LED Screen Bring Vitality to Entertainment

With the development of led technology, led display has long broken the traditional form. From the middle of the earliest large area of the screen, the emergence of the main screen and side screen form, and then gradually developed into a panoramic video wall and creative display innovation, and then to VR/AR, 3D, holographic projection and other black technology with the performance, dance props and visual creative needs, more and more creative led display equipment applications to the most explosive, eye-catching way to present, from the recent concert and live performance design, we can all feel the innovation and vitality of the current stage rental led display products.

1. LED Display Inject New Vitality to Stage Presentation:

The concert organizers invested heavily in creating a giant cross-space energy spherical screen of 12 meters high and 10 meters wide. This concert is also the world’s first largest sphere composed of transparent led display screens. Nearly 2,000 square meters of transparent screens were combined to create a very immersive stage effect.

The entire stage is wrapped in a retractable led transparent screen that immerses the band and audience in the center of the performance. The visual content presents different scenes depending on the songs and the different meanings and emotions conveyed by the retractable transparent screen. The entire stage is 165 feet wide and 55 feet deep, shaped like an eye and surrounded by the audience.

The entire stage design consists of huge mechanical devices, mostly hidden above the stage. The only thing visible is the huge led screen designed as the main backdrop, which hangs above the audience. The screen above the audience is a liftable device composed of countless small led moving screens, which can become a complete picture body, or can be fused with each other or scattered in the form of Tetris and spliced into different stage shapes during the performance. The designers designed three huge three-dimensional pods with led screens installed on the outside to create a visual picture.

The stage design uses six transparent led screens with lights that can move up and down, which are two types of stage equipment that lift the screen and lights above the stage. Different combinations of adjustable led screens and walls of light can present a different live atmosphere for each song in the concert. The stage adopts a split modular design, easy to install and transport, which is ideal for concert tours.

At present, with the further prosperity of the cultural performing arts market, the market led by rental has also ushered in a new spring. At the same time, the optimization of products and services in the industry has made led display very dazzling in many large performances, cultural evenings, celebrity concerts and event sites. The continuous progress of technology and innovation is constantly updated, which will surely bring us more shocking performances.

2. Indoor Full-color Visual Experience in Theatres:

Theater carries the needs of concerts, dance performances, operas, and other kinds of performances, with the continuous improvement of people’s aesthetic level, the traditional stage background design is difficult to meet people’s visual needs, indoor full-color led display with high-definition dazzling display screen and high-quality performance by the theater users. When the perfect combination of art and technology, what kind of visual experience will be brought to us?

Through the large screen display equipment in the stage, full-color led large screen display brings diverse display content, compared to the traditional single form of stage design and effect, led electronic large screen with high-definition natural, high color level display advantages. LED cinema screen combined with stage art performance, enrich the stage performance, inject new vitality, the artistic performance dripping in front of the audience.

Compared with traditional display devices, full color led screen has flexible expressiveness and extension, and the flexible and changing display screen provides the audience with comprehensive information, bringing unparalleled visual and audio dual experience.

Due to the special structure design of the stage, sometimes need to require different shapes and installation methods of display equipment, led display using flexible circuit board as the substrate, with the advantages of lightweight, easy to shape, can meet the needs of different stage shape, the perfect realization of special effects stage demonstration, whether the size or shape, can be customized through the needs of different situations of users, for the stage led display screen in The stage led display screen provides more innovative display forms in the design of choreography. And in different application scenes can perfectly help to play the effect of the atmosphere, the overall performance of technology and novelty, with excellent presentation capabilities.

With the continuous development of indoor full-color led screen display technology, its application is not limited to the viewing distance, whether it is near or far viewing distance, can perfectly provide a comfortable, high-definition display screen for the viewer, true restoration of the image, deeply loved by users in all fields. Full color led screen is widely used in the field of advertising and media, entertainment and culture, sports display, traffic guidance and the use of major led creative display places.

3. HD Small-pitch LED Display into Major Cinemas:

In recent years, it has become an indisputable fact that the market for small pitch led displays is booming. With the further compression of pixel pitch, the application of small pitch leds has begun to extend to high-end indoor applications represented by dispatching rooms and studios. At the same time, product forms represented by small-pitch TVs have also had an impact on the residential market.

