Dance Floor LED Display

Floor tile screen with built-in sensor system

Can follow the human activity to present the picture

Enhance the sense of immersion and active participation

Like opening a unique journey of interactive display magic

Module using high-quality novastar led, high refresh control IC,

Mask is made of high-density alkaline PC material, anti-stepping, anti-scratch, anti-fire retardant,

The surface is treated with frosting technology, anti-slip, anti-scratch and anti-glare.

Use advanced gluing technology, with the sealing silicone rubber ring, perfect for dust proof and waterproof,

UV-resistant technology, even after years of sunlight, can still maintain the original color,

Without any screw holes, so it can be mopped and cleaned directly.

Iron cabinet size: 500*1000mm

①The height of the foot is 95mm; the shortest is 55mm,

②The height from foot to screen is 150mm, can be adjusted (130-170mm), ③The height of the screen is 75mm.

Strictly waterproof, IP66 protection level,

Each screen strictly waterproof tested before delivery,

The display is reliable and stable in a harsh environments.

HD picture quality: the best combination of brightness and contrast makes the display with the clear picture quality,

Brightness automatic adjustment: brightness can be adjusted according to the environment, reduce energy consumption, to avoid light pollution.

Installation Method

High Loading Weight

Load-bearing capacity of 2T per sqm,

Can be directly stepped on, run over by cars, high staggering shoes, etc.

Interesting Interactive Material

With more than 100 interesting interactive materials,

Easily realize the requirements of a variety of human-screen interaction,

Applicable to a variety of places, a variety of episodes,

Make the floor tile screen more vitality and vigor.


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