Guide To Buying LED Poster Display

There will come the point when you get bored of those large and overwhelming led screens, and you will start looking for the slimmer design with a better and flicker-free image for your business advertisement.

LED poster displays are here to get you out of trouble. Poster displays are a dynamic way to convey your message to your target audience.

1. What Is an LED Poster?

By closely placing together many smaller light-emitting diodes, led posters, and other digital displays can form an image on the screen.

These digital poster screens are delicate pieces of urban equipment used to display your message outdoor and indoor. You can call them columns, nomad posters, or just simply a poster.

These led posters can feature images with better contrast, no video image delay, and many other attributes.

2. What Are the Types of LED Poster?

In many areas, installing a fixed led screen is not a feasible option at all. For this, nomad screens provide you with the best alternative option. You can place them on the street, in front of your building, where they can get the maximum attention.

LED poster displays can get people’s attention at once because of their elegant and delicate appearance. Depending on the location, poster leds are:

Indoor LED Poster (At present, our SA-Series Poster and LA-Series Poster are mainly used in indoor environments)

● Outdoor LED Poster

3. Why Should Buy LED Poster?

LED light poster allows you to take advantage of mobility; you can place them anywhere where you think it will catch the maximum attention of customers. Plus, you can display your message all day and all night.

In this way, led poster displays can increase your brand’s marketing even when you are closed. Poster leds are very energy efficient. Therefore, they will not cause you a financial burden with its continuous usage.

4. Potential Market for LED Poster:

The led posters have a good size, and they don’t need to be fixed on the ground. They are very flexible and proficient options for the advertisement of your business.

Outdoor LED Poster Application:

1). Transport Station:

This is a typical application for outdoor poster display. Here, these bright led screens are placed at the bus, train, or any vehicle entrance.

So, ha it can get the maximum visibility from the passenger. These led displays are used for ticketing information, other related guides, and advertisement purposes.

2). Recreational Points:

These panel poster displays are widely in use in tourist and recreational spots. It provides them with relevant information about the weather and incoming related events in that vicinity. Furthermore, some restaurants can use these leds as advertisements to guide the visitors about the nearby eating spot.

3). Residential Community Spots:

Placing and nomad led in a community can provide the residents with many conveniences like upcoming events in the society, household information, announcements, inquires, and others.

4). Urban Construction:

The light-up posters are considered the vital point in constructing a well-managed and progressive community. Many cities are planning to invest in these leds to involve their citizens in their facilities.

5). Tips:

The outdoor poster leds are waterproof and temperature proof. These leds are manufactured with high resistance to pollution and low power consumption. These leds have an option of auto-brightness level.

● Indoor LED Poster Application:

1). Hotels:

These poster displays are used to show critical information to the customers about the menu for today, price listing, any event going on in the hotel, any special offer, recommendations, or any other advertisements.

2). Hospitals, Pharmacies, Clinics:

In these areas, these intelligent led posters are used to display various information such as available rooms, direction to the patients and visitors, registration, hospital layout, policies that can benefit the patient.

3). Shopping Malls:

In shopping malls, these commercial poser displays are mostly placed at the entrance of an elevator, shopping mall, or staircase to catch the customers’ attention immediately.

In shopping malls, individual shops use these leds for advertisement purposes, but they also show the directions in malls and other sponsorships.

The size of shopping mall leds is comparatively more prominent, and they have become the necessary part of these shopping malls.

4). Other Indoor Vicinities (Banks):

These poster leds are significantly in use in banks and other indoor facilities. These are used to show queue numbers in banks, provide people with different information, instruct people about bank business, analyze the collected data, and many other customers care options.

Summarize: our led poster can widely be applicable to exhibition centers, shopping centers, catering industry, product launches, weddings, hotels, airports, store window posters, chain stores, reception halls, led movie poster, real-time video, etc.,

For advertising platforms; the release of urgent notifications and instant messages; the release of shopping guide information and supporting service information; promotion platform and brand demonstration window.

5. Benefits of LED Poster Displays?

In terms of quality, technology, mode of installation, performance, and weight, a poster led has the following advantages.

● These leds are lightweight (our SA-series K2.5 poster is only 27KG), thin, and elegant, but they can provide you with the best imaging quality.

● “Highest brightness” is not always a key to a successful led because it can cause visual fatigue and irritate customers.

Therefore, these leds are paired with “low light and high grey displays” to reduce their brightness and make them compatible with the environment, refresh rate≥3840Hz. These leds also have the option of auto-brightness, which makes their outdoor use reasonably feasible.

● These leds are easy to assemble and install. You can put them anywhere, where they will get the top attraction.

● They are made to bear harsh weather conditions like high and low temperatures, rains, pollution.

● They are an easy way to advertise your business at any place.

● They are energy efficient, and costumes less power as compared to other led and lcd poster displays.

6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About LED Poster?

Q: Which led poster is best for me?

A: It depends on your purpose of using led posters and the distance of your poser from the viewers’ point of view. Then you can decide about the size of the poster display that suits you the best.

Q: What is the viewing angle of the led display?

A: 160 degrees is the viewing angle for all the led posters. This makes it possible to view the screen’s content when you are standing anywhere in front of the screen.

Q: How are led poster displays are better than lcd or video projectors?

A: LCD and video projectors sound a cheaper option for advertisement, but they don’t provide you with the image quality as same as led poster displays.

Q: How else can I make money with led poster displays?

A: other than making money from sales and your business advertisement. You can also collaborate with other businesses and vendors to display their ads on your led poster unit.

7. How to Buy LEDSINO’s LED Poster Display?

● SA-Series K2.5 poster is our current best-selling style (monthly sales is greater than 100PCS), with four movable wheels, novastar control system; wired, WIFI, 4G mode to update the content; the upgraded version adopts T6 control card can cascade up to 8-10 pcs poster screens to form a whole.

● LEDSINO ships worldwide via a variety of shipping services.

● To estimate your shipping costs. You need to register on our website as an international customer.

● Place items in the shopping cart. When you go to the check-out process, you will assess each product’s shipping options and price.

8. What Is the Price Range of LED Poster?

Digital poster price will mainly depend upon the features and size you are looking for in your led poster. Our led poster price ranges from 1750USD to 4500USD.

9. Conclusion:

Bright poster led are widely in use nowadays. These nomad led are reliable for both outdoor and indoor use. It provides you with an energy-efficient approach, with weather durability, adjustable multi-function, high-quality display, and many others.


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