LED Video Display Stunning the World

Creating unique, dynamic events starts with a great vision. Visual difference in your event can make or break your show. With our led video screen and control software you are given creative freedom to create the look and feel you want with little to no limitations!

1. Video Wall Makes the Event Amazing:

LED video display can be utilized in more than just concert and musical event settings. Many corporate companies are turning to rental led screens for trade show booths, corporate events, and gatherings, as well as live television broadcast and tapings.

Integrating led video wall into your current designs for your event or helping you create your show from the beginning, we have a comprehensive approach to ensure the highest quality and fluid execution of your led video screen from start to finish.

All led video screen hire units are custom built and can fit into any space creating flexibility for event organizers. All screens have the capacity to not only show live video coverage, but also all forms of TV style advertisements, guaranteeing affective advertising for event sponsors.

2. Video Wall Attract Customers:

LED video displays is a perfect way to engage customers, especially at roadside locations. Big screen hire provides a range of signs that deliver bright visible color messages that are visible both day and night.

Using a led screen display is a cost-effective way to attract attention quickly, entertain large crowds at a small cost per head and convey advertising messages in a direct and clear way to a specific audience.

If you occupy a busy roadside retail location, an outdoor led screens solution is the perfect sales generation medium.

3. Video Wall Brings Publicity to Sporting Fixtures:

As an event organizer you will be able to utilize this led panel technology to promote your public event and showcase supporting sponsors.

Having access to a medium that broadcasts specific color messages is invaluable for this type of events and sporting fixtures.

4. LED Video Wall Improves Sales Performance:

You have the capacity to program an unlimited number of targeted sales messages into the unit, allowing you to have a full-time salesperson working for you 24/7, taking full advantage of the traffic passing by your place of business or event location.

LED video displays is a cost-efficient way to create attention, engage and educate your potential customer base. Your led displays will be full color, rather than the basic black applications that have been used previously with less effect.

This means a more engaging message, leading to more sales and larger crowds. We provide a long-term sale options for our range of led screen panels units.

LED video screens is a fantastic advertising platform to generate more leads and increase sales. Forget traditional advertising, digital advertising allows you to target your message directly to your target market in your area. When executed correctly results can be outstanding.

5. About Our Video Screens:

We are a turn-key provider of led video screens and indoor/outdoor led digital video displays, and an innovative team devoted to improving led video technology the world over.

Our video screens have partnered with some of the world leaders in visual display technology. We know that the future of digital modular led screens is exciting, and we want to be part of it.

Our led video screens utilize the latest technology to ensure our customers have the best-looking displays possible for the application. Whether it be for stunning television displays or real estate advertising platforms our customers know that they can wow their customers with stunning visual effects.

We also are an industry leader in led video displays rental technology development, manufacturing, and online distribution, servicing companies not just here in the China but in countries on every continent.

Marketing departments of organizations or their media agencies can now communicate with individual led scoreboards or networks of multiple led displays locally or across the globe.

6. Terms of  Service:

 •  1). Our experienced sales team will be your expert to consult with. We will help you understand how the pixel pitch and pixel resolution work together, our sales team will guide you towards a solution that matches your needs with your budget.

 •  2). We have a specialized after care service team. We aim to reach any of our customers under our service agreement within 24 hours.

It is also possible to train people at your location to perform simple fixes or allow us to have remote access to your led display to solve any issues.

 •  3). We have more than 100 engineers dedicated to researching and developing new products. With 8000 square meters for manufacturing, administrating and customer servicing to support all our led electronic display needs.

 •  4). Your requirements are very important to us. We will follow all the details and will give you the full feedback on how we will build your led video screen. We always provide exactly the right led video screen solution for each project.

 •  5). Our led video screens products are plug and play out of the box, however, when needs arise for multi-location features, our extremely experienced support team and engineers can walk you through technical issues, mounting constraints, software questions and custom led displays projects that require research and development.

 •  6). We only provide high quality products. Our products maintain their appearance and function even in harsh weather conditions. We are so confident in our work we offer a 3–5-year warranty on most of our products.


As a professional LED Display Manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions.Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our Rental LED Display,LED Poster, Stage LED Screen, Flexible LED Display,Transparent LED Display, Church LED Wall, Concert LED Screen, LED Drape Screen, Nationstar LED Screen, LED Display Ball, Stadium LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

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