So, in the theater industry, which has been monopolized by projection technology, does small pitch led display also have application value? As we all know, most of the broadcasting equipment currently used in the theater field is projection technology, including movie projectors used in large and medium-sized theaters and engineering-grade or even commercial-grade projectors used in small theaters. Our discussion will also start with a comparison between small pitch indoor led displays and projection technology.

Since the projection system uses the reflection imaging principle, the distance of the projected light to the center and periphery of the screen is different, and the position of the three primary color light sources in the projection tube is also different, resulting in a small amount of pixel scatter and color fraying in the projected image. In addition, a white screen is used in the movie screen, which reduces the contrast of the picture.

LED displays, on the other hand, use the principle of self-illumination, where each pixel emits light independently, resulting in negligible location-based imaging differences. And led displays can use all-black screen background color, which also makes the image better black performance and better contrast performance.

Traditional movie projectors can only be viewed in a dark environment and can only be built to be viewed in a dedicated theater with good shading conditions, which also creates application limitations for movie projection. Achieving high brightness is one of the most prominent features of led displays. Coupled with its self-luminous characteristics, led display can be imaged in bright indoor lighting environment. In this way, cinemas with led displays can be used in dark or bright environments, reducing the rigid demand for cinema environments, and invariably expanding the scope of cinema construction.

After that we will discuss the possibility of cinema management. Projection equipment needs light source support, and light sources have a limited life span. To ensure the viewing effect, it is usually necessary to replace light sources, such as light bulbs, on a regular basis. Despite the introduction of high-efficiency laser light sources in recent years, their 20,000-hour lifespan is still far behind that of led screens with 60,000-100,000 hours. LED cinema screen can save a lot of light source replacement costs, although the initial purchase investment is higher.

In addition, to meet the use of screening equipment, large and medium-sized cinemas have independent screening room, not only need to take up valuable space, but also increase an expense. The led display is self-luminous, does not require an independent projection room, effectively saving the running space and construction costs of the projection room.

At present, there is still a long way to go for small pitch led displays to replace projection systems without the perfect solution of cost, technology, market acceptance and other factors. However, with its brightness and flexibility, the application of led displays in commercial projection fields such as small theaters, entertainment centers and clubs are worth further exploration.

4. Australia’s Arena Selects Digital Signage:

The Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney has upgraded its IPTV and digital signage with a Tripleplay solution that manages around 130 screens on-site and integrates with digital menu boards, as a long-term partner of Tripleplay, we offer the perfect product and video screens solution.

Qudos Bank Arena, ranked one of the top 10 arenas in the world, is the largest indoor entertainment and sporting arena in Australia and can accommodate up to 21,000 visitors. The arena is managed by AEG Ogden, part of the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG), itself one of the world’s largest entertainment groups. Managing more than 120 of the world’s premier venues and playing host to the world’s greatest performers, AEG’s absolute priority is to exceed fans’ expectations.

A Tripleplay signage solution installed by value-added distributor avt allows Qudos Bank Arena to deliver IPTV and digital signage content to around 130 video screens across the site, as well as integrating with on-site digital menu boards at food and beverage concession stands across the venue. Tripleplay’s technology has proven ROI for large venues and allows Qudos Bank Arena to communicate with fans and visitors inside the arena efficiently and enhance their experience.

Aimee Head, graphic design and digital coordinat or at the Arena spoke about the Tripleplay solution, commenting: “Qudos Bank Arena’s transition from the previous digital signage, IPTV, video streaming provider to Tripleplay has changed the way the commercial department uses our digital screen assets across the entire arena. Not only is the new interface and dashboard incredibly user-friendly, saving time in the application and upload process, but it also allows the team to make realtime changes and preview images of the content that is going to be distributed to the relevant digital screens before it is published. Training and support from avt (AV Technology) and Tripleplay has been second to none and the led wall solution is more cost effective regarding ongoing licencing and training fees than others in the market.”

Daniel Brooks, ICT coordinator at Qudos Bank Arena, also commented: “Qudos Bank Arena is very pleased with the Tripleplay system, and we look forward to continuing the great relationship we have with Tripleplay team for the foreseeable future.”

Steve Rickless, CEO of Tripleplay, added: “Working with Qudos Bank Arena, such an iconic venue in the APAC region, is a real privilege and Tripleplay was able to deliver a world-class solution alongside our distribution partners in the region, avt (AV Technology). This deployment re-affirms Tripleplay’s position as the most compelling solution for IPTV and digital signage delivery in large venue spaces.”

