The Mainstream Of Outdoor Media Advertising

With the continuous improvement of the market system, the scale and industrial integration of media resources, and the innovation of technology, outdoor advertising has become a force in media advertising by virtue of its wide audience, precise placement and rich expression, and has received widespread attention from people in various industries.

With the continuous integration and empowerment of new technologies, outdoor advertising has become more and more creative and powerful, fully demonstrating the value of offline traffic. Outdoor advertising demand is rising, the premise of the increasingly personalized needs of customers, led display as outdoor advertising carrier has gradually become the mainstream of the market.

In actual application, through the led display itself realistic, high immersion shocking visual effects, can make it become a characteristic “landscape point”, net red “landmark” in the city, in giving outdoor advertising more exuberant, more flexible form and space to put, while It can also continuously add vitality to the city and strengthen the influence of commercial streets.

Almost all of these scenes have the characteristics of “dense flow of people”, so they are also the mainstream scenes of outdoor advertising. Combined with some scenes, we can take a look at the specific application advantages of outdoor led display:

  • 1) Commercial Street/Intelligent Building

Areas such as commercial streets/intelligent buildings are often in the CBD business districts of various cities, where the flow of people is extremely dense and has a huge commercial value. The application of outdoor advertising is precisely the reasonable use of the business district traffic, for the advertisers who put outdoor advertising, to bring higher value.

Among them, through the led display wide viewing angle, high contrast, full-color HD display and other product features can achieve outdoor marketing advertising in high-definition, accurate, diversified display, and even shocking visual effects focus on the eyes of the crowd to achieve the aggregation of the target audience, with a more significant audience exposure to drive the purpose of marketing transformation.

  • 2) Highway “Anti-aircraft” Billboards

Various kinds of tall and eye-catching billboards are commonly seen on highways, city roads, overpasses and other major roads. Traditional “artillery” billboards mostly use galvanized iron, color steel, acrylic panels and other materials as the cover, and then paste the relevant marketing ads on the cover. Only with such a form of construction, on the one hand, outdoor advertising content update trouble, on the other hand, the replacement is complicated, requiring operators to climb the elevated frame for advertising screen replacement.

In the case of using led display, marketing advertising content can be replaced in real time, equipped with advertising delivery system, so that high-definition video, pictures and other content easily through the cloud network to achieve point-to-multiple content playback, while remote real-time monitoring of the terminal display status, so that the display information is released regularly synchronized, automatically switch, and thus can be targeted to put more matching outdoor marketing advertising.

In practice, whether it is sunlight exposure or heavy rain, through the led display high screen brightness, IP65 front protection level and other characteristics, in the protection of bad weather media advertising can still be clearly presented at the same time, but also effective rain waterproof, to protect the module circuit. And long-term application does not need to manually replace the marketing advertising content, can effectively save manpower disassembly fees and material production and other costs, more cost-effective.

  • 3)Outdoor Advertising In Rail Transit

Because of the characteristics of large base of business travel traffic, large space, strong scenario, etc., in the rail transit terminal, subway station entrance and other kinds of scenes, can also often see the figure of outdoor advertising, commercial penetration is always high, with certain advantages of resource expansion.

In this situation, the use of led display to use as outdoor advertising carrier is also the main choice of industry customers. It can be based on different rail transit scene attributes, high-definition display and the crowd is more compatible, or for the crowd is more concerned about the brand promotions, brand background, product advantages and other information, and then lock the intention customers, to achieve marketing transformation.

In addition to the substantial application in outdoor advertising scenes, led display can actually also effectively convey valuable industry information. For example, applied to the terminal building, subway stations, various crowded traffic intersections, outdoor led that can play the role of “traffic instructions”. Through road instructions and regional guidance, it is easy to instruct the regional crowd to go to the target location.

In terms of the development trend of the outdoor advertising industry, with the rising demand for outdoor advertising, advertisers’ requirements for media advertising forms gradually personalized, led display or will gradually become the mainstream of outdoor media advertising, further giving the outdoor advertising market more innovative opportunities and imagination!

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