Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor LED Display

Since the emergence and development of cities, there has been outdoor media advertising, from the initial wooden carved signs and lanterns and flags to today’s computerized spray painting, neon signs and led displays, outdoor media advertising has been new for ages.

Outdoor media advertising is the most popular form of display and has a wide affinity. In recent years, the outdoor advertising market has shown a rapid growth trend, and as an important carrier of outdoor advertising media, led display also accompanies outdoor advertising, making this industry has a rapid development.

As the new darling of outdoor display advertising media, led large screen is widely used in finance, taxation, industry and commerce, post and telecommunications, sports, advertising, factories and mining enterprises, transportation, education system, led school signs, stations, docks, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, concert screen, led cinema screen, hotels, banks, securities market, construction market, auction houses, industrial enterprise management and other public places, with media display, information release, traffic guidance, creative display and other uses.

1. What Is Outdoor LED Display?

Outdoor led display: area generally dozens of square meters to hundreds of square meters or even larger, high brightness, large perspective can work in the sun, with certain wind, rain, waterproof function, mainly used for outdoor advertising, stations, squares, shopping malls, etc.

Outdoor display screen usually appears in the form of outdoor media. Outdoor media refers to the media set up on the roofs of major buildings and commercial areas, roadsides, and other outdoor venues to release information about advertising, the main forms include road led display, led electronic display, led full color screen, led screen wall, balloons, blimps, carriages, large inflatable models, etc.

Outdoor led electronic screen media is the trend of the development of the advertising industry in the 21st century, is the indoor and outdoor advertising display equipment with audio and video functions, is the international leading high-tech products. The appearance of such equipment is new and unique, its area can be adjusted at will, not only can play audio and video advertising programs, and four sides can also be installed with fixed light box advertising space.

Now governments around the world are encouraging the implementation of the use of outdoor led panels one after another to cancel the canvas advertising, light box advertising approval, outdoor concert led screen is the ideal alternative to canvas advertising, light box advertising products.

LED electronic screen media is divided into graphic display media and video display media, both consisting of led matrix blocks. Graphic display media can be synchronized with the computer to display characters, English text and graphics; video display media using a microcomputer for control, graphics, images and play a variety of information in a real-time, synchronized, clear information dissemination, but also display two-dimensional, three-dimensional animation, video, television, VCD programs, 3D video and 8K live broadcast.

2. Main Features of Outdoor LED Screen:

LED display since the emergence of a has been to energy saving, environmental protection and is valued, led is originally a synonym for energy saving. Compared with traditional lighting products, led’s energy-saving advantages are obvious and outstanding, soon, there is a trend to replace traditional lighting.

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of environmental protection around the world, we can hear everywhere low-carbon, energy saving and emission reduction, can feel the efforts made by people for environmental protection: urban electric cab; led road lights; solar + wind energy streetlights; fluorine-free refrigerators and air conditioners, etc. are the most genuine feelings in our lives.

LED display itself using light-emitting materials is energy-saving products. However, because the area of outdoor display is generally larger, so the power consumption is still larger.

Many outdoor led display manufacturers respond to the call of the world energy organization and the industry’s long-term development interests from the perspective of consideration, has launched a more energy-efficient, low-carbon outdoor led display products, its power consumption, compared to the previous display, there has been a great improvement.

At present, our company vigorously promote the common shade energy-saving screen P6.67, P8, P10, power consumption is only 30-40% of the conventional screen, won the unanimous praise of customers and the market.

Outdoor led display, because the brightness of the surrounding environment during the day and night has a great change, so we can automatically adjust the outdoor led display brightness method to achieve the effect of energy saving and emission reduction.

3. Difference with Indoor LED Screen

Indoor led screen: used from indoor environment. This led display has medium brightness (600-1200CD), large viewing angle in horizontal and vertical (usually 140-160 degrees), intimate color mixing space, light weight (less than 10kg for single panel) and higher density. Indoor led screens usually have IP31 waterproof rating, no glue is needed on the module surface, it is closer to viewing acceptance, applied to conference rooms, stages, airports/subways, churches, etc.

Outdoor led display: the main features are waterproof and high brightness. Point density is relatively thin (greater than 2500-111111 pixels per square meter, it means pixel pitch P16 led, P12, P10, P8, P6.67, P6, P5, P4, P3.91, P3, P2.5), brightness is 5500-8500cd / square meter (different parameters, different brightness needs), in direct under the shooting requirements of the sun.

Of course, outdoor display screens can also use transparent screens, P3.9-7.8 can be used for short distances, and P7.8-P10.4 for large areas at long distances; grid screens generally have a spacing of more than P30 and are used for decoration of the entire building.

Viewing distance is tens of meters interval, outdoor led screen has IP65 waterproof grade, it uses glue to prevent windy, rain, and other bad weather. This is acceptable for long-distance viewing, suitable for outdoor music festivals, live Olympic soccer games, highway billboards, etc.

4. Outdoor LED Display Advantages:

Outdoor led display popularization wave has begun to sweep the world, large and medium-sized cities, counties and towns, enterprises and institutions can be seen everywhere led display, full-color led display figure is not difficult to find, led display application market development is unprecedented growth.

  • 1). Advertising Content Update Speed

Traditional advertising every release of information, must redesign and replace the entire line of advertising, and the need for labor costs, time-consuming and labor-intensive; advertising operators and publishers can update the led display advertising content at any time, only need to operate the control computer, update the process is not subject to other external conditions. According to statistics, large led display on average once a month to update the advertising content, while small led display less than three to five days more than a week will be replaced once the advertising content.

