Ten Giant LED Screen Classic Cases|2020, China.

Looking back to 2020, led display industry has emerged a large number of classic engineering project cases, these cases represent the current industry development level. Therefore, LEDSINO selected 10 representative and excellent cases in 2020, aiming to cover various led video display product types that are currently popular and trying to reflect the current industry development hotspots and trends.

01|Guizhou Panshan Moon Scenic Area “Artificial Moon” Super Project

Application type: Landscape interactive
Project area: 5024㎡
Light-up time: August 2020
Project name: “Artificial Moon” Super Project
Project Location: Moon Scenic Area in Panshan, Guizhou

Case Introduction
The spherical led display project in Moon Mountain Scenic Area in Panzhou City, Guizhou Province, is called “artificial moon” because of its stunning spherical shape and unique humanistic meaning.

The led sphere display composed of 5435 960 arc-shaped waterproof cabinets, with an area of 5024 square meters and a cost of 80 million RMB, which is an unparalleled work in the photoelectric display industry and steel sheet metal industry, and a rare super project in the sphere led screen application industry recent years.

It is understood that the “artificial moon” project sphere diameter of more than 40 meters, 100 meters high; its base arc steel structure shortest about 6 meters, the longest nearly 20 meters, weighing more than 1 ton. Inside, there are glass stacks, VR experience, hotels, rotating restaurants and 360° observation deck and other related facilities, almost equivalent to a comprehensive space experience museum.

Reasons For Selecting
The lighting of the “artificial moon” coincided with the time of the new crown epidemic, when the industry was at a freezing point. Such a huge project is a major industry sensation at any time. The team in charge of the project, after many aspects of coordination and communication, break through the layers of difficulties, and finally make the “artificial moon” project completely lit. As a rare curved led screen super project in the industry in recent years, it has greatly boosted the morale of the industry and accumulated new experience for giant led screens applications.

02|Shanghai Hongqiao Hub Aosho Future City LED Display

Application type:Commercial display
Project area:6000㎡
Completion date: November 2020
Project name:Future City LED Display Project
Project Location: Shanghai Hongqiao Hub Aosho Future City

Case Introduction
Aosho Future City in Shanghai Hongqiao Hub, connected to Hongqiao Airport T2 in the east and Hongqiao Railway Station in the west, is the first immersive hub commercial complex in the country that is positioned in technology and art.

Aosho Future City plans to build big led screen of 6,000 square meters, with a punchable area of 1,800 square meters at present, of which the largest full led screen is 113 meters long, covering the entire floor height, which can bring people a huge visual impact.

The project designs led display screens with different areas, shapes and functions according to different scenes. It constructs an immersive hub commercial body with both visual effect and commercial value. The 700 sqm giant led screens in the West Hall even covers the entire wall, giving people the immersive experience of being in the sea.

Together with 8 large pillars that completely wrap the led video display on all sides, the effect of the water tank is more breakthrough 3D experience. A total area of 1275 sqm of led matrix display groups, attracting many people to stop and watch, and take out cell phones to shoot, the first time to leave the magic city style.

Reasons For Selecting
Recent years, thanks to the development of technology, people’s requirements for the led advertising screen is no longer limited to the traditional flat display, but a three-dimensional, high-definition, interactive visual sensory experience.

In this trend, led digital display also began to develop towards “immersive” experience. The Future City project is the first immersive hub commercial complex located in technology and art in China. The smart led display for Future City, whether it’s the pounding waves or the diffuse bubbling gilt, gives people a real experience of being there.

03|Tianjin Love – Colorful Lane Marketing Center 707㎡ “Water Cube” Transparent LED Screen

Application type:Landscape lighting
Project area:707㎡
Completion date: September 2020
Product specification:GWS-16 transparent led display (side luminous)
Project Name: Love – Colorful Lane Marketing Center
Project Location: Jingwu Town, Xiqing District, Tianjin

Case Introduction
Love-Belleville is located in Xiqing District, Tianjin, an emerging urban core integrating transportation hub, high-tech industry, higher education, and tourism and commerce.

In response to the client’s demand for high-definition display and high permeability, Continuum Creative created a highly practical and creative transparent video wall for the marketing center. The 707㎡ glass window display project in Tianjin Love Colorful Lane has been completely lit up.