5. LED Display Provides Racing Circuits with Razor-sharp Top Speed:

While dozens of motorcycles flashed by at the Sachsenring at the weekend of 30 June to 2 July, almost 200,000 spectators could follow the event on led displays that Audiovisuals had supplied. This top-flight material was used one week earlier at the TT Assen. ‘A very successful logistical challenge,’ says District Manager Nidal Echaust.

Almost 200,000 motorsport enthusiasts visited the famous Sachsenring for the MotoGP, the biggest motorcycle racing event in Germany. Audiovisuals had supplied the audiovisual equipment for the second year in a row, making it possible for the spectators to track the event displayed at the circuit from up close. Nidal Echaust, involved with the event as a sales manager at Faber explains: ‘In total, we supplied 510 m2 of led screens, divided over eight high-resolution module screens ranging in size from 50 to 80 square metres. We also delivered four led trucks with screens in sizes between 30 and 80 square metres.’

These led displays from LEDSINO (Shenzhen, China) offered spectators a sensational experience at the TT Assen a week earlier. ‘That is where 800 m2 of our material was set up until the Sunday before. Logistically, it was tight because all equipment had to be transported to the Sachsenring within a few days and had to be configured on-site because the dimensions of the screens did not match. At Faber, we manage our own logistics and work with a very experienced crew, so we were able to install everything in good time.’

Audiovisuals provides systems to various racing circuits. ‘The innovative and new products we supply are very suitable for speed-sport events like auto racing and moto racing. Spectators experience the event as even more emotional and exciting because of the large high-resolution screens. ‘

6. Indoor LED Display Stage in Shanghai KTV Bar:

Recently, P3 Indoor led display stage provided by LEDSINO has been installed in a Shanghai KTV Bar, Under the inspiration of the designer, the creative led screen can be made into various shapes to match the overall design style. The unique design can always bring extraordinary attention to the audience visual effects.

The project adopts the unique P3 indoor led display stage module, which can be combined with the on-site music rhythm to perfectly display all kinds of dreamy, dazzling, mysterious and gorgeous color visual impact, bringing the audience to a wonderful world of audiovisual!

It caters to the special requirements of the high-end bar/KTV/stage and other night scenes on the background of the lamp. The shocking effect brought by the super visual impact adds to the attraction of the night field, which greatly enhances the grade and taste of the night field. It is the current high-end night scene, new highlights in decorative applications.

The advantages of led display manufacturer, our P3 indoor led display are mainly reflected in the phenomenon of no particles and mosaic, and the saturation of the color is relatively high, and the color display is more symmetrical. smooth and vivid videos without ripple and blank, high-definition image delivery, clear images restored accurately, bringing to the audience greatest visual enjoy.

7. LED Backdrop Display Sponsor the Beauty Pageant:

“Miss World” beauty pageant contest selection of outstanding women is talented, full of love, positive and healthy women on behalf of. The organizers hope that through this kind of activity, the “Miss World” contest will become a mechanism of communication and communication that will spread and flourish peace, friendship and love through the players and viewers all year round.

The organizers center has a long-term business relationship for the led display manufacturer, and the event use P3 backdrop led cinema screen, auxiliary display of the relevant background and picture of the kindhearted finalists, so that the beauty pageant is more exciting.

After the pageant, one finalist said: Now that I have had the experience of competition for a worthy cause, I have now signed myself up for, race for life, and colour race; also, I am looking into tough mudder later this year and hope to take part in the 3 peaks challenge. I take away from this amazing opportunity several new friends, greater confidence and of course the good feeling doing good work has given me.

8. Texas Rangers Taking Total Control with DK Show Control System:

As the Texas Rangers continue to build globe life field, DK has been asked to provide a complete audio-visual control solution throughout the ballpark. This includes the company’s robust show control system featuring new live clips and camino technology. Also, all the new led displays will be HDR capable to bring the very best contrast and image quality to Rangers fans.

“The new home of the Texas Rangers, Globe Life Field, will have the most comfortable seat in baseball, and with this new technology from DK, that seat just got better,” said Texas Rangers Executive Vice President, Ballpark Entertainment Chuck Morgan. “The Dk Show Control System, coupled with Live Clips and Camino, gives the Texas Rangers a complete control system and powerful platforms to create a game presentation for Rangers fans that will be second to none in all of baseball. We are looking forward to bringing this game changer in the industry to our fans and enhancing their experience at Globe Life Field.”