  • 2). Various Forms of Advertising

Traditional advertising form can only be expressed in graphic form, cannot fully express the content of advertising, and the lack of creativity, easy to let people forget; and led display is usually set up in public places with high traffic flow, major traffic roads, to intuitive, image, vivid advertising form to attract the active attention of the viewer, a wider range, more than the traditional media mandatory viewing.

  • 3). Release Information Simple and Convenient

LED outdoor video display boards is a computer monitor, connected to the computer through a data line connection or wireless communication, if the simple settings in the computer, can be used to publish advertising content, both convenient and fast.

  • 4). Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

Traditional advertising is not conducive to environmental protection; and used to play advertising led display energy saving and environmental protection, all-weather work, fully adapt to a variety of harsh outdoor environment, with anti-corrosion, waterproof, moisture-proof, lightning, shock-resistant overall performance, high-cost performance, good display performance and other characteristics.

  • 5). Long Time Release

Outdoor led advertising can be broadcast all-weather, 7:30-12:30, 14:00-22:00 (cyclic rolling broadcast) audience time is long, the eyes cannot avoid, can better guide potential customers crowd, so that businesses with less cost to achieve better publicity effect.

5. Main Problems of Outdoor Display:

 •  1). LED display installed in outdoor, often sun and rain, wind and dust cover, the working environment is harsh; electronic equipment is wet or serious moisture will cause a short circuit or even fire, causing failure or even fire, resulting in losses.

 •  2). The display may be attacked by lightning caused by strong electricity and strong magnetism.

 •  3). Ambient temperature varies greatly, the display itself must generate a certain amount of heat when working, if the ambient temperature is too high and the heat dissipation is poor, the integrated circuit may not work properly, or even be burned, so that the display system cannot work properly.

 •  4). The audience is wide, the view distance is far, and the field of view is wide; the ambient light varies greatly, especially it may be exposed to direct sunlight.

6. Special Requirements for Outdoor Display:

 •  1). The screen led panel outdoor, and the combination of screen body and building must be strictly waterproof and leak-proof; the screen body should have good drainage measures, once the water can be discharged smoothly.

 •  2). Install lightning protection devices on the led display and the building. Outdoor led billboard and shell to maintain a good grounding, grounding resistance of less than 3 ohms, so that the lightning caused by large currents in time to discharge.

 •  3). Install ventilation equipment to cool down the temperature, so that the internal temperature of the screen body is between -10℃ and 40℃. Install axial fans above the back of the screen body to discharge heat.

 •  4). Select industrial-grade integrated circuit chips with working temperature between -40℃~80℃ to prevent the display from starting in winter when the temperature is too low.

 •  5). To ensure that the ambient light is strong in the case of long-distance visualization, must choose high brightness light-emitting diodes.

 •  6). The display medium uses a new type of wide viewing angle tube, with wide viewing angle, pure color, consistent and coordinated, and a life of more than 100,000 hours. The outer package of the display medium is the most popular square cylinder with shaded edge, silicone seal, no metalized assembly; its appearance is exquisite and beautiful, durable, with direct sunlight, dustproof, waterproof, anti-high temperature, anti-circuit short circuit “five prevention” characteristics.

7. Note about Outdoor LED Display:

Today, outdoor led displays have occupied a significant market area in the field of digital advertisement. Outdoor led display screens are playing their role successfully. These outside screens have become the essence of the advertisement market.

But advertisement is not the sole purpose of this outdoor led display. You can use it in any charity event, church, school, or outdoor event; name it, and you will have an outdoor led display for it.

All you must do is, you need to consider some points or features before buying an outdoor digital display screen according to your projects, such as resolution, pixel pitch, playback content, maintenance, and others. We are going to discuss some tips you should consider before buying an outdoor led display.

 •  1). Purpose:

For choosing an excellent outdoor led display, you need to know the purpose of led screen. You need to select it to the content you will display on the led, in the form of text or graphics.

Either aspect ratio should be 4:3 or the nearest 4:3. Otherwise, the accurate ideal ratio is 16:9, The cabinet for our conventional fixed outdoor screen is 960*960mm, rental screen cabinet is 500*500mm/500*1000mm, which can be combined into different sizes according to the site conditions.

 •  2). Visual Distance and Visual Angle:

To assure the long-distance visibility of an outer led screen panel, it needs to have ultra-high brightness and intense light. So that the content that you are playing on an exterior led panel is visible to the passersby from every angle.

The outdoor led screen should have an extensive viewing angle. It is the only way to display your content in the right colors and without any distortion in the image. Our outdoor led panel vertical angle of 160°, horizontal viewing angle of 140°.

 •  3). Brightness Level:

It is one of the most important steps of choosing the outdoor led because it will be affecting the passersby. Outdoor led panels with high contrast and high brightness will be best for you because, under the brightness of direct sunlight, the content on your led display needs to be highly visible.

According to the rule of thumb, your led display will not be visual under direct sunlight if its brightness is anywhere less than 2000 nits. If your advertising screen’s brightness is lesser than this, you can try to put it under shade.

The brightness of our outdoor rental screens is generally 3500-5000 nits, and the brightness of fixed screen is about 4500-8000 nits, choose the right ones according to different use environments.

 •  4). Design and Shape:

Outdoor led displays are available in standard designs and shapes. To attain the maximum visual effects, you can get a customized form according to the area they will be placed in and other related requirements. Because every business is a world, and it has different needs.

The led display has developed to today and has become more and more mature. The cabinet can be customized according to the special requirements of customers, such as triangles, trapezoids, circles, spheres, cylinders, hexagons, octagons, and cubes.

