One Novastar LED Card To Rule Them All

The LED industry is one of those industry that always strives to innovate and to be better, faster, and brighter. With this constant search for new technology comes exceptional designs and breathtaking capabilities. To bridge the gap between state of the art LED panels and their internal components, Novastar’s latest receiving cards, the A8s & the A10s, are sure to take the industry by storm, by answering the simple question: How to get better & more pixels within LED panels?

More Pixels
Receiving cards are expected to have a higher and higher loading capacity, to provide the amount of pixels needed. With the design of cabinets trending more and more towards fine pixel pitch, the requirement for receiving cards to have a small size is more important than ever. Only if a receiving card has a high loading capacity and small size is it then able to meet the needs of clients, and keep costs low.

Better Pixels
LED display rental is a fast paced industry, and LED tiles need to always be as versatile as possible. The same LED panel may be used at a meeting room, a tradeshow booth, or even in front of a TV camera. With more vivid colors required, a display needs excellent image quality. In a brighter setting, the display needs better grayscale to shine through. For indoor fine pixel use, it is necessary for LED displays to have excellent image quality. HDR, 18bit+, and ClearView were all created to meet this need.

The Revolution Is Here

The new A8s & A10s receiving cards, all come with three incredible features that will change the fine pixel landscape.

Both receiving cards have a drastically improved grayscale, thanks to the new 18bit+. This marquee feature becomes essential in low brightness settings where the expended grayscale give the operator a wider control over the picture output.

Clearview is an intelligent feature that monitors and adjusts the image in real time, on a pixel by pixel basis. This has dramatic effects on the overall clarity.

Already present on the latest smartphones, HDR (High Dynamic Range) increases brightness, dynamic rage, and bit depth, improving clarity and helping create the lifelike image that is expected from fine pixel pitch LED panels.


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