LED Display Classic Cases|First Half 2021

Time flies, the first half of 2021 is about to pass, with the rise of raw materials, the global chip gap of 50%, the serious shortage of driver IC, led display price collective increase …… Even in this severe situation, the led display industry is still a bright spot, emerging a number of high-level classic projects, to share with you.

  • 1) China “Dubai” – “Sea Flower Island” 18,500 sqm of transparent screen

The name of “China Dubai” Hingham “Sea Flower Island”, located in the bay area between Danshov City, Hainan Province, Pai Pu Port and Yangpu Port. The island consists of three independent offshore islands, with a planned reclamation area of about 8 square kilometers, and the planned plan form is three flowers blooming in the sea, so it is named “Sea Flower Island”.

The twin towers of the island are nearly 100 meters high, with an unusually unique shape. The led screens used in the twin towers are composed of customized led strip screens, and each small piece of the hollowed-out facade of the two buildings relates to a high-definition strip screen, with a screen area of 18,500 square meters, which can achieve 8K high-definition display effects, so the final picture presented is of higher definition and more diverse forms.

  • 2) Shenzhen WenHeYou “time peeling” naked eye 3D screen

In April this year, said the world’s third super text and friends – Shenzhen “WenHeYou” officially opened, the opening day attracted more than 50,000 people lined up to call the number, really crazy!

For led display people are most concerned about the project of coupe is the outdoor naked eye 3D screen, this display seems to be different from the usual naked eye 3D screen, to time peel off” the way the wall peeled off, revealing the led screen, full of industrial wind, fit the environment.

  • 3) The world’s largest Micro LED display project – National Energy Group Production and Dispatch Command Center

On the first day of 2021, the led display system of the production and dispatching command center of National Energy Group was officially opened. This project is built by Lazard Group and is the largest single Micro led display project in the world.

The total area of the project is 227m². The large screen of the command-and-control center on the second floor adopts P0.9 Micro led display, with an area of 216m², and the whole screen has more than 7 pcs 8K resolutions, close to 250 million pixels; the conference rooms on the east and west of the second floor adopt two P0.7 Micro led displays, and the ultra-high-definition picture quality brings unparalleled visual experience.

  • 4) Ningbo Metro Line 4 Super 16K Mini LED Display

At the beginning of the year, Ningbo Metro Line 4 was officially opened, and two large Mini LED screens with more than 16K became the net red attraction at once. The project uses Mini LED series products (including Mini LED1.5, CV1.5) to meet the requirements of moisture resistance, humidity resistance, waterproof and anti-collision products, while both can be composed of a variety of shape capabilities.

After months of construction, the stations of Ningbo Metro Line 4 eventually focused on presenting a variety of creative screen forms such as wrapped column screens (right angle screens), folded corner screens, laminated screens and wave screens. Especially the wave screen and corner screen, the horizontal resolution is more than 16K, which is the most resolution of led electronic media in domestic metro.

  • 5) Naked-eye 3D canopy of Xi’an Joy City

The naked-eye 3D canopy of Xi’an Joy City, with an area of over 1200㎡, basically covers the whole shopping mall. In addition, the creative canopy with super 24K longitudinal pixels combined with naked eye 3D, human screen interaction, stereo surround sound and other black technologies, brings visitors an all-round, no-death-angle super shocking sound visual impact.

  • 6) Yunnan Kunming Jingo Department Store 1400 square meters outdoor display

Yunnan Kunming Jingo Department Store is a building with a certain age, more than 1400 sqm of outdoor led display embedded in the building to give a new vitality.

Ultra HD large display, combined with the waves, marine life and other communication content such as real scene reproduction, giving an extremely realistic, highly immersive visual sensory experience, presenting a naked eye 3D visual effect.

The project uses ultra-slim 10,000-grade high-brightness energy-saving P16 led outdoor products, safe and solid, with a brightness of up to 10,000nit and extremely low power consumption.

  • 7) China’s first 8K LED ultra-high-definition documentary digital cinema hall was completed in Guangzhou

The 8K cinema screen located in the China Ultra HD Digital Documentary Video Hall in Guangzhou Lihue Exhibition and Trade Center is the first 8K LED Ultra HD cinema screen in China, using the patented COB technology-based Ultra HD display module splicing, with a screen resolution of 7680*3240 and a total of 62.38 sqm.

Through professional technology deployment, combined with the world’s top LAX series of top digital surround sound system, to bring excellent viewing experience for the movie-going public.

8K COB ultra-HD display supports HLG and HDR10, several times the peak brightness of ordinary cinema, fine gray scale management, excellent picture image consistency, ≥ 170 degrees of viewing angle, maximize the real texture of the film picture, high fidelity restoration of the real world under the slim 8K lens.

  • 8) The United States Salesforce waterfall wall

This large screen is in the United States (San Francisco) technology giant Safe tree (Salesforce) company office building lobby entrance. From a distance, a 108-foot-long, more than 7 million pixels LED high-definition display advertising wall, the “waterfall” into the Salesforce office building, so that the entire space suddenly alive.

  • 9) Xi’an Xianzhi curved radius naked eye 3D screen

Recently, 1908 square meters of naked eye 3D screen was put into use in Xi’an Xianzhi shopping district of China World Trade Center, with a high-definition display effect of 8K resolution, nearly 20 million pixels, refreshing up to 7680Hz, the highest brightness of the display reaches 8000nits, becoming a veritable “HD giant screen”!

The screen with naked eye 3D video, the audience can feel the immersive high immersion experience only through the naked eye. 265 ° curved arc display screen, for the audience to bring a full range of multi-angle visual impact effect.

Not only that, both sides of the screen also added a mosaic-shaped display, full of creativity to make the screen trendier and more fashionable overall.

The above are the more representative led display application projects selected by LEDSINO in the first half of this year, of course, there may be some representative projects are not included in time, welcome to add, let’s discover the most creative projects in the industry together, to inspire industry colleagues to progress together.


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