 •  5). Installation Condition:

Always keep in mind the installation conditions of your outdoor display screen. Always use industrial-grade integrated circuit chips with a temperature range of -40oC and 80oC. This temperature range is ideal for the outdoor digital display screen to perform the best at low temperatures.

It is to prevent the display from starting up in low-temperature conditions. Here is another tip for “ventilation equipment,” make it, so the internal temperature of the outdoor advertising screen remains between -10oC to 50oC.

Another option that can lower the temperature is to use a transparent screen, with a permeability of 80%, without considering the problem of heat dissipation. It is mainly used in the Middle East or Central Asia.

 •  6). Resolution:

The resolution of the outdoor led screens needs to be selected according to the requirements of your usage. There is a misconception that the higher the resolution better will be the display. People need to understand that higher resolution means multiple leds in one place.

More leds means higher cost and maintenance probability, so the right one is the best.

P2.5 have 160,000 pixels per sqm;
P3.0 have 105,680 pixels per sqm;
P4.0 have 61,500 pixels per sqm;
P5.0 have 40,000 pixels per sqm;
P6.7 have 22,500 pixels per sqm;
P8.0 have 15.625 pixels per sqm;
P10 have 10,000 pixels per sqm.

 •  7). Energy Efficiency and Safety Features:

Along with shape, size, product after-sale services, resolution, led screen quality, and other requirements, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of installation measures and the power saving standards.

They will cost you a lot if you ignore them at the very start since you cannot afford to install low-quality holders or racks or pay high electricity bills. So, make it a one-time investment and invest in the best advertising outdoor led screen.

Our FML-series and FMD-series front outdoor energy-saving common cathode display can effectively reduce the temperature of the screen and save electricity, it is becoming more and more popular in the market, especially in the context of the gradual tightening of energy.

 •  8). Protection Against Weather Conditions:

During the rainy season or any other such weather, the water seeps through outdoor led panels it can damage the board or destroy it. To save your led advertising panels from this, ask your service provider to install a closed-loop circulation system to protect the exterior led display from moisture and water.

Another option for this problem is to go for a high-rated IP (Ingress Protection) led screen. It is a rating that measures protection against solid object contact and water resistance.

You can choose your led display according to the weather conditions of your area. By making this choice appropriately, you will have peace of mind that your led display will not be affected by direct sunlight, snow, or other weather conditions.

 •  9). LED Control (Manual & Automatic):

A good quality led panel has high brightness, and it allows manual as well as automatic control system. It can adjust the brightness according to the light in each part of the day. It is an outstanding energy-saving feature, plus it does not cause any problem to the passersby with its high brightness at night.

And sometimes, when the light conditions are fluctuating, like it is a rainy day and the lighting level is changing, you will have peace of mind that your audience will be viewing the best brightness level according to the situation.

We most often use the novastar control system to adjust the brightness automatically or regularly according to the environmental conditions to avoid light pollution.

 •  10). HVAC System:

An outdoor led display required optimal internal temperature to function correctly. These led advertising screens are on 24/7. To make your outdoor led displays last longer, you need to take steps to prevent them from overheating, fading, mismatched colors, and others.

Your outdoor led panels should have a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system to protect your screen from these problems. It can regulate the internal temperature of an outdoor led panel.

 •  11). Remote Monitor:

An excellent digital outdoor screen display always comes with remote monitoring. So, you can make sure that your screen is all good. With these monitoring alerts, you can resolve any issues that arise and can lead to further problems.

You can update the content that is being displayed on the screen. You can observe the performance and temperature of the screen. In this way advertiser itself has control over the led display all the time.

 •  12). Updated Software:

Content software is one of the fundamental pillars for the proper functioning of an outdoor led screen panel. Because it is convenient to have updated software to make the led compatible with the central operating system, software with multiple options will not be helpful for you if it is outdated quickly. We always provide the latest software for free.

 •  13). Other Features:

● The LED should have a simple and easy installation and assembly because the extensive installation will increase the initial invoice.

● The LED manufacturer should elaborate all the regulations related to light pollution, advertising regulations, municipal ordinance.

8. Considerations in Solution Design:

With the continuous development of urban construction process, exterior led screen as a new carrier of communication media for advertising is increasingly used. Outdoor led giant screen can indeed bring some improvement to the image of the city, and the form of advertising is also flexible and diverse. However, outdoor led display in the use of the process, there are still some matters that need attention:

  • 1). Structure Design

Outdoor led display is generally larger, so it is still very heavy, installed in the outdoor led display, the home page needs to pay attention to the design of the structure.

A. Installation structure should consider wind resistance, seismic, bearing, and other major factors.

B. The shape, structure, external decoration design of the screen should be coordinated with the building or environment to which it is attached.

C. Consider the local environmental factors, such as air humidity, air salinity content (seaside cities), etc.

  • 2). Light Pollution

With the popularity of led display but mentioned the concept of “light pollution”. So, in the end, the led display is not considered “light pollution” it? International definition of light pollution, usually divided into 3 categories: white pollution, artificial daylight, and color pollution.

At present, China only has the relevant provisions of the glass curtain wall advertising board in the white light pollution, artificial daylight and color pollution is not relevant provisions. But considering the color light pollution does cause people to feel discomfort, should belong to the “light pollution”. In the design of the display screen has been considered when the display screen light pollution prevention problems.

According to the formation of the reasons, you can take the corresponding solutions.

A. Reasonable planning of display screen area and installation location

According to the viewing distance and viewing angle and the surrounding environment, as well as the requirements of the display content, reasonable planning of the display area and location. Instead of pursuing a large area and prominent position.

