Some LED Display Solutions

1. LED Digital signage Is a Must-Have for Your Business:

Digital signage grabs 72 percent more attention than online ads. It is a tool that every industry, be it retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, sports, or corporate environments, is adopting to communicate effectively with consumers. Digital signage has become a go-to marketing tool for businesses. Digital signage has become a part of our day-to-day lives. LED displays are a common sight at airports and train stations, where digital displays are used to see departure and arrival times amongst other pieces of information. You must have ordered by looking at the digital menu of your local fast-food chain. We are more accustomed to the digitalized world than we were a decade ago; that’s why digital signage is more significant in today’s world.

LED displays help companies to make their presence felt in the competitive world of business. Digital signage grabs attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animation, and full-motion video. Digital signage in public venues reaches more people than an Internet video. These low maintenance screens are a perfect solution for all your product marketing woes. So, if you want something that is less expensive than television ads but reaches more people, digital signage is the answer.

90 percent of the information that our brain processes is visual information. It is no surprise that more than 60 percent of people who see a product on a digital display want to learn more about the product. 40 percent of customers agree that indoor led displays impact their buying decisions. LED displays entice consumers to spend more. As many as 80 percent of customers agreed that they entered a store because the digital sign outside the shop caught their attention. It’s not surprising that people notice digital signa’s, but it is striking that people remember seeing them and remember the content they saw a month ago. The recall rate of digital signage is 83 percent.

Outdoor digital displays not only grab attention but are cost-effective as well. On the other hand, putting up traditional banners costs a lot of money; it takes three days to completely dry the paint used for traditional banners, and manual labor to put up big traditional banners is expensive. Outdoor displays play a crucial role in brand promotion. The location of an outside digital display is important to ensure that it reaches the target audience. The proper size of the digital signage plays a vital role in influencing customers as well; the size of the text, product, and product placement is equally important. Outdoor digital signage can survive harsh weather conditions. The waterproof screen works well in rain and thunderstorm. Digital signage is easy and quick to update any time; you can even schedule the content because you are in full control.

Indoor digital signage is used in malls, shops, restaurants, hotels, and hospitals. The replacement parts of indoor signage are easily available, and it has higher operational value. The highly customizable screens enable a business to change the content as many times as one wants. So, let’s review why digital signage is important for the business:

  • 1). Grabs Attention

More people look at digital signage than they look at traditional banners. Digital display catches attention from afar. These displays help in creating brand awareness and create a positive image of the brand.

  • 2). It Gives You an Edge over the Competition

It is important to remain in the public eye. They say, “Out of sight, out of mind.” In the marketing world, a business needs to remain in the public eye constantly, and digital signage helps to achieve that easily.

  • 3). Video and Clips

Short videos and clips not only make your digital signage stand out, but they also help the business to create their space in the market.

  • 4). Conclusion

Indoor and outdoor led displays are an important tool that help in brand awareness and business promotion. In today’s digital world, it is important for a business, be it small or large, to focus on the digital display.

2. LED Solutions for Your Booth:

One could argue that the sole purpose of a trade show exhibit is to attract attention. To do that, booth designers rely on basics, such as furniture, walls, carpeting and graphics. Some also turn to mood-enhancing components, such as lighting, color, and sound, to draw in, even motivate attendee prospects. One category of booth fittings straddles the line between booth infrastructure and aesthetics. The growing selection of light-emitting-diode or led solutions can make a booth stand out from all the other “boxes” in the aisle.

  • 1). Why LED?

LED tiles (the essential components of led walls and other structures) are lightweight, thin, long-lasting, and more versatile than the alternatives, such as neon, fluorescent or incandescent lighting. LEDs offer animation, color changes, fading and flashing features and moving messages. Plus, software can blend images from individual tiles into one larger, seamless image limited only by the size of the space in which the led structure sits, the amount of weight that needs to be supported and access to power.

  • 2). Light In the Sky

Where designers place led tiles and walls makes a difference in noticeability. LED configurations suspended from the ceiling or mounted on trusses draw attention to the booth below. In large, cluttered exhibit halls, other booths block the line of sight for visitors on the ground. Placing visually stimulating (imagine video or moving graphics), vibrantly colored, three-dimensional led displays in the air is the equivalent of a “We Are Here” sign for would-be customers.

  • 3). Tiles And Skins

LED tiles placed inside enclosures—light boxes, for example—can add drama and dimension to a display. Another option is the led skin, a modular display system that embeds specially designed led tiles into the walls. LED skin is thin, lightweight, and easy to install. The tiles can be placed anywhere inside the booth frame. The frames can be incorporated into any section of the booth or stand alone. LED skin is an innovative way to blend partial and full video walls seamlessly into the booth design. They pump up the impact (think animation, sound, and color) and deliver the wow exhibitors want.