The project uses the phantom series “GWS-16” side light-emitting display material for integrated installation on the wall, which not only does not damage the glass structure, but also can be integrated with the glass curtain wall, perfectly interpreting the “transparency” of transparent screen. “It not only lights up the whole marketing center, but also adds vitality to the city development.

Reasons For Selecting
In recent years, the application of led transparent display in the city is increasing. It has been widely used in various fields such as large shopping malls, glass windows, chain stores, architectural media and stage choreography.

The 707㎡ transparent led wall created by Love-Belleville is a model of the application in landscape lighting this year. Transparent glass led screen as an important branch of led display, with the expansion of the application surface, its performance form is more and more attention from various places. Transparent display will be more and more important in the future display map.

04|8K “Naked Eye 3D” LED Screen In Taikoo Li, Chengdu

Application type: Creative Display
Project area: 913㎡
Completion date: October 2020
Pixel pitch: P8
Project name: 8K “Naked Eye 3D” LED giant screen
Location: Yingjia Building, Taikoo Li, Chengdu

Case Introduction
The “naked eye 3D” spaceship giant screen in Taikoo Li Yingjia Building, Chengdu was lit up shockingly, and the cool black technology display instantly triggered the national and overseas media to forward comments, and the top 5 real-time hot searches on Weibo, with a total of 320 million hits.

A large number of fans rushed to the scene to feel the ultimate visual experience brought by large led screen wall, the scene can be described as crowded, and many overseas netizens crazy praise for China’s black technology, refreshing the world’s new cognition of China’s display technology, reproducing China’s “intelligent” new style of manufacturing.

In addition, the project especially presents diversified details for different scenes of day and night, with the smooth and appropriate 90° seamless corner module technology, outdoor high-brightness wide-angle display panel technology, high-contrast light-absorbing mask and other advanced technologies, instantly breaking the border of art.

so that the whole wall is instantly injected with the new “naked eye 3D” digital technology. With a brand new look, it tells the passers-by the fantasy story of the future space.

Reasons For Selecting
“Naked eye 3D” is one of the hottest concerns of the industry this year. Thanks to this year’s Korean wave water tank “wave” explosion, there are many creative led display products based on domestic.

Among them, “naked eye 3D” display is a very representative work of these products. The “naked eye 3D” spaceship in Taikoo Li, Chengdu adopts the “8K ultra-high definition + 3D naked eye + curved right angle display” creative led wall display solutions, once launched, instantly acclaimed as a stream, becoming a must-see place for the netroots, and empowering the entire city culture.

05|Largest Outdoor 8K “Naked eye 3D” Curved Giant Screen On Beijing Road Pedestrian Street

Application type:Advertising media
Project area:1200㎡
Completion date: September 2020
Pixel pitch:P6 led wall
Project name:Lighting optimization and upgrading project
Location:New Daxin Department Store, Beijing Road Pedestrian Street, Guangzhou

Case Introduction
Guangzhou Beijing Road is a street integrating culture, entertainment and commerce in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou, which is also the most prosperous commercial distribution center in the history of Guangzhou.

After being upgraded and renovated for most of the year, Guangzhou Beijing Road Pedestrian Street recently opened again, attracting a large number of people to come for leisure and shopping.

After the upgrade, the Beijing pedestrian street was integrated with a large 8K “naked eye 3D” curved big led display. The p6 led display shows many images such as “Dragon in the Sky”, “Five Sheep in the Sky” and “Memory Retrieval”.

These images are not only beautiful, but also vivid and live in front of the eyes, realistic sound and picture as if watching a 3D science fiction blockbuster in the cinema, so that all viewers are surprised, have stopped to watch.

It is understood that the project is the largest “naked eye 3D” curved screen in China so far, and to achieve “8K display + naked eye 3D interaction” on the basis of the curved surface, it will be more challenging than the traditional flat screen, is to solve “no electronic drawings accounting” “building balance measurement” “load bearing” “fire distribution” and many other technical difficulties in order to complete the delivery on schedule.

Reasons For Selecting
This year’s outdoor advertising screen new installation project has opened the “red” mode, the project in 8K display and 3D video technology, but also a variety of technologies, can be said to be a collection of innovative technology.

As a landscape lighting project, the project has become the new city of Guangzhou “business card”. This also provides a new example for the operation of outdoor led sign boards, a wave of 8K + 3D rendering effect of large led display project is emerging, boosting outdoor digital led wall re-occupy the city landmarks.

