Why Our LED Video Panel So Popular?

Our team worked with Chopsticks Media to supply a full colored video screen for an area in Adelaide’s China Town district close to the Adelaide Central Markets.

The led video panel chosen was a P3.91mm hire video display. Measuring 6m wide x 3m high the screen boats over 12,000,000 pixels, only use one novastar VX1000 video processor, giving market customers the ultimate viewing experience.

Chopsticks Media uses our screen as an advertising platform with some of Adelaide and Australia’s biggest brands, it is also used as a community service platform providing the audience with useful information.

1. Customer Reviews:

High resolution led video screen are the next step in digital display technology. As a highly engaging form of digital media, it grabs attention and delivers a message with impact and vibrancy.

Like a flat screen TV, it can playback and display images, video, text, and live data but on a much bigger physical scale.

Unlike traditional display forms, led display do not get washed out by bright ambient light and are completely seamless. Providing you with one seamless wall of video that would make your message completely unmissable.

2. Why Our LED Video Panel So Popular:

Comparing with traditional fixed screen, our led video screen has following advantages:

  • 1). Lightweight, ultra-thin:

The cabinet of traditional led screen is made of SPCC (cold rolled carbon steel board), which is also known as “iron cabinet”. The cost of the iron cabinet is quite low, but it also has a shortage: the cabinet is too heavy.

The average weight of each square meter of finished led screen is above 45kg. Stage performing arts industry usually use the led screen in aluminum cabinet.

The average weight of each square meter of aluminum cabinet led screen is 20~30 kg, which is much lighter, and the thermal conductivity is much better than iron ones.

Because of the sheet metal processing method of traditional led cabinet, which the technology errors are quite large, and the iron cabinet can be easily deformed after reprocessing, the error is in degree of millimeter. So, it is quite difficult for traditional cabinet to meet the requirements of seamless joint of the screen.

The aluminum cabinet of led screens rental uses module forming, combined with the machining process. The error can be controlled in 1 millimeter, so the aluminum cabinet can fully meet the requirements of seamless joint.

  • 2). Quick Installation:

Since the cabinet is made of aluminum structure, so the weight is lighter, the precision is higher, the dismantlement is more convenient.

The technicians can easily splice cabinets in a few minutes. Using the aluminum cabinets can greatly reduce the installation and dismantlement time, lowers manpower cost.

  • 3). Long Service Life:

The main component that affects the led screen service life is the light emitting diode, and high temperature is its biggest killer. With the excellent heat dispersion, aluminum cabinet can provide a more stable ambient temperature, that would help to largely extend the led display lifetime.

Our products are equipped with various flight cases, which are not only provide good protection for the rental led video screen, but also the easy storage and transportation.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and the pursuit of art and culture enjoyment, the entertainment industry and health-sport industry are flourishing.

Rental event led video screen plays an important role in the whole led display industry, and with the expanding market, we believe that the market of rental led video screen will continue to grow in high speed.

  • 4). Service and Quality:

Our experienced sales team will be your expert to consult with. We will help you understand how the pixel pitch and pixel resolution work together, our sales team will guide you towards a solution that matches your needs with your budget.

We only provide high quality products. Our led video panel maintain their appearance and function even in harsh weather conditions. We are so confident in our work we offer a 5-year warranty on most of our products.

We have a specialized after care service team. We aim to reach any of our customers under our service agreement within 24 hours. It is also possible to train people at your location to perform simple fixes or allow us to have remote access to your stage display to solve any issues.

3. Conclusion:

We have seen many poor installs where companies have chosen to install led video walls over a portable led image display in very bright environments giving very poor results.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable and reliable supplier, and we are willing to provide you with the perfect solution.


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