  • 4). Walls In Every Size

Interlocked led tiles (walls) can make attendees stop and stare. Designers can configure them in any size to serve as a backdrop, video screen or product substitute. As the latter, they let exhibitors feature products or processes that otherwise would not fit or be appropriate in a booth. Think about an aircraft carrier, machine tool, wild animal preserve or impressive project of great magnitude. Walls can also serve as presentation screens as the fine detail and capabilities—from showing PowerPoint slides to satellite broadcasts—complement a live speaker easily.

  • 5). Curved LED Walls

Not all led tiles are flat. Some models feature a ten-degree curve and when fitted with a combination of flat and symmetrically curved tiles, a concave (curves toward the viewer) led wall can dominate the visitor’s field of vision, creating a more immersive in-booth experience. Tiles can also curve in the opposite direction (away from the viewer). Convex tile walls are perfect for surrounding a stationary or revolving cylinder. Tiles with a 20-degree curve can form smaller circles than those with a more subtle curve.

  • 6). LED Light Strips

While led solutions like tiles and walls are reserved for eye-popping booth designs, led light strips can add a nice little splash of color to the walls, floor or products on display. They can be used in an ever-so-subtle way to move visitors in a specific direction, highlight booth elements like counters or kiosks or outline booth signage. If led tiles are the stars of the show, led lights are the supporting cast.

There are lots of ways to incorporate led into a booth design, and new products are introduced regularly. “I’ve been in this business for 10years, and I’ve dealt with at least 100 different makes and models of tiles. Every year, there is a new model if not a new maker,” explains Joy, led product specialist at LEDSINO. To discover new and attention-grabbing led solutions for your booth design, contact the solution architects request a quote.

3. Make Your Trade Show Booth Stand Out:

Having a superior product doesn’t make you stand out from the crowd, especially at trade shows, where it’s easy to get lost in the noise no matter how good your product and brand is. To make a significant impact at industry shows or conventions, your booth needs to incorporate solutions that help grab the eyes of the passersby. Interactive demos, brilliant display screens, and engaging presentations can all help make your company one to remember at even the busiest trade shows.

Incorporating high quality audio and visual elements will not only draw people in, but remembering your brand is more likely if it is displayed across a large led screen. If the normal marketplace feels crowded, a trade show is the ultimate form of industry competition. With many booths in the convention hall, garnering visitors can seem daunting, but when every new person who comes by is an opportunity for future business, it’s important to attract as many attendees as possible.

Creating a multimedia centered display strategy allows you to easily adapt to changing trends without varying your actual physical setup. Whether you want to add event-specific designs to your presentation, or even want to tailor your visuals to fit attendee preferences, a strong multimedia setup allows you to utilize the same hardware and make the necessary changes with a click of a button.

With incredible curved walkways displaying beautiful graphics, a large video wall and individual display tables, display served as an eye-catching and entertaining break from the more traditional displays at the conference. This individual-centered experience serves to give potential customers a demonstration of your product while also tailoring the experience to answer the questions that are unique to them. An expert knowledgeable about your products merits combined with these engaging and interactive stations can be a powerful attention-keeper.

The team of audio-visual experts knows that adding a bit of flash can make all the difference. For both large and small-booth setups, we can work with their customers to create a unique display aesthetic. They carry leading brands in all areas of audio, visual, and led display technology, meaning they can cater to your exact needs. To create a booth that gets noticed, you need a partner who knows how to make it happen.

4. LED Video Displays for Transportation:

LED video displays are rapidly replacing LCD displays in the airport and public transportation industry. In fact, according to a research report from ledinside, it is predicted that during 2018, the indoor fine pixel pitch led video display market will increase to a nearly 2-billion-dollar industry and experience 39% growth year over year.

The reasons for choosing led video display over LCD video display are clear. LED is bright, seamless, and not affected by ambient light. LED also has a longer lifespan than LCD and generally requires less maintenance. Advancements in fine pixel pitch technology make high resolution led video displays (HD, UHD, 4K, and beyond) more accessible than previously possible with older, more expensive led technology.

LED video displays are ideal for the airport and public transportation industry because they can be customized to fit unique architectural needs, keep passengers in the know, reduce perceived wait times, and can be used to drive sales.