06|Zunyi City High-speed Railway New City 8500m2 Giant LED Canopy Project

Application type:Landscape interactive
Project area:8500㎡
Completion date: December 2020
Pixel pitch:P16
Project name: 8500㎡ Giant LED Sky Panels
Project Location:Zunyi High-speed Railway New City

Case Introduction
This project is the world’s largest multi-curved shaped LED canopy so far, with an area of 8,500 sqm. With a total length of 220 meters, a maximum width of 60 meters and a net height of 30 meters, the sky led tv is integrated and decorated inside the shopping center, linking the two buildings through a “ribbon of light and shadow”.

In addition, the project uses bright sky led light screen products, breaking through the limitations of the traditional rectangular display, and introduces an adaptive display structure, realizing the standardized design to non-standard, customized adaptation needs.

And in order to highlight the immersive experience of this feature, the project with extremely shocking 3D interactive equipment and special effects video, with the world’s leading holographic projection light field display technology and cloud platform, with the naked eye, high visual simulation, break through the limitations of space-time, geography, presented to the user extremely shocking hologram experience.

Reasons For Selecting
This year’s super-giant led screens project continues to refresh people’s perception, with the completion of one after another outdoor video screens project, commercial led signs and find the long-lost spring.

This year’s outdoor display projects are not only “big” but also impressive in terms of new, strange and special. The project as a super large led canopy, the introduction of naked eye 3D, holographic display and other technologies, in highlighting the immersive experience has made great efforts.

in the scale area, creative solutions, design and construction, control performance, large screen interaction and other aspects are designed and implemented in accordance with the current international top requirements, for the world’s largest multi-curved led canopy, its birth will be creative led display field of application technology.

07|China Central Radio and Television Station 2020 Spring Festival Gala Stage 330㎡ 8K Main Screen

Application type:Large gala
Project area:330㎡
Completion time:January 2020
Pixel pitch:P1.25
Project name: 2020 CCTV Spring Festival Gala 8K display (main background stage screen)
Project location: Beijing main venue of CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2020

Case Introduction
On January 14, 2020, CCTV held the launch ceremony of 5G+8K/4K/VR innovative applications for the 2020 Spring Festival Gala, where a 5G+8K transmission test was conducted, and the 8K concert screen instantly became the focus for the upcoming 8K version of the Spring Festival Gala.

The 8K display used in the field test took on the heavy responsibility of displaying in the transmission test, not only showing the 8K images of the main venue and branch venues of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala transmitted by the 5G network, but also playing a video clip of the “5G+4K” technology application of the 2020 Spring Festival Gala.

After the trial broadcast, the display was shown in the 2020 Spring Festival Gala. Spring Festival Gala to create stage video wall, is specially developed and designed, both in form and function, are specially customized.

In appearance, the cabinets of the large live led screen for the frame design, compared to the traditional cabinet, more thin and light, and most importantly, all using the light board before the maintenance, which in the race for time during the preparation of the Spring Festival Gala, can be more quickly installed and disassembled to save time.

Reasons For Selecting
Since the issuance of the Action Plan for the Development of Ultra HD Video Industry (2019-2022) in 2019, Ultra HD display has become a new pursuit within the display industry.

Many companies are making breakthroughs in the direction of “5G+8K”. 5G, 8K technology will be increasingly in demand in the field of stage screen led in the future, bringing new challenges and opportunities for led screen event quality and efficiency.

08|Sichuan Neijiang Wanshengcheng-Yunfu Project LED Canopy System Project

Application type:Landscape interactive
Project area:7000㎡
Completion date: November 2020
Pixel pitch: P10 (canopy main screen)/P10 (head-up screen)
Project name: Wansheng City-Yunfu project Sky Panels LED system project
Project location: Wan Sheng City, Neijiang, Sichuan

Case Introduction
Located in the eastern section of Hanan Avenue, Neijiang High-tech Zone Canopy Pedestrian Street (Wansheng Tianjie) project is the first canopy-style commercial street in southwest China. The total led wall cost in the construction of commercial, street and canopy of Canopy Pedestrian Street is about 480 million.