B. Play Content Selection and Design

Large giant display is a public media, there are public welfare, advertising, instructions, etc. When we choose to play the content, must be consistent with the public requirements, to avoid refusal to see the psychology.

C. Multi-level Grayscale Correction Technology

Exterior led panels use more gray level, so that the color looks soft and natural transition.

D. Adopt the Brightness Adjustment System

The brightness of the environment changes greatly at different times and places, if the display is played brighter than the environment too much, it causes people’s eyes to be uncomfortable, especially the brightness difference between day and night is relatively large, resulting in light pollution, our automatic brightness adjustment system can automatically convert the broadcast brightness suitable for the environment, to avoid light pollution.

Relative to neon and white light box advertising and other products, in recent years, many led display manufacturers in the needle light pollution in this area has done a lot of work, the degree of light pollution is greatly reduced, to enrich our visual space, light up a good life to make a great contribution.

9. Outdoor LED Screen Display Installation Precautions.

 •  1). For the installation of building and screen body lightning protection measures

For the led digital display to avoid strong electromagnetic attacks caused by lightning, led display screen body and outside the protective layer of the packaging must be kept grounded, and the resistance of the grounded line should be less than 3 ohms, which can make the current caused by lightning can be discharged from the ground in a timely manner.

 •  2). The whole screen body waterproof, dustproof and moisture-proof measures

In the box and box connection, as well as the led screen panel and the combination of force installation objects to achieve seamless connection, to avoid leakage of water and moisture. In the screen body of the internal to have good drainage ventilation measures, if the internal water situation can be dealt with in a timely manner.

 •  3). About the selection of circuit chips

In cold areas, the winter temperature can generally reach minus ten degrees, so in the choice of circuit chip, must choose the working temperature in the negative 40 degrees celsius refers to 80 degrees celsius industrial-grade chip, to avoid the low temperature caused by the display cannot start the situation.

 •  4). Screen body internal ventilation measures should be done

The screen body will generate a certain amount of heat when it is powered up and running, if the heat is not discharged, the accumulation to a certain extent, will cause the internal environment temperature is too high, the impact on the work of the integrated circuit, serious can lead to burn, so that the display cannot run work. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation and heat dissipation measures inside the screen body, the internal temperature of the environment to maintain between negative 10 degrees to 40 degrees.

 •  5). The choice of high brightness led wick

The choice of high luminous brightness of the led lamp, can let us in the case of direct sunlight, still display effect is good, but also can enhance the contrast with the surrounding environment, so that the picture of a broader audience, in the distance, a wide perspective, still have not bad performance.

10. Judgment Criteria of Qualified Outdoor LED Display:

As the darling of the new era of outdoor media – full-color outdoor led display, thanks to the rapid development of outdoor advertising, which is growing rapidly at a rate of more than 25% per year, with their vivid and real visual experience, making the full-color led display has become an indispensable member of the outdoor advertising carrier.

Especially in the commercial center of the city, where the flow of people is dense, outdoor full color led display is everywhere. Because of the special nature of the environment, outdoor full-color led display in performance and quality requirements than other conventional led display is much higher, then, to meet the requirements of outdoor led video display, outdoor full-color led display in the end, what elements should have?

  • 1). High-Definition Display Effect

Outdoor full-color led display as the main carrier of video advertising, it needs to have a high-definition display effect. This includes high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, etc. High resolution ensures that high quality advertising images can be well presented; high brightness ensures that the picture can be clearly shown under direct sunlight; high contrast is a strong guarantee that the picture color is even, and the image is fine.

  • 2). Low Energy Consumption, Energy Saving

Outdoor full-color led display must correspond to the government’s call, in the manufacture of energy-saving emission reduction must be implemented as an important standard, including product power consumption, product scattering performance and the amount of steel required for product installation.

  • 3). Large Viewing Angle Viewing Area Wide

The main task of outdoor full-color led display is to do advertising and image promotion, so that more audiences see the screen is the primary goal of outdoor full-color led display, the use of large viewing angle design, the largest range of viewing angle coverage.

  • 4). High Protection Level

As used in outdoor, so the weather environment must be considered, outdoor full color led display should generally reach IP67 protection level, to be able to fully adapt to all kinds of bad weather, to ensure that the outdoor led display has strong weather resistance, can be used for a long time, to ensure that the customer’s profit to the maximum.

A good outdoor full-color led display, must have the above four elements at the same time, in addition to outdoor advertising display solutions, as a product advantage based on not only has high-definition display, low energy consumption, adjustable viewing angle, IP67 protection level and other characteristics, but also requires a high degree of self-permeability, does not affect the aesthetic design of the building appearance, before the outdoor advertising media show unique.

11. How to Choose Outdoor LED Display?

Many users buy led display without much understanding, most of them are for their own company, or customers to buy, so every time before consulting will ask a lot of led display related issues.

The usual models of outdoor screen are P2.5, P3, P3.91, P4, P4.81, P5, P6, P6.77, P8, P10, P12, P14, P16, P18, P20, P25, but, nowadays, as the research and development ability of each screen enterprise is improved, if the point spacing is greater than P2 display can be used for outdoor. So many types then how do we choose it?

  • 1). According to the Area

Play area less than 20 square meters, it is recommended to use P2.5-P5 panel between the HD refresh outdoor screen; area between 20 and 30 square meters, it is recommended to use P5-P10 between the led full color display; area between 30-100 square meters, viewing distance outside 10 meters, it is recommended Between 30-100 square meters, the viewing distance is 10 meters away, it is recommended to use the P10-P16 led screen for advertising outdoor.