DK Show Control System brings control software, video processing, data integration and playback hardware into a powerful, but easy-to-use, production solution to entertain fans and generate revenue.

Live Clips, a dual channel multimedia broadcast server designed for live production, plays both clips and graphics. Built on a broadcast hardware platform, it delivers reliable clip playback and attention-grabbing graphics using layers, effects, and transitions.

Camino, along with its real-time render engine, brings another level of control to the Rangers production room by allowing for real-time, non-linear, 2D and 3D template editing, and server play out. This makes real-time rendering of data-driven graphics a reality for in-game productions at Globe Life Field.

“We are excited about our continued partnership with the Texas Rangers in making Globe Life Field into a destination for Rangers and major league fans, alike,” said Tony Kuck, manager for DK control systems. “Our new Live Clips and Camino technology will be key in transforming the Rangers production vision into a fan experience we can all be proud of.”

9. P3 Wave LED Screen in One Shenzhen School:

Recently, our company successfully installed a P3 led display at the entrance of a school in Shenzhen, and it can be used normally after testing. This has once again become another classic case of our company.

In this case, the customer needs a wave shape, and the exterior decoration design is integrated. When the video is played, there will be a dynamic effect; we adheres to the corporate spirit of “quality as the root and service as the foundation” and has always been The customer’s needs are first, and the customer’s urgent need is to design and install the indoor P3 pitch led products(size:3.822*1.344m) that the customer wants, low heat, low noise, low radiation, and can be embedded into the wall, and the installation thickness is only 8cm. It not only brings a stylish and concise appearance, but also allows the led display screen to fit on the wall and achieve the effect of streamlining the space.

Advantages of LEDSINO LED display:

1). Area scalability, it is difficult to achieve seamless splicing when the area of the led display is large. Our led display can be extended arbitrarily and achieve seamless splicing.

2). The luminous flux of the led display decays very quickly. Generally, it needs to be replaced after running for about one and a half years, but our led display will be no problem for at least five years under the same operating conditions.

3). The led display screen can use interactive technology to enhance the interaction between the swipe screen as an advertising medium and the advertising audience, such as customizing the touch screen and implementing cloud technology broadcast control management.

4). In terms of display effect, our led display has high brightness, wide viewing angle and good color reproduction ability.

5). The luminous brightness is strong, and the display content is clearly visible when the sun shines on the screen surface within the visible distance.

6). Static scanning technology, using static latch scanning method, high-power drive, fully guarantee the brightness of the light.

10. Indoor P2 LED Display Service in Brunei:

Brunei is a country located on the north coast of the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, it has developed wealth from extensive petroleum and natural gas fields. Brunei has the second-highest Human Development Index among the Southeast Asian nations, after Singapore, and is classified as a developed country. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Brunei is ranked fifth in the world by gross domestic product per capita at purchasing power parity.

Recently, we have successfully confirmed that the indoor display screen, P2 led display screen has the company’s exclusive patented technology, showing the characteristics of LEDSINO in terms of product expression, image quality, and color resolution.

We supply the indoor high-definition P2 led display used in the meeting room, total 32 pcs 512 * 512mm cabinets, 4 rows and 8 columns, display size 4.096 * 2.048 m, equipped with Nationstar lamp, ICN2153, Novastar system; installation thickness Only 8cm, inserted into the wall, not only brings a stylish and concise appearance, but also shows the installation of pasting and fitting on the wall, achieving the effect of streamlining the space.

Advantages Of LEDSINO Display:

1). Good quality: ISO9001:2008 standard; 25 quality inspection control procedures; a full set of digital equipment production; strictly control the brightness difference of each led to be less than 1:1.1, and there will be no color spots or dark spots within one hundred thousandths of the blind spot, Mosaic, and other phenomena.

2). Good effect: using nonlinear correction technology, High-Definition images, and strong sense of hierarchy.

3). The use of distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability, and stability; support for multiple display modes, and general video playback software, making the system operation more convenient and user-friendly!

4). Excellent price: to ensure the quality of the materials and reduce the cost of raw materials, reduce the manufacturing cost, and return to the customers in the price of the product!