  • 1). LED Video Displays Can Be Built to Fit Unique Architectural Needs

Traditional tiled LCD displays generally leave the consumer confined to a 16:9 ratio. The consumer or integrator pick a certain set of dimensions and multiple LCD displays are purchased and jutted against one another to create a large, tiled display. These limited dimension options leave little room for creativity. Furthermore, this tiling process creates seams or bezels that interrupt content. These bezels have become smaller over time but are unmistakable. Finally, the individuals, integrators, or staff members managing the tiled LCD displays must constantly be on the lookout for coloration issues between displays, making tiny frequent adjustments to ensure color uniformity between screens.

By contrast, led panels are modular in nature. They fit together to create seamless led displays. Modular led panels can be built into long ribbon displays, flat, curved, wrapped around a wall or column, and used to create three-dimensional shapes. The possibilities are endless.

  • 2). Keep Your Passengers in The Know

LED video displays can be dynamically updated to communicate delays, announce time changes, promote sales, display weather conditions, and convey any number of custom messages. Traditional displays typically allow for only one video signal, or message, to be displayed. Neomi’s seamless led video displays can display multiple signals and sources within various user-defined zones. Content can be scaled and displayed across a single screen or split up and displayed across multiple screens. A led video display specialist can discuss your content needs and find the optimum led solution for you. Communicate your message in a way that is dynamic, engaging, and impactful.

  • 3). Reduce Perceived Wait Times

David Moister, author of Psychology of Waiting Lines states that “Occupied time feels shorter than unoccupied time.” Give your passengers something new and fun to look at. Engage them or even surprise them a little. Sure, passengers have their cell phones at their fingertips, but they would certainly appreciate new and engaging content from you. According to, 20% of your audience will engage with printed content, while 80% of your audience is likely to engage with video content. You wouldn’t invite a guest over to your house just to sit in your living room. Why would you let your passengers just sit in your lobby? Give them the option of viewing exciting and engaging content provided by you.

  • 4). Use LED Video Display to Drive Sales

According to, 8/10 customers have entered a store because a digital display caught their attention, and 40% of shoppers say digital displays that provide relevant information near the point of purchase can alter their purchase decisions. A led video display can serve multiple purposes simultaneously – display schedule information, promote your loyalty program, and show special offerings. You can even sell ad space, creating an additional revenue stream.

5. LED Signs Benefit Transportation Industry:

If you’re going to travel from one highly urbanized area to another, it is almost impossible not to find led display signs or display. From the airports, bus terminals, taxi services to even traffic lights and directional signs, you can easily notice the advantage of using led wall sign instead of other traditional form of advertising.

It consumes less energy, can withstand different weather conditions, and can be easily reprogrammed depending on people’s needs. LED message signs can help in keeping the roads safe and informing local or even foreign tourist.

The high visibility of led based signs can be reliable in delivering important message on the highway to ensure people’s security and road safety. LED display Signs can deliver clear, short, and effective messages to help people navigate in different areas of the city. Because of its brightness, it can be used even in low light environment and can be easily seen by speeding vehicles.

In transportation business, it’s important to send out accurate and updated messages to avoid confusions and delays in services. LED electronic message is highly programmable that any change in flight schedule or announcement in delayed flights can reach the concerned party as soon as possible.

Owners of parking spaces and terminals can use led message signs in helping people navigate around the area and informing customers about the availability of parking slots. This way, people can enjoy an orderly and efficient services they need while off the road. LED digital advertising Signage can provide great solution to different transportation needs while saving money and energy.

6. LED Fine Pitch into Conference Room:

Any industry, company, or organization needs meeting room. In most scenarios, usually use projectors or conference tablet products. Therefore, the conference tablet market is so popular in recent years. How to make lecture halls and large conference rooms Is the display of the company’s front desk and exhibition hall more colorful and interactive? Therefore, HDK integrated led display terminal specially designed for large scenes.

The application of the business conference display area includes large-scale conferences and small conferences. The former is such as conference venues, hotels, large conference rooms of enterprises and institutions, etc. The latter is mainly a conference room with ten people. For example, the conference room scene of 120 sqm or more, limited to liquid crystal technology, liquid crystal products generally need to be spliced to meet the needs of the application – because the liquid crystal display technology has the drawback of “stitching” in large size, the projection technology is difficult to meet high-end users’ requirements for viewing effects.

In contrast, the small pitch screen has the characteristics of no seams, can be truly low-light, high gray, high refresh rate, etc., and can well meet the application requirements of indoor conference rooms for large-size display, and solve the pain points that liquid crystal and projection products cannot satisfy.

HDK integrated led display terminal, while providing high definition “giant screen” display, led small pitch screen seamless seaming technology, rejecting screen splitting, non-destructive display of refined content such as icons, lines, running graphs, effectively overcoming data display, Misjudgment of information when commanding and dispatching.