A giant led digital display with a length of 350 meters, a width of 20 meters and an area of nearly 7,000 sqm will be built above the street, equivalent to 19 standard IMAX led movie screens, which is a masterpiece of “black technology” reality!

The led wall system of Wancheng Tianshui Pedestrian Street can realize multiple interactions, AI reality to enhance the comprehensive interaction between people and scenes, technology, new and frequent blessings, romantic and surprising confessions, immersive live events, cool brand launches, fashionable wedding ceremonies and other activities and beautiful scenes, will be interpreted in Tianshui Street to create a unique and beautiful experience.

Reasons For Selecting
The role of led wall advertising board in urban scenery is undoubted, led canopy once became the first choice for commercial street scenery.

However, time has changed and the former “Netflix” has been replaced by new ones, but this 7,000 sqm super pixel wall project still attracts a lot of attention.

The investment of 480 million is a rare big deal in recent years, although the project began construction in 2019, but can be completed in the epidemic rampant this year, it is not easy.

09|Sichuan Panzhihua “Bowl-shaped” LED Display Shaped Screen

Application type:Indoor Display
Project area:500㎡
Completion date: July 2020
Pixel pitch:P2.5
Box resolution:7627*17280
Project name:Planning Museum Exhibition Intelligent Project
Project Location:Panzhihua City Exhibition Center Planning Hall

Case Introduction
On the occasion of 55th anniversary of development and construction of Panzhihua, the planning pavilion of Panzhihua City Exhibition Center was officially opened by intelligent image display system.

In order to create the best immersive experience pavilion and achieve the versatility of immersion, interaction and reporting, CCBC intelligently designed and implemented the largest bowl-shaped led video wall in China.

Through approximately 500 sqm flexible led boards spliced into a bowl-shaped structure, specially produced and developed films were used to enable the audience in the stands to achieve a direct view of immersive three-dimensional images.

The bowl-shaped video panel is defined as a multi-functional city image display platform, comprehensively displaying the overall planning layout of the city, while implementing the policy of “one pavilion for multiple uses” and realizing the sharing of resources among the government, counties and enterprises.

Through this innovation, a carrier is divided into two exhibits with multiple functions, which can form a full three-dimensional realistic modeling with high-definition resolution to make visitors immersive.

Reasons For Selecting
Compared with the traditional led screen wall, the shaped screen can better highlight the immersive three-dimensional space, create a full enveloping effect, take into account the sense of technology and art, and bring an immersive and all-round experience.

The bowl-shaped led display intelligently designed by CCB is by far the largest indoor “bowl-shaped” digital wall display in China, which is complementary to the Urban Exhibition Center Planning Hall and greatly enriches the local cultural connotation.

This is also the unique charm of the led light screen, will also be in more and more cultural landscape projects in a big way.

10|Shenyang “Hunnan Summer” Culture And Art Carnival LED Screen

Application type:Landscape interactive
Completion date: August 2020
Pixel pitch:P5 LED Screen
Project name:”Hunnan Summer” cultural and led art screen
Project Location:Night Market in Central Park, Hunnan District, Shenyang

Case Introduction
The high-definition multi-dimensional spherical screen hanging in the center of the stage of the “Hunnan Summer” cultural and art carnival in Hunnan District, Shenyang is wrapped by 512 single video wall panels, using outdoor P5 pitch led screens.

With the shape of the robotic device on top, presenting wonderful three-dimensional special effects for the performance, leading the audience through time and space, creating both a warm and cool atmosphere.

In addition, the five groups of high-definition return screens with a total area of 200m² around the stage area can be moved up and down with the support structure to meet the need for 360-degree video playback.

So that the audience can see the video images from anywhere. The ground stage with the best viewing angle for the audience, providing the possibility of various performance forms.

14 days of stage construction, more than 300 hours of engineering, the application of a large number of CNC machinery technology, resistance to the safety endurance of 10 wind, can be said to have created an engineering “myth”.

Reasons For Selecting
The huge led screen is a model of integration of technology and tradition, combining the “cyberpunk” expression with the traditional Chinese “Huntian Yi” shape, with a large number of CNC mechanical technology to create a “natural” giant stage immersion effect.

The stage choreography and the traditional led display of the “match made in heaven” to translate beautifully, this is the concert led screen should be the instrument. Future digital led wall will be more and traditional culture and related technology integration, does not live up to the smart led display “high-tech” name.


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