Industry Trends Reflected By Shenzhen ISLE

After the longest “winter” in history, the LED display industry is finally waiting for this carnival-Shenzhen International Advertising Signs and LED Exhibition ISLE (referred to as “ISLE“) is launched! More than 1,200 brand companies, 5 special exhibitions, refreshing products, and industry development forecasts.

1. How small can the LED display be? Smaller than LCD!

As we all know, ultra-high-definition display is the biggest product technology trend of current LED displays. In 2020, with the blessing of Micro/MiniLED, COB and other technologies, ultra-high-definition LED display will go further, even smaller than LCD!

At this ISLE exhibition, LEDMAN Optoelectronics exhibited a 0.6mm dot-pitch ultra-high-definition display panel based on COB advanced technology and equipped with MicroLED pixel engine technology, which also refreshed everyone’s awareness.

Just as Absen predicts the technology trend of the LED display industry in the next 3 to 5 years-the continuous technology of core technologies such as chips, packaging, and system control will further lower the dot pitch. At present, the small pitch of LED displays continuously from regular pitch to small pitch to fine pitch (1mm<pitch<0.5mm). This must be one of the most important product trends in the future.

2. Differentiated competition becomes the mainstream

The current LED display market is becoming more and more segmented, and product technical service refinement has become the main way for major manufacturers to win the market segment competition. At the same time, we also found that leading manufacturers that can provide a full set of differentiated solutions including products and services have increasingly obvious competitive advantages.

At the same time, we also have some “new faces” on the exhibition site-small pitch/MiniLED solution development and design suppliers. They combine the current MiniLED boom and market solution design service requirements to seize the market opportunity of small pitch/MiniLED solutions in time.

3. Smart display technology is becoming the core competitiveness of manufacturers

In 2020, under the influence of the epidemic, the market for online office and epidemic monitoring will increase sharply, which will trigger an increase in the demand for smart LED displays. Together with the current development of new infrastructure and 5G, the industry will further accelerate the development and manufacturing of smart display products.

The LEDMAN LEDHUB smart conference system is equipped with Ledman’s patented MicroLED ultra-high-definition touch screen. It is highly integrated and integrates the four functions of writing whiteboard, file management, wireless screen transfer, and video conference. It can easily handle every local and remote meeting. .

4. New display technology continues to “love and kill each other”

In the current LED display industry, Micro/MiniLED, COB and other integrated display technologies continue to innovate. While they continue to compete and grow, they also continue to integrate and develop. As those in the industry have said, this new state of development in which new technologies compete and complement each other may continue for a long time.

Nationstar uses nStarI 2.7-inch display module based on RGB chip mass transfer technology and MicroLED technology.

5. Transparent screen technology upgrade

Throughout the entire exhibition hall, half of the companies exhibited transparent screens, including filmed soft screens, round transparent screens, triangular transparent screens, and Transparent Display solutions for moving doors, which fully demonstrated the market’s commitment to energy-saving, beautiful, and thin transparent screens. Recognized, especially favored by customers in Middle East countries.


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