  • 2). According to the Distance

We all know that P is the pixel pitch, and the value behind P is mainly the distance between the pixels of the display module, which is usually called the dot pitch in the led address sign industry. And the smaller the value of this point spacing, the higher the unit pixel, the clearer the display screen will be, and the more suitable for close viewing.

For best outdoor led display, the distance is relatively close to the words (within 20 meters), it is recommended to use P2.5 to P6, 30 meters, then use or P8 outdoor led panel, and then farther to use P10-P16 between the display.

If the area in ≥ 100 square meters, viewing distance and in 50M outside, it is recommended to use P10 outdoor or more display. Because P10 panel above the display suitable for clarity requirements are not high, the display area is also relatively large, can display a simple image from a distance video screen customer. The farther the viewing distance, the screen area will certainly be larger, if the requirements for display clarity is relatively low, you can choose a large point spacing display.

12. Outdoor LED Display DIP and SMD Package:

In the led full-color display production process, packaging is quite important chemistry, nowadays, there are 2 common outdoor led display packaging methods on the market: DIP and SMD packaging. the role of led display packaging is to connect the outer leads to the electrodes of the led display chip, while protecting the led display chip, improving the luminous efficiency and heat dissipation environment, which in turn improves the life of the led.

  • 1). DIP Package

DIP package, is the abbreviation of dual inline-pin package, commonly known as plug-in lamp type. LED beads are produced by manufacturers, and then led module and led display manufacturers will be inserted into the led PCB board, after wave soldering to produce DIP semi-outdoor module and outdoor waterproof module.

But subject to the influence of the diameter of the lamp beads, can only do P6. other P5, P4 or even higher density outdoor large led video screens but cannot be made. But the protection performance of the direct plug is good, but the perspective is not good precision fixed, generally between 100-110, and high energy consumption, not environmentally friendly, so only suitable for outdoor small pitch led display, currently in the outdoor P10-P20 and a larger market share.

And the DIP packaging method of production, the process is complex, not easy to mechanize production, and low production efficiency. In addition, there are many DIP manufacturers, no high technology and equipment threshold, fierce competition, many manufacturers use inferior raw materials and PCB boards, reduce costs to fight for market share, low quality, almost no perfect after-sales guarantee.

  • 2). SMD Package

SMD package, meaning surface mount device, it is one of SMT components. Surface mount components were introduced about twenty years ago and a new era was ushered in. For a long time, it was thought that all pinout components could eventually be packaged in SMD packages.

The SMD technology is widely used in led outdoor display. The SMD led types technology is often referred to as “3-in-1”, which is a kind of SMD technology, and it means that the three different colors of RGB led chips are packaged in the same gel according to a certain spacing.

The advantages of three-in-one outdoor p10 smd led screen are as follows: the whole screen perspective is relatively larger than the straight insert screen, and the surface can do light diffuse reflection processing, resulting in the effect of no granularity, high color saturation, good color uniformity. The three-in-one overall flatness aspect is easier to control and has been the standard technology used in HD outdoor led displays.

With the development of technology and continuous improvement of production process in recent years, SMD has developed rapidly and reduced the cost a lot and is the mainstream product of led indoor display at present. And has been to the outdoor market rapid development, but the brightness and waterproof and moisture-proof, has been its difficult to overcome the solution. Believe that the whole industry continues to develop, outdoor led display development is surface mount direction.

13. How to Deal with the Harsh Environment of Outdoor Display?

LED outdoor advertising display as a kind of outdoor advertising, the requirement of the environment is much higher than the ordinary display. Outdoor led panel in the process of use, due to the different environments, often by high temperatures, typhoons, rainstorms, lightning, and other bad weather, so the outdoor screen on the degree of resistance to interference will also be increasingly high.

The situation is lighter may just damage the led screen wall, the situation is serious, it may lead to fire. To make the display look safe and sound in bad weather, what precautions should we take?

  • 1). Anti-high Temperature

Because the outdoor display is usually larger, so in the application process of power consumption will also be relatively large, relatively high heat, coupled with the outside led screen natural environment temperature, if you cannot solve the problem of heat dissipation in a timely manner, it is very likely to cause circuit board heating short circuit and other problems, we need to solve the display case temperature in a timely manner. This requires the production design of the housing, the choice of hollow design, which helps heat dissipation.

To make the led outdoor display screen body does not fall, there are strict requirements for the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display. In the installation as far as possible to choose a place with good air permeability, keep the external led screen at a good air permeability, if necessary to increase the heat dissipation equipment for the display, and then or add some small fans in the box, you can do 24 hours to the box cooling.

  • 2). Anti-strong Wind

Because the display in the outdoor use more, so the installation environment will have a variety of circumstances, such as wall, mosaic, column, hanging, etc. Like column outdoor display must be considered to prevent strong wind conditions, to make the outdoor led display screen body is not blown down by strong winds, we must have strict requirements for the display of the load-bearing steel frame structure. Must be strictly in accordance with the typhoon resistance level of the standard to design and install, but also have a certain seismic capacity, it is recommended that can be in the protection level IP65 or more.

  • 3). Anti-rain

LED display itself must have a high level of waterproof protection, so as not to be eroded by rain. Outdoor use environment, outdoor led display board to achieve IP65 protection level, the module should be filled with sealed, choose waterproof box, and use waterproof ring to connect the module with the box.

  • 4). Lightning Protection

Because the display long-term operation in the outdoor, then it is essential to meet the lightning weather, for this weather conditions should do a good job of preventive measures, the general solution is to install lightning rod.

