LED Video Displays Support “Belt And Road”

Under the led video wall displays, Chinese president Xi Jinping stresses that human history advances with cultural inclusiveness, as he proposes a toast at the welcoming banquet for distinguished guests attending the Belt and Road forum for international cooperation in Beijing, May 14, 2017.

1. Beijing is an international metropolis where East and West meet and interact, President Xi noted. The city has shown how humans can live in a community of common destiny, as it transformed into a metropolis from a “small” city in history.

He explained that in the Chinese capital, people can visit the ancient Imperial Palace, Great Wall, and Temple of Heaven, as well as the modern Bird’s Nest, Water Cube and National Center for the Performing Arts.

People enjoy Chinese traditional Peking Opera and Western ballet and symphony. People see Chinese youngsters in clothes from global brands, as well as foreign friends wandering the hutongs and speaking in Chinese.

Xi expressed his hopes for the Belt and Road, saying it is an extension of an historical trend and the correct choice for the future. He stressed that people yearn for cultural exchanges, a peaceful world, common development, and a good life through common endeavors that will have far reaching impact and bring benefits for many generations to come.

Each side of the led video screen is P2.5 high definition led video wall displays, use Nationstar lamp, novastar control ethmoids, MBI5124, the effect is very delicate.

2. LED video displays will be prominent with the “Belt and Road”, the forum is “the same way” for more than three years, the highest standard of the forum activities, this year is China’s important home diplomacy, promote international and regional cooperation is of great significance, the “Belt and Road” is the “Silk Road Economic Zone” and “21st Century Maritime Silk Road” short.

Through the Eurasian continent, east to connect the Asia-Pacific economic circle, west into the European economic circle. Whether it is to develop the economy, improve people’s livelihood, or to deal with the crisis, to speed up the adjustment, many countries along with China has a common interest.

Historically, the Silk Road on the land and the Silk Road on the Sea are the major corridors of China’s economic and cultural exchanges with Central Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia, West Asia, East Africa, and Europe. The “Belt and Road” is the inheritance and promotion of the ancient Silk Road, Was widely recognized.

The “Belt and Road” to build a world’s longest, most development potential of the economic corridor, the region is the world’s most dynamic economic areas, along the emerging markets and developing countries, many countries have obvious advantages, the development of a huge space.

The China has been with the “Belt and Road” countries have close and close economic and trade cooperation, including led lighting and led video displays systems products, trade. We also hope that China’s led lighting and led video displays products with the “one way along the” pace of walking farther and wider!

  • 1).The total export value of over 600 million US dollars

According to the analysis: the first quarter of 2017, China’s led video displays products exported 64 the “Belt and Road” along the 64 countries total amount of 637 million US dollars, compared with 2016 the same period increased by 12.42%, accounting for 24.3% of led video displays export market.

  • 2). LED lighting and led video displays product type analysis

According to the analysis: 2017 Q1 export product type consistent with 2016, excluding 36.98% of the lamps are not listed, bulb, tube lights, light is still the top three.

Bulb light to $ 132 million total exports ranked first, accounting for 20.75%, compared with the same period in 2016 increased 126.87%. The second is the tube lights, exports totaled 58.75 million US dollars, accounting for 9.23%, an increase of 33.21%.

The third is a light bar, the total exports of 40.65 million US dollars, accounting for 6.39%, down 13.4%. Ranking the top five lighting products accounted for nearly half, showing the concentration of the product is still quite high.

  • 3). The export destination country ranking, Russia ranked first

According to analysis: 2017 Q1, China’s imports of led lighting and led video displays products in the top ten countries, Russia to 57.52 million US dollars won the championship, compared with the same period in 2016 fell 11.4%. Poland ranked second with $ 52.53 million, an increase of 3.14%. Third order for India, China’s imports of led video displays products 45.14 million US dollars, an increase of 46.94%.

  • 4). The export enterprises to reach the first letter of stability

According to statistics: 2017 Q1 China led lighting and led video displays products export the “Belt and Road” the country’s enterprises have 3837, the top 30 enterprises export totaled 186 million US dollars, accounting for less than three percent, showing the overall concentration of smaller.

3. With led video screens, the “Belt and Road “summit forum art evening of the was shown in the China National Performing Arts Center – National Grand Theater staged, presenting a scene of East and West culture feast to attend the forum Of friends around the world.

Millennium time and space go through here, from the Tang Dynasty prosperous times to Zheng He’s voyage thousands of sails competing; The art of the East and the West blend here, from Liszt’s , the Italian folk song to China’s well-known , Kunju Opera , Peking opera and other classic.

From the “Belt and Road” along the dozens of countries and regions of the children and Chinese children singing with a tender and clear child sound, the human fate of the community resentment of the National Grand Theater.

The form of artistic expression without borders, they are fully able to understand, accept us through the works of art to express the demands and emotions, that is, all the Chinese people on the “Belt and Road” enthusiasm, longing.

There is our perfect interpretation of our led video screens behind of these classic programs, such as those dazzling landscape effect, colorful figures of the debut. Use P3.91 indoor led rental displays, high resolution led panel.

We applied the holographic led video screens projection technology to let the characters in the fresco lifelike, so that achieve the holographic images and real dancers alternately appear, and it can achieve the effect of real like magic under a lot of effort.


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