LED Advertising Screen Benefit Your Business

With the rapid development of science and the progress of the city’s information technology has become ever-changing, a variety of new things, new technology innovation, debut in the social arena, to bring a significant impetus to the development of business. To the new terminal display products, for example, led advertising screen for the development of the city also played an indelible role, also will benefit your business.

1. Role on The Wisdom-Urban Development:

•  1). LED advertising screen as an equipment of intelligent city furnishings, through the user experience, the public participation, and then provide a platform for the wisdom of the city to create value, and then serve the whole world.

Indoor led advertising screen with its no patchwork, good color, the use of flexible, energy saving and environmental protection advantages in the wisdom of the city’s studio, weather, conference rooms, exhibition hall, command and control center, monitoring center used in many places.

With the continuous improvement of led display technology, the use of expanding, play a wider range of functions and spread, also will be strengthened for the wisdom of urban planning and construction role.

•  2). LED advertising screen as a rookie in the field, the wisdom of the city to science and technology. Can be used to the emerging technology products, for each smart city to bring science and technology aura, close to the trend of the new darling of science and technology, will make the wisdom of the city to develop more fresh elements to promote the wisdom of urbanization image in the city to attract foreign investment, to attract the public, get appreciation, improve the quality of work and so on.

•  3). More and more rich forms of communication, dazzling video messages, as well as real-time, comprehensive, real show and other interactive forms to join, through the led display high-definition transmission of network information or business information, can successfully promote the city’s economic and cultural construction deepen.

The rich information dissemination and publicity of led advertising screen, for the city’s economic development and cultural transmission cannot be ignored to promote the role. In the Internet era, led display and other emerging high-tech products, and gradually infiltrated into people’s daily life, the environment for the wisdom of the city will have some impact.

2. The Use of Electronic LED Display:

  • 1). Exchanges and Financial

The led display in this field accounts for more than 50% of the domestic electronic led display demand in previous years, and there is still a large demand.

  • 2). The Airport Flight Dynamic

Civil aviation airport construction is very clear about the requirements of the residence display. The led displays are the selected product of the flight information display system (FIDS).

  • 3). Port, Station Passenger Guidance

The led displays of civil-oriented information systems and broadcasting systems, train arrival and departure revealing systems, train arrival and departure revealing systems, ticketing information systems and other automatic systems that constitute a passenger hub have become an important part of the domestic railway station and port technology development and transformation.

  • 4). Stadium Information Display

LED stadium displays as the main means of game information display and live broadcast of the game has replaced the traditional lighting and CRT display screens, becoming a must-have game facility in modern sports venues.

  • 5). Road Traffic Information Display

The rise of smart utility systems has been widely adopted in the areas of urban utility, highways, etc., and electronic led display shows that people are used as variable information boards and speed limit signs.

  • 6). Dispatch Command Center

Power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle height adjustment management, etc. are also gradually adopting hd led display screens.

  • 7). Business Promotion

In service fields such as postal services, telecommunications, and mall shopping centers.

  • 8). New Media Products

In addition to a single large indoor and outdoor led display as the media, cluster led displays systems, train led displays release systems have also been adopted and are in progress.

  • 9). Performances and Gatherings

Large-scale led wall display is increasingly used for live broadcast of public and political purposes. For example, in major festivals such as China’s 50th anniversary of the founding of the China and the new millennium celebrations around the world, large-scale display screens have played an outstanding role in broadcast live broadcasting and information dissemination.

  • 10). Exhibition

The led display screen is one of the important services provided by the organizer of the exhibition. It provides paid services to exhibitors. There are also large professional leasing companies with large led screens abroad, and some large manufacturers provide leasing services.

3. Brilliant Displays for Every Need:

  • 1). Sustainable Technology

The technology behind led displays is highly sustainable, enabling businesses to have excellent means of communication that exerts less energy to present information in the most advanced manner.

  • 2). Low Maintenance

LED technology is an excellent option for businesses because it is highly effective, very attractive, yet very low maintenance. Enabling you to have an excellent method of communication, without worry over how much time it will take to maintain and keep it in proper condition.

  • 3). Long Lasting

LED displays from intermedia touch are highly lauded for their exceptional quality and longevity. These customized displays are made to last longer than the average, going for approximately 100,000 hours, or 10 years.

  • 4). Cost-Effective

LED displays are one of the most popular methods of marketing and communication for public spaces due to their exceptional effectiveness along with their costs (both long-term and short-term), reliability, and maintenance needs compared to other options of communication.

  • 5). Customization

The ability to have a customized led display gives your brand the ability to present effective branding and communication that is tailored to your products, services, and offerings like nothing else. Our displays can be customized for indoor or outdoor use, which will work for businesses of all types.

4. Change the Way You Get Messages:

With so many ways to display your branding, messaging, or content, led videos wall are fast becoming the popular choice for vision technology at corporate events and activation’s. LED wall displays can comprise of one or multiple led screens.

LED walls enable your brand to take center stage. Your company’s branding and products will get the attention they deserve on the big screen, led walls can also be combined with the latest audio, lighting, and staging technology to really make your event stand out.

Exciting advances in technology have created new possibilities for led videos wall displays. LED screens are now designed to be waterproof, dust and grime resistant. So, your event’s led walls can be on display outside and still be resilient enough to handle weather conditions like rain.

There are also outdoor led screens bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight. So, there’s no need to worry about image quality when you’re setting up an led videos wall for outdoor use.

Another exciting development for led screens is the introduction of convex and concave models. The curved nature of led screens provides a sense of visual depth you can’t achieve with flat screens. Curved led screens also provide you with flexible options for creating various display shapes and configurations.

  • 1). What Can LED Walls Be Used For

With live streaming and audience participation technology, it’s never been easier to make led walls part of an interactive experience. Here are three examples:

Display live audience polling: It’s a great tool for game shows or even trivia nights where you need to display a live feed of results.

Social media walls for streaming social posts in real time: A social media wall is an easy way to get your guests engaging with your brand and leave a lasting impression on your social media channels with numerous posts, likes, and shares.

Digital signage: Brand logos can be presented with eye-catching visuals that dynamically change. A digital signage display can become a marquee feature of your event.

  • 2). How Can LED Walls Be Assembled?

One of the unique advantages of using led screens is their lack of a bezel. With no bezels present, it makes it easier to connect multiple led screens while achieving a seamless and crystal-clear image.

The ease with which you can build up led screens and connect them enables you to achieve a wide range of shapes and formations. For a live stage show, you could have led walls stacked on totem panels.

LED screens can also be used to create a digital stage set for a conference, as entrance features or digital wallpapers.

  • 3). How to Get It

If you’re looking to get led walls installed for your event, be prepared to answer some vital questions from your event staging supplier.

Confirming the format of your content will help your supplier understand your led videos wall requirements. Let your supplier know the size of your event space, and they can recommend a suitable resolution, screen, and pixel size.

5. Conclusion:

Because all our led displays and digital signage solutions are customized, we can accommodate all the needs of your business, regardless of the size and shape of your display space. We work with our clients from the very initial concept stages all the way through completion and installation, and we aim to create the ultimate solution for your marketing needs.

We offer a complete range of event technology services for conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, product launches, and so much more. We can install a wide range of led wall displays to get your brand noticed. So, if you want a unique, immersive, and eye-catching visual display for your next event, get in touch with us.


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