11. The Rise of Street LED Advertising Display:

Wander the streets and you’ll see led has a life of its own. It’s “plastered on walls, floors and automobiles, with whispers that it will soon legitimately replace some building materials.” (D. Hayne). Its explosion has meant the design and delivery of a more refined and quality product with a more attractive price tag. So why is the popular outdoor screen option now taking steps indoors?

If you’ve been waiting to push the play button on digital because you thought it was a passing trend, you can be confident it’s not moving on. Retail spaces have become a hive of digital activity, with different platforms delivering so much more than just advertisements on the wall. Having worked with retail brands, key features set led apart from other alternatives, and it is quickly becoming the choice for in-store communication.

LED is seam free, allowing for the construction of impressive video walls. LCD displays have frames that present noticeable bezel, breaking up display content and images. Fine pitch led technology allows visuals to extend to the edge, displaying greater impact with more vibrant picture and uninterrupted video. LED is providing brands a platform to build truly transformative experiences, taking their customers out of the store and into a realm of their choice.

LED is proven to perform better in spaces exposed to sunlight. For retailers occupying street-side locations, their shop front is prime real estate. LED has the capability to break through the glass and glare and use visual content to engage those passing by.

The evolution of fine pitch led has seen its product lifespan almost double that of its LCD competitor. Video walls built with LCD tend to have an operation time of five years, with the front-running led lasting twice as long. The lifespan has proven to be a key buying incentive for retailers, as they aim to get the most from their investment.

12. Effect of LED Transparent Screen for Night-Travel:

On Sep 16, 2019, a city joint light shows with the theme of “Confession to Motherland” was built on 25 landmarks in 9 cities along the Yellow River.

According to several landmark lighting shows released by People’s Daily:Wangfujing Department Store, Lanzhou Yellow River Bridge, Yinchuan Yuehai CBD, Ordos Kangbash Library and Museum, Taiyuan Yingzeqiao Building, Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center and Millennium Plaza, Jinan Greenland Center, the landmark buildings all have applied led transparent display technology.

Due to its self-illumination and bright colors, the led display caters to the needs of nighttime sights. Therefore, although the urban nightscape is still dominated by lighting, the operability and diversity of lighting brightness is much lower. So led display still plays a significant role in it, and its ability to be free from advertising approval, it is also increasingly favored by various buildings, such as New York Times Square, Shanghai Bund, In addition, in recent years, many landmark buildings have installed glass led screen for viewing, publicity, advertising and other purposes, and also brought many business opportunities for led screens.

Moreover, today’s led sky screen, led tunnel screen, led shaped screen and other novel, beautiful led screens appear, the eye-catching strength is doubled, and the demand in the night travel economy will continue to rise. However, compared with lighting by means of illumination, however, since the led display screen can only be in a black screen state when it stops playing, it will affect the appearance during the daytime, and will affect the lighting of the installed building body, and the traditional led display screen.

Need to install steel frame, the weight is large, if the installation position is reserved during the non-construction process, the post-installation must consider the weight bearing problem of the building, so it often receives a large limit in size, and cannot play a bigger role in the night travel economy.

However, for the led transparent screen, the lighting problem that restricts the traditional led display is solved because of its transparency, and its weight is much lower than that of the traditional led outdoor large screen, so the degree of force is relatively high depending on the screen size. The traditional led screen, it can be said that the size of the led wall transparent depends only on the surface area of the building, and even completely replaces the exterior wall glass decoration.

Although the transparent video screen has the contradiction between “transparency and clarity cannot be achieved”, since the viewing distance of the transparent display of the building is usually far away, the conflict between the clarity and the transparency of the led transparent screen is caused. The impact of the impact on the transparent display of the building is basically negligible, but with the advancement and development of technology, this contradiction is gradually being resolved.

The importance of transparent screens in landscape construction and building construction is increasing, and the trend of building materials for led display glasses is becoming more and more obvious, and because it can completely fit the exterior walls of buildings, it is applied to irregularities in exterior walls. Buildings (such as the Ordos Kangbash Library and Museum, and the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Center) can better enhance their artistry because of the alienation effect produced by the changes in the shape of the surface of the building.

With the city’s increasing emphasis on the air environment and urban safety, more and more cities are beginning to use the light show to replace the fireworks show as a way of celebrating the festival or to display it as a tourist attraction. Extending the city’s profit time to the whole day, the transparent led screen is also obvious in the pull and drainage of the night travel economy.