Large visual range, high color gamut, high gray level and high refresh rate ensure stable and delicate image quality, and the display screen is richer and fuller, which makes the participants not easy to watch for a long time. It is easy to maintain and easy to install, and easy to use. Fully meet the high-definition display and smooth interaction needs of large and medium-sized conference rooms.

The total number of conference rooms in the world is about 100 million. The huge conference room base brings unprecedented opportunities for led displays. With 400,000 calculations per conference room, 1.5 million conference rooms will create about 600 billion markets. The scale and huge market size will bring huge incremental market for led small-pitch display.

LEDSINO HDK has the following features:

 •  1). In large conference venues, multi-person conferences are conducted and judged, and shared content presentation is indispensable. HDK meets high brightness, high definition, excellent display performance, and clear visibility at all angles screen content.

 •  2). The actual contrast ratio is as high as 4000:1. In an environment that is too bright or too dark, you can still see more rich colors and deeper black in the picture, and the color range is wider, and the color performance is more abundant.

 •  3). The signal processing system HDMI supports 1080P@60Hz signal input and uncompressed loop output to avoid signal distortion, frame loss and transmission delay, and the picture quality is super clear, ensuring the viewing effect on the exhibition site.

 •  4). In addition, HDMI can transmit audio and video signals at the same time. Since the audio and video signals use the same wire, the installation of the system line is greatly simplified.

7. School Need LED Display Signs:

The school installed some led electronic display, the subsequent work is relatively simple, do not have to repeat on the production of banners or containing scripts, directly to the content to be displayed on the led message signs, saving time and effort.

So digital signage for schools, summarized the following role:

  • 1). Strengthen The Publicity of School

At present, most of the publicity at the entrance of the school is to rely on hanging banners or spray-painted confetti to carry out, and this traditional way of publicity is too single, and the effect is not very good. On the contrary, the led school billboard because of its luminous effect is relatively good, easy to attract people’s attention, the effect of publicity will be very good, conducive to the school to strengthen the enrollment, personnel examinations, and other aspects of the publicity efforts.

  • 2). Favorable To Save School Publicity Costs

Because hanging banners and paste spray paint confetti this kind of publicity, one effect is not very good, two, these banners or spray paint confetti cannot be reused. So compared to the led electronic signs can be recycled features, hanging banners and stickers spray paint confetti this way of publicity costs will be higher. But if the school led display signs instead of the past publicity, not only can have a better publicity effect, and can save a large part of the publicity costs.

  • 3). Beneficial To Strengthen Construction of Electronic Disciplines

Electronic discipline is a very practical discipline, in addition to theoretical teaching, strengthen the practical teaching is very necessary. So, if the led electronic board display in the school is designed and produced by the electronics group, it can provide a good platform for the practical teaching of the electronics discipline, thus promoting the construction of the electronics discipline.

  • 4). LED Advertising Signs Enhance the Learning Experience

Bringing electronic led display into your facility will help to inspire them in a classroom or lecture hall environment. The appeal of visual stimulation extends far beyond a single lesson, or a lecture limited to a textbook. All you need is an electric sign board, media player and other peripheral audio and you’re good to go. The large led display signs in the school playground plays a role in guiding the trial during recess, and when it comes to sports games, the display is even more needed to play videos to boost morale.

  • 5). LED Display to Enhance the Image of The School

Imagine a parent entering the reception area of your institution and being greeted by a striking led school message board that shows student learning, demonstrates your teaching achievements, and enhances the teaching grade and teaching level of the school.

In conclude, school is a place of knowledge accumulation and cultural output, using led display signs allows students to gain more intuitive and comprehensive knowledge, but also enhances the environment and external image of the campus itself.

If you want to install best school digital signage in auditoriums, conference rooms, multimedia classrooms, libraries, please let me know and our technical team help you with specific signs solutions.

8. Creative LED Display for Dynamic Stage:

With the development of led technology, led screens have broken the traditional form long ago. From the earliest large area in the middle of screen, there was main screen and side screen form and then gradually developed into panoramic video wall and creative display innovation, then VR /AR, 3D, holographic projection, and other black technologies to work with the performance, dance props and visual creative needs, more and more creative led display device applications are presented in the most explosive and eye-catching method. From the recent design of concerts and live shows, we can all feel the innovation and vitality of current led rental products.

  • 1). Jay Chou Carnival World Tour

It is reported that the organizer of this carnival concert put large sums to build a 12-meter-high and 10-meter-wide giant trans-space-time energy ball spherical screen. This concert is also the world’s first largest sphere composed of Transparent Screens. The combination of nearly 2000 square meters transparent screen creates a very immersive stage effect.