A. Lightning Protection: If the outdoor led screen is not in the nearby high-rise buildings within the scope of direct lightning protection, the display should be set up on top of the steel structure or near the lightning rod.

B. Protection against induction lightning: outdoor led display power system using 1-2 power lightning protection, signal lines using signal lightning protection devices, power system in the server room using three-stage lightning protection, signal in and out of the server room equipment end using signal lightning protection devices.

C. All led display lines (power and signal) should be shielded buried.

D. Outdoor led display front-end and room grounding system should meet the system requirements. In general, the front-end grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 4 ohms, the machine room grounding resistance should be less than or equal to 1 ohm.

E. Lightning rod length as possible in more than ten meters, ten meters to twenty meters between the best.

F. Install two or more five meters above the lightning rod, lightning rod installation distance from both sides of the display 5-10 meters on the steel structure and welded or bolted to the steel structure, with this method more can guarantee the stability of the lightning rod to the maximum extent.

  • 5). Anti-saline Corrosion

Project location near the sea, the climate is humid, high salt spray. To ensure that the use of the product is not moisture and salt fog infringement, so there are high requirements for the weather resistance of the product.

For the extreme environment of the display system are after the operation test in harsh environment, to ensure that the products can be used in the actual process to maintain good operating condition.

For the application in coastal projects, the products can be handled from the following aspects

A. Selection of led beads: In the humid environment of coastal areas, the smaller led tubes are prone to electrode migration, producing the so-called “caterpillar” phenomenon. In the project, we will ensure that the point spacing, as far as possible, choose a larger volume of light-emitting tubes to reduce the “caterpillar phenomenon.

B. Component Protection: For the exposed components, to reduce the contact with moisture and salt in the air, as far as possible to extend the service life of the components, you can paint the surface of the components on the back of the box.

C. LED Lamp Bead Protection: LED lamp bead is an important part of the led display, to ensure the service life of the lamp bead in the high salt and high humidity environment, the surface of the led lamp bead is coated with nano-protective coating.

This coating is a colorless, transparent material, forming a nano-protection layer on the surface of electronic components, complete coverage of electronic components pin feet, effectively prevent electronic components involved in water and moisture and by acid and alkali salt corrosion, can reduce the led beads by the erosion of the external environment without affecting the led display effect, to improve the service life of led beads.

14. Bottlenecks Encountered by Outdoor LED Media:

Digital outdoor led as a new generation of media communication, from June 2005 to enter the Chinese market, has shown extraordinary outdoor communication power, in recent years more and more media companies have launched outdoor led color transparent screen media, gradually covering the downtown business district, showing a booming trend.

  • 1). Opportunity and Challenge Coexist

According to the data of the Advertiser Research Institute, 66.7% of the advertisers surveyed said they would maintain or increase their outdoor media advertising; 49.5% of the advertisers surveyed said they would maintain or increase their advertising in emerging outdoor media. Nowadays, China has the largest number of outdoor LEDs in the world. LEDs have become a mainstream trend in outdoor advertising due to their own advantages in area and media location, as well as flexible placement and less interference by government policies.

The rapid scale of early development has also made the led market competition seem more intense, and the outdoor electronic signs for schools’ market has come to a time of reshuffling. Foreign enterprises use their capital advantages to seize outdoor media resources, customer resources and market share; emerging digital outdoor media companies also use the inertia of being able to upgrade if there is capital investment, such a low threshold for entry, and have introduced led color screens.

In two years, the domestic led market has kept pace with international ones in terms of quantity and speed, and some have even outperformed foreign media. But when many led outdoor media development is unusually rapid within a few years, gradually highlighted some problems such as industry marginal profit reduction, led media ecology and other thinking, showing that China’s outdoor led media gradually into the development of the bottleneck stage.

  • 2). Four Major Bottlenecks

A. The overall market started to show a slow growth trend

For first-class cities, traditional outdoor media companies have occupied many urban business circle locations, but in recent years, the pressure on costs has gradually emerged, with the increase in position costs, screen costs and operating costs, making digital outdoor led media grow slowly and profit rates have also declined significantly.

Specifically, among the various media forms, outdoor best outdoor display is the lowest increase in all media, only 3.7%. In the face of an increasingly bustling led market, uneven development and regional proliferation have been recognized, and the relative saturation of the digital outdoor led media landscape has arrived.

B. Advertisers wandering

It has always been confusing for advertisers to evaluate the effectiveness of digital outdoor advertising media, and there is still controversy about the effectiveness of led segmentation, which leads to advertisers’ hesitation in choosing led media.

For outdoor media selection, advertisers and agencies are pursuing the so-called “effectiveness” in a broad and fundamental sense. A group of scholars have also studied a series of application indicators for outdoor media evaluation and assessment. The traditional approach is to conduct some “quantitative” “environmental measurement” for a single media, including environment, location, angle of view, lighting, visibility time, traffic flow and pedestrian flow, price, contract duration, maintenance, etc. characteristics, price, contract duration, maintenance, and insurance, etc.

Despite the detailed classification of the indicators, the industry still pointed out the shortcomings, specifically in the monitoring method, the choice of sampling method and the consideration of pedestrian flow. However, with the change of outdoor environment and market, and the change of consumers’ life pattern and behavior, the evaluation of outdoor advertising effectiveness has begun to change from “quantity” to “quality”. Or we can say that basic numerical calculation can no longer effectively explain the actual effectiveness of individual locations.

