is a more used in the mall of a led advertising screen. So, why this kind of led column screen in the mall need to use soft module led display to build it?

 •  1). Mall led column screen is mainly used in indoor, the installation distance is also relatively close to people, such as this led display, need smaller pixel pitch, that is, small pitch led display; and soft led module display pixel pitch 1.667mm, 2mm and 2.5mm, in line with the mall led display point spacing requirements.

 •  2). Flexible module led display, can be bent at will, can achieve a variety of installation methods, easy to meet the installation requirements of the cylindrical shape. Mall led column screen, can be a regular cylindrical, can also be irregular curved screen, for such a high surface requirement, soft module led display is a more suitable choice.

 •  3). Soft module display has a high refresh rate, can meet people in close viewing video, the screen content is still high-definition display, the screen without jitter, no ghosting, uniform color, realistic effect, the screen content in the mall covers a wide range, touching the subject of many.

 •  4). Anti-blue light, eye protection; for the viewing distance is relatively close to the led display, anti-blue light function is particularly important, it is mainly to block the damage of high-energy harmful blue light to the eyes, to avoid long time facing the display and visual fatigue. In the mall, when people rest in their seats, the mall led column screen advertising content may attract the target audience, and when the target audience is interested and long time to watch the video content, anti-blue light function plays an important role in preventing audience visual fatigue.

Flexible led display, also easy to install, more suitable for application in the mall led column screen. Size can be customized according to customer requirements, can meet a variety of installation methods, such as floor-mounted, hanging installation, embedded installation, hanging screen installation, etc. With soft module screen, it is less restricted by the installation site and can be installed on the column or embedded on the inner wall, which can realize close viewing.

Within the multimedia advertising industry, as more businesses choose mall led display for advertising, soft module led display is becoming more and more popular in the market, and the demand is increasing. In addition, soft module led display can also be used to make various other shapes of led advertising screen, the application range is extremely wide, soft module in the display industry market share is also growing.

11. Conclusion:

Within the multimedia advertising industry, as more businesses choose mall led electronic signs for advertising, soft module led display is becoming more and more popular in the market, and the demand is increasing. In addition, outdoor digital display can also be used to make various other shapes of led advertising 3d screen, the application range is extremely wide, soft module in the display industry market share is also growing.

Large shopping malls as a diversified commercial space, it not only provides customers with shopping and consumption, but also equipped with advanced commercial service equipment that can unite the consumer crowd, and ultimately meet the consumer’s shopping and entertainment needs. Therefore, the use of mall led screen wall in shopping malls equipped with multimedia display system does not simply pursue commercial advertising, but more creative applications.


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