  • 2). Kelly Underwood Tour

The entire stage is wrapped by a retractable led transparent screen, immersing Underwood, the band, and the audience into the performance center. The visual content shows different scenes according to the different meanings and emotion delivered by the song and the retractable transparent screen. The entire stage is 165 feet wide and 55 feet deep, shaped like an eye and surrounded by spectators.

  • 3). My line Farmer Concert

The entire stage design consists of huge mechanical devices which mostly hidden above the stage. The only thing that can be seen is the huge led screen designed as the main background and the led screen hang above the audience. The screen above the audience is a liftable device composed of numerous tiny screens which could become a complete picture body and can also be fused or scattered with each other in the form of Tetris to splice into different stage shapes during the performance. Mylène Farmer’s concert shows the levitation at most. The designer designed three huge cubical pods with led Screens installed on the outside to create a visual picture.

  • 4). Eric Church Tour

The stage design uses 6 transparent led screens that can be moved up and down with lights above, which are two kinds of stage equipment above the stage to lift the screen and lights. Different combinations of adjustable led screens and light walls can present a different live atmosphere for each song during the concert. The split modular design of the stage provides great convenience for installation and transportation and very suitable for concert tours.

Now, with the further prosperity of the cultural performing arts market, the rental led market is also meeting its new spring. Meanwhile, the optimization of products and services in the industry has made led displays to show in many large-scale performances, cultural evenings, star concerts, and event scenes with very dazzling performances. The continuous advancement of technology and the continuous update of innovation will bring us more shocking shows!

9. New Developing Trend in LED Display Industry:

Market condition is changing constantly, we can see the current trend in led display industry development from the semi-annual report of among related companies.

 •  1). Sales of small-pitch product become the main growth point for the corporate revenue.

With the further improvement of the technology of small pitch led display, the cost of research and development of new High-Resolution products has gradually declined. The application market for fine pitch HD screens has also expanded from indoor conference rooms, command rooms for outdoor advertising, landscape lighting, etc. the continuous expansion of the market has driven the incremental marketing of production.

The increasing pressure of competition of the conventional led display screen in the industry, serious homogenization, continuously compressed profits, and small-pitch displays’ high profits pushed many companies create their own small pixel pitch products.

 •  2). The new COB packaging way keeps heating up.

The COB packaging way is a method in which a bare chip is adhered to an interconnect substrate with a conductive or non-conductive paste, and then wire bonding is performed to achieve electrical connection. COB adopting integrated packaging technology which saves the cost of packaging by eliminating the need for a single led device and packaging process after packaging. In terms of technology, COB can effectively solve the problem of increased processing difficulty due to the shrinking of the dot pitch, the reduced yield, and the increasing cost of SMD in which we could say that the SMD is much easier to achieve small pitch and vivid display content. LEDSINO tried COB in led smart shelf screen and conference room HD screen, which has been well approving by customers.

 •  3). Cathode-sharing products become an emerging energy-saving technology in the industry

The pitch of led display screens diminish continuously and the density of led lamp components increases, that is why the heat dissipation problem has become an important factor restricting the development of small pitch. LED is a temperature-sensitive device and with the temperature increasing, the optical unit becomes larger, and the color is changing, then the thermal expansion and contraction is more serious which affects the airtightness of the led. The appearance of the cathode-sharing technology solves the problem of heat dissipation at a Small Pitch, reduced power consumption, meanwhile improved the contrast and brightness to achieve energy saving and emission reducing.

 •  4). The booming of LED Screen Rental market

With the continuous improvement of human production level, people have a higher pursuit of spiritual life while satisfying material life, thus promoting the rapid development of entertainment culture products, commercial performance activities and the design of large-scale stage has stimulated the rental screen market to expand constantly.
Our RN-series rental led display are just designed for indoor and outdoor stage rental activities with their high refresh rate, adjustable brightness, high saturation gray level and anti-glare design.

 •  5). The constantly expanding application of LED transparent screens.

The transparent and light led transparent screen is the best display product with glass window display. The transparent led display greatly attracts the eyes of customers and enhances the attention and brand image of the store through its cool video display, thus promotes the sales of the business. We can tell that the transparent screen will usher a larger market prospects from the car 4S shop, mobile phone shops, restaurant brands and various exhibitions and stage performances.


As a professional LED Display Manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions for our LED Display industry.Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our LED Screen Rental, High Resolution LED Displays, Transparent Posters, Flexible LED Displays, Indoor and Outdoor LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

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