Furthermore, most of the controversy over today’s digital outdoor LEDs comes from advertisers questioning the effectiveness of advertising between static traditional outdoor and digital outdoor. All of this is since advertisers generally request reports and analysis materials from digital outdoor led media operators from third parties, and the led media industry still lacks more scientific and perfect monitoring and evaluation data to assist media planning, and the evaluation of the effect of led segmentation in terms of accuracy still needs to be strengthened.

C. Advertising companies’ creativity is weak

Compared with the three camps of Western advertising, China’s advertising along the foreign effective advertising, but too much attention to form and implementation, the pursuit of big scenes, big production, the serious lack of creativity is most prominent. Outdoor clear led media is even in the fight for large areas, product upgrades, completely ignoring the advantages of their own media.

In terms of advertising form, the ads placed on outdoor led street advertising screens to one-way communication for the most part, in the eyes of consumers is still “big TV”, high-density advertising in the face of the cruelty of market competition ultimately did not bring good marketing returns.

In terms of advertising content, the simple and one-sided introduction of products, or the overwhelming imitation, cloning, rigid and copycat are easy to cause consumer resentment, while being played with high frequency in exchange for consumer recognition, bringing negative effects self-evident.

In terms of production level, most of the advertisements are roughly produced, and the poor quality of the images naturally affects the quality of the communication. It seems that the technical aspects also reveal a lot of problems, resulting in a lot of financial resources wasted on meaningless informative acts.

D. Social Problems

As we all know, because of the high brightness of led screens, large areas and other characteristics, the city brought a certain degree of visual pollution is one of the more complaints in public opinion surveys. In China, Coca-Cola’s advertisements are uniformly in bright red standard color, eye-catching and open, while Coca-Cola’s outdoor advertisements in Tokyo, Japan, the background color is uniformly and unobtrusively white. Similarly, the color of McDonald’s signage in Paris, France, is never the red that we can see, but a low-key gray. This is the harmony of the city brought about by the mandatory laws abroad to protect the color of the city.

From the aspect of urban planning, too much improper LED will also to a certain extent destroy the urban landscape. As we all know, urban architecture is a business card of the city, it is necessary to ensure the shape and function of the building itself, but also to consider the relationship between the building and the city’s style, the surrounding environment, and outdoor advertising. These indicators are complementary and harmonious is a perfect way to present, but there is no shortage of those who recklessly destroy the building facade led outdoor advertising, covering up the original appearance of the city, and even damage to the urban landscape.

3). Three Major Countermeasures

In response to the above-mentioned problems, for the development of outdoor led media, we must consider the media conditions, characteristics, and audience response, and carry out creative new targeted with the media environment and attributes. This kind of innovation not only has formal innovation but also content innovation, to realize the sustainable development of media.

A. Technological Innovation, Accelerate Digital Upgrade

At present, most of the domestic digital outdoor led advertising screen, from the level of technology, the deep level of technological involvement still cannot reach, technology development, product application is still relatively superficial. In recent years, the digital outdoor media cluster in foreign countries has seen a significant increase in the quality of 3D displays, which combined with the declining cost of the technology means that it is a not only feasible but eye-catching outdoor advertising medium now.

3D display technology offers advertisers a new way to reach and impress their advertising audiences, such as the Real 3D format. The “Real3D” full surround visual effect is achieved without the use of 3D glasses, but by adding a special filter to the HD display. The displayed image is broken down into several complexes overlapping segments, which are resolved by the human eye into a lifelike image that looks like real 3d outdoor advertising led display screen.

Clear Channel outside led display screen, a UK-based company promoting a “real-time 3D” advertising campaign, claims to be running the world’s first true 3D outdoor advertising campaign. Consumers were exposed to customized 3D previews on 42-inch monitors at bus stops on Oxford Street, Buckingham Palace Road and Kensington High Street in London.

For example, the original trailer for the film Percy Jackson and the Thief of Fire was a 2D film that was transformed into 3D by adding and remastering several elements to the installation, thus taking the promotion of the film to another dimension. It is safe to assume that 3D graphics technology will take OOH advertising to a whole new depth for years to come.

B. Try to Interact with Social Media:

In terms of digital outdoor led media’s own advantages, it is a breakthrough in the tradition of an all-round carrier that considers both motion and static, and already contains three modes in terms of broadcasting methods: pure TVC video broadcasting, electronic magazine style broadcasting, and FLASH creative broadcasting. This makes digital outdoor LEDs the most flexible and most compatible form of outdoor media today, and it can also complete the live broadcast of live events and support the intensive broadcast of live events during time, making it a media of high interest to advertisers.

In fact, as far as technology is concerned, digital outdoor media can be very diversified, and more can be achieved through interaction to achieve multi-directional communication and expand greater development space; there are two aspects that can be developed, one is interaction, that is, interaction between outdoor media and consumers, and there is the cost effect of outdoor media, after outdoor is accepted by users, especially now after the booming development of community media, community media After outdoor media is accepted by users, especially now that community media is booming, the word-of-mouth effect generated by community media makes outdoor media have great development.

C. Focus on the Creative Exploitation of Digital Outdoor

Considering creative mining is a way to use LEDs and how to use them well. YouTube did an interactive theme in London’s famous Canady Street last year, using eight high definition led displays and providing touch interactive services, which mobilized users’ initiative and allowed people to choose videos to watch at will. According to statistics, the big led screens generated more than 10,000 interactions in the five weeks after the campaign began and increased the number of hits on YouTube and Flicker and Twitter. The campaign can be evaluated as a success in terms of the large led screens and the high click-through rate, but the homogeneity of such a planned campaign is also obvious.