Therefore, in the future urban development, because the led transparent glass display has the natural advantage of hiding the body shape during the day, it is inevitable to find its own exclusive positioning and development space in night landscape construction and festival celebration activities. Over time, more and more urban landmark buildings will be equipped with led transparent screens to complete the transformation of landmarks and attractions.

13. Watch 3D Feast with New LED Theater Screen:

With the improvement of the quality and reputation of films, the demand for viewers’ viewing experience is also increasing, the competition in theaters is becoming increasingly fierce. “How to improve the construction, management and operation of cinemas” has become an urgent problem for many cinema managers. In this context, we introduce a new led theater screen solution.

This theater adopts the new P2 HD led cinema screen, breaks out the traditional film projection technology, and comprehensively renovates the movie audio-visual realm. It is expected to promote the cinema line innovation through advanced film projection technology, enhance the audience’s viewing experience, and provide filmmakers with their talents. The broader stage of the film industry will open new spaces for diversified operations and achieve new glory in the film industry.

HDR clips and 3D movies are played live, which is 10 times higher than the traditional projection device (146fL), and the ultra-clear 4K image quality of high dynamic range (HDR) overcomes the over-darkness of the traditional 3D movies, and the uniformity of the screen and the projector’s focus is not true, the picture is blurred. And the audio-visual enjoyment has been frequently sighed by the participants: “Although wearing 3D glasses, you can clearly see the image details and subtitle text, no traditional 3D theater.

“Dark, blurred shadows”, “This is a very different 3D viewing style, the unparalleled 3D depth of field, the layered image quality is amazing!”. In this led theater screen, no matter where the audience sits, its epoch-making movie quality and customized professional audio system cover the best sound of the audience, ensuring that all viewers can enjoy the same immersive audiovisual.

14. LED Stage Screens Make Music an Art:

As people’s aesthetics of art continue to improve, the demand for music has begun to increase in a comprehensive direction of audio-visual integration. Music has been inseparable from the amazing function of the dancing stage, and the stage led screen has become a necessary part of the concerts and entertainment parties.

And LEDSINO is the leading company in the stage led display, our led backdrop screen is shining on the stage of the live wedding parties and shows with our good quality and satisfying service to make the music more visual, conceptual, and complete.

Our new RK-Series led rental screen got higher flatness which can reduce the gap situation. The display screens are dedicated to the occasions like stages and TV stations and highly used with the Kn-light led’ high refresh rate, high-definition image quality and ultra-high contrast. RK-series rental led display also can withstand the capture of professional cameras and guarantee the long-distance and different angles watching experience of the large-scale music events without deviation.

The stage screen cabinet is designed with flexible materials and novel locking system which can adjust the screen quickly and without any additional tools. It can bend in any arcs to meet the creative needs of curved and special-shaped stage and fully match the music theme to make the performance completely perfect for the audience.

Fast installation and maintenance are also a major feature of rental screens. As we all know, the preparation of music events is detailed and time limited. Nicely our cabinets are lighter, reasonably designed, easy to disassemble and transport and can be installed and operated by one single person, which could save time and energy.

Meanwhile it also supports the front and rear maintenance to make the replacement of the modules much easier and make sure the activities going smoothly by letting performers perform in a more perfect way and entertain the audience in a more exciting way. In some outdoor music festivals or the Movie Screen Rental events, the stability and weather resistance of the stage display are particularly important when the weather environment is uncontrollable. This is the time showing the great quality of outdoor led screen precisely.

Every single screen of ours has undergone rigorous environmental tests for high protection ability, high weather resistance and waterproof design. Regardless strong daylight or heavy rain, our led video screen will never be panic if the music is going on. We have been doing wonderfully in various music events with high-quality products. Out backdrop screen help showing perfection and providing ultimate feeling for all the concerts using our screens every time by bringing the splendid changes and surprises.


As a professional LED Display Manufacturer, LEDSINO provides reliable products, comprehensive services and creative solutions.Since establishment, our team has been continuously innovating. Our Rental LED Display,LED Poster, Stage LED Screen, Flexible LED Display,Transparent LED Display, Church LED Wall, Concert LED Screen, LED Drape Screen, Nationstar LED Screen, LED Display Ball, Stadium LED Screens have the most advanced technology and forward-looking design in the present market.

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