How To Cool LED Outdoor Display Well?

With the development of the economy, the continuous progress of society, led screen in the daily use is very widespread, the summer of the year on the led outdoor displays the biggest challenge, wet and high temperature weather led screen moisture and heat dissipation of this natural contradiction head-on. How to do a good job in the rainy weather moisture, while maintaining good heat dissipation in a high-temperature environment, has become a thorny issue facing the outdoor led screen.

For led display, in addition to lightning strike, but also pay attention to the summer heat, especially led outdoor display. Some areas in the summer outdoor temperature sometimes up to 38 °, 35 °, led display is still working non-stop, too high a temperature will cause it to operate poorly, in this hot summer we should be how to choose the equipment for its heat dissipation?

As we all know, there are tens of thousands of lamps in the outdoor digital screen, the internal temperature is high, and the screen is installed in the outdoor, encounter the summer temperature is higher, the need to cool down. In order to ensure the long-term stability of outdoor led display work, heat dissipation design can be said to be the most important life.

Heat dissipation is the outdoor led video wall due to the work of the heat, heat in a timely manner, in order to maintain the led display air temperature and device operating temperature in the normal range of requirements.

If the display installation location is against the wall, it depends on how much the display can project out, if it can project out of the wall a meter position, it is recommended to choose the fan according to the size of the area, the fan installation location in the side of the screen in order of the top row.

If you buy outdoor led screen for 80 sqm, that means you buy the fan to be about 600mm diameter axial fan, the fan is to the outside of the kind of pumping, and the installation of the fan to ensure that there is a net inside, to prevent the maintenance of the display in the maintenance of the display of technicians in the maintenance of the display when the clothes and other things sucked into the photo into personal injury, in order to waterproof, to the outside Aluminum louvers are installed on the fan outlet on the aluminum composite panel.

Wall display can also be installed air conditioning, to ensure that the host of air conditioning has a location to put, does not affect the overall appearance of the wall. The choice of air conditioning is required, generally the most used is 1.5P, 2P and 3P air conditioning the most, the northern cities 12 square 1P air conditioning calculation; southern cities using 9 square 1P air conditioning calculation.

If the led outdoor display area is relatively large, the air conditioner will go directly to the manufacturer to customize, if the area is not a big situation to go to the store to buy, but the display cooling air conditioning is a call compensation function.

If the led display working on the column, it is best to use the fan to dissipate heat, the fan is installed in the back of the large screen above the aluminum panel, it is best to lean upward, made in the form of shutters so that when it rains rain does not enter the display, if it is a double column, in the middle of the double column to open a few shutters, the shutter is the air inlet, the fan above is the exhaust port, so that the formation of complete air convection makes better heat dissipation.

If you choose the outdoor digital screen with cabinet (such as our FN-series outdoor display), the structure of the installation does not need to be waterproof, and the magnesium-alloy cabinet has fans inside, in many cases is not necessary to install air conditioning or exhaust fan; we also have outdoor energy-saving series of products, the power consumption during normal operation is only 1/4 of the conventional screen, if you need a scientific and reasonable waterproof energy-saving program, please leave your information.


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