What we need to do is to be more creative from the origin of interaction, and we must start from the consumer’s point of view, guided by the concept of consumer centric. Tebow’s attempt has already foreshadowed the direction of digital outdoor in China, for which Karen Media planned and executed the “World Cup Twin Cities Experience” campaign in two first-tier cities, Tianhe in Guangzhou, and Argufying in Beijing.

The two sites set up outdoor experience devices and giant soccer balls at the same time, and the interactive activities included ball-turning games, FIFA soccer video games, Bluetooth photography and other items. The highlight was the core of the interaction: “Twin Cities Shooting PK”, in which the audience could kick the ball against the led advertising panel, making the two cities of Guangzhou and Beijing interactive.

The medium should match the content. Advertisers ultimately want audiences to receive content and induce buying power, not simply see the message. Interaction should be the highlight of the led big screen. Advertisers can use their money to buy a bigger screen because they want to get more attention. And the conversion between attention and desire to buy is the ultimate function of led big screen, advertisers should understand the role of putting led big screen is to use the size to win eyeballs, to interact to win the market.

  • 4). Conclusion

Our country has been integrated into globalization, and the trend of globalization affects all walks of life in China, and the creative concept of marketing of foreign clients affects local clients, and really affects the outdoor advertising industry in China. Under such a background, digital outdoor led media, in the process of continuous technological innovation, use advanced marketing concepts to guide its scientific development, use the idea of full media integration to enhance the integration with radio and television, the Internet, cell phones, etc.; continue to study the outdoor behavior of consumers to guide the communication strategy, and link with digital media and mobile media experiential interaction, digital outdoor advertising led.

15. The Road of Future Development:

LED display as an important carrier of outdoor advertising, the development of led display is also accompanied by its high growth to achieve the expansion of the industry. Many carriers which were mainly spray-painted have also gradually turned to led display panel.

LED screens display outdoor can change display content and display dynamic video files, so they are richer than general print advertising. Outdoor led video wall has won wide recognition from outdoor advertisers for their high brightness, high luminous density, and higher luminous uniformity.

After experiencing the peak of development, the growth momentum of large outdoor advertising screens is gradually fading. According to the research of relevant institutions, about 70% of led outdoor advertising enterprises are in loss, 15% are in break-even, only 15% are profitable, and more than 70% of led outdoor advertising displays have a vacancy rate of 70%-80%.

Due to the display characteristics of led outdoor advertising, in addition to operational problems, there are led displays caused as the carrier of outdoor advertising. During the booming period of led outdoor advertising, led video wand outdoor, outdoor advertisers purchased many led displays, and these led wall displays have created many classic cases.

But many of them also appear an inevitable problem, such as blind light, dead light …. Due to the maintenance is not in place to occur spontaneous combustion and other phenomena, which also caused a lot of advertisers in the placement of led outdoor advertising when the doubts.

As an important carrier of outdoor advertising led display enterprises, should also be in the current state of this market, based on product quality at the same time, through technology to effectively assist advertising operators to reduce operating costs. Such as in the product energy saving, reduce power consumption, etc., for the led display outdoor advertising market to create should be a new ecological model.

In this trend, led tiles display companies want to seize the outdoor advertising market development opportunities, in addition to try new small areas, but also in outdoor advertising to seek more interest space. Now there are some Xu enterprises turn to outdoor small outdoor led display to develop, such as community screen, advertising machine, light pole screen, etc.

But the most important thing is still needed to strengthen the ability of independent innovation, will be more display technology applied to the outdoor advertising display screen, the formation of more data high-end outdoor video wall effect, to well cope with the development of the outdoor screen dilemma, to the development of led outdoor advertising display to find more ways out.

Traditional outdoor advertising is more of a display form, while outdoor advertising in the digital era requires more interactive experience. Display can increase awareness, while interactive experience can enhance brand purchase intention. Traditional outdoor advertising works on the audience’s vision, while interactive outdoor advertising works on the audience’s all-round perception.

This all-round perception is three-dimensional, not flat; it is dynamic, not static; and it stimulates the imagination, not the audience’s indifference. Along with the increase in demand for new modes of communication, outdoor advertising display manufacturers in the application and development of software level also put forward higher requirements. At the same time, it also brings a good opportunity for 3D led display.

With the innovative development of led display technology, led displays have been able to integrate physical technology, 3D technology and AR technology. By carrying cameras and combining physical technology, 3D technology and AR technology, many outdoor led displays with joint broadcast and joint control can achieve interaction with consumers.

Interactive and experiential outdoor advertising can not only strengthen the awareness of the brand and promote the purchase behavior by mobilizing the audience’s interactive experience. Moreover, based on its unique creativity, good communication effect, the ability to form viral communication and word-of-mouth effect in social media, expanding the influence of outdoor advertising and other significant features. Interactive experiential outdoor advertising is more capable of meeting users’ experiential needs and promoting the development of led display outdoor media.

At present, interactive experiential outdoor advertising can be summarized into four modes, namely product-integrated interactive experience, personalized interactive experience, interactive experience of activity participation and interactive experience of media integration. Interactive experience outdoor advertising will lead the arrival of a new era of outdoor display. With the joint efforts of led display factories and advertisers, led display will usher in a brand-new situation in outdoor advertising.

The wide application of multi-screen integration in outdoor advertising will be a new form of display for outdoor advertising screens. Advertising industry has entered an era of multi-screen interaction, traditional TV, network video, mobile video, building TV outdoor media, etc. constitute a large video media environment, multi-screen integration has become the consensus of the advertising industry.


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