Several P3.91 Hire LED Displays Cases Study

1. Product Overview:

Pixel pitch: 3.91mm, Pixel Density: 65536pixel/㎡;

Module size: 250*250mm, Module weight: 0.35Kg/Indoor, 0.55Kg/Outdoor

Cabinet size: 500*500/500*1000mm, Cabinet weight:8Kg/14Kg

2. Product Parameters:

 P3.91 SMD 3IN1 Technical Parameters
尺寸 Size 项目 Item 参数 Parameter
产品型号 Model dumber P3.91-16S
模组尺寸 Module size 250mm*250mm
物理点间距 Pixel pitch 3.91mm
物理密度 Pixels density 65536点/㎡
发光点颜色 Pixel configuration 1R1G1B
LED封装 Package mode SMD2020/1921
模组分别率 Pixel resolution 64dots(W)*64dots(H)
模组最大功耗 Max power consumpion 32W
模组厚度 Module thickness 17mm
模组重量 Weight 0.4KG
驱动方式 Drive type 恒流驱动Constant drive
扫描方式 Scan mode 1/16扫描 1/16scan
接口方式 Port type HUB75
白平衡亮度 Brightness of white balance ≥1200/4500cd/㎡
托架 Bracket 尺寸 Size 250mm*250mm


Unit Module

箱体尺寸 Dimension 500mm*500mm
单体模组数 Quanty of module 4
供电方式 Power supply 5V/60A*1 pcs
散热方式 Thermal discharge fan 0pcs
箱体分辨率 Pixel per cabinet 128*128
最佳视距 Best viewing distance 3.91M~20M
最佳视角 Best viewing distance 140°(W) 120°(H)
环境温度 Temperature 存贮storage:-35℃~+85℃


相对湿度 Opration humidity 10%-95%
屏体厚度 Thickness 85mm



工作电压 Working voltage AC220V±10%
平均功耗 Average power consumption 260W/㎡
最大功耗 Max.power consumption ≤800W/㎡
电流 Current ≤20mA(single LED)


Control system

控制主机 CPU P4或以上 Pentium4 or above
操作系统 Operation system WIN98/2000/NT/XP
控制方式 Control method 同步控制Synchronization


Main technical


驱动器件 Driving device IC恒流驱动 Constant currentdriver
刷新频率 Refresh frequency ≥400HZ
灰度/颜色 Grey scale/colors RGB各256级,可显示16.7M颜色 2

56levels of each color(RGB)/16.7M colors

平均无故障时间 MTBF ≥9000hours
电源开关 Power switch 自动开关Automatic switch
显示模式 Display mode 800*600/1024*768

3. Product Features:

 •  1). High brightness: Outdoor P3.91 using ultra-high brightness nationstar LED, it is still clearly visible from a long distance under the strong sunlight.

 •  2). High uniformity: the color uniformity of the display is super high, and the display screen is more delicate.

 •  3). Good flatness: The flatness of the module installation surface is controlled at plus or minus 0.1mm.

 •  4). Good display effect: non-linear point-by-point correction technology is adopted, which makes the text clearer and the sense of hierarchy stronger.

 •  5). Convenient operation: the computer edited content sent to the system control card, you can display the edited content, the system operation is very convenient.

 •  6). High resolution: It can perfectly perform high-definition picture quality and delicate color, which can be comparable with LCD to a certain extent.

 •  7). Long life: We choose high quality light-emitting components as the core material of the display and adopt our own circuit board design, which fundamentally ensures the service life of the product.

 •  8). Wide viewing angle: good viewing angle, 140° wide viewing angle and each light-emitting tube height consistency, in the horizontal and vertical have a large viewing angle, which is suitable for the horizontal distribution of a wide and height difference of the environment.

 •  9). Stable performance: the unique treatment of the display’s anti-electromagnetic wave is an important reason why Guangxiang Technology display has been stable than other displays. And the use of distributed scanning technology and modular design technology, making the display reliability and stability of higher.

 •  10). Fine picture quality: non-linear correction technology, fine and clear images; vivid and diverse animation effects; smooth and realistic video.

 •  11). Seamless splicing: Our kit design controls the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, and can be made into any shape according to the user’s needs.

 •  12). Good flatness: The ink color of our R&D mask is consistent, so that the whole display has high contrast; good flatness, soft touch, no protruding feeling.

 •  13). High quality material: Adopt high quality led display special chip design with small package, high brightness, large angle, anti-static, etc.

 •  14). Real-time relay: can support DVI HDMI 3G/HD/SD three-speed SDI high-definition display mode, suitable for TV video programs VCD or DVD and live indoor places.

 •  15). High-quality materials: imported light-emitting materials, high-quality led display IC chip design, with a small package, high brightness, large angle anti-static characteristics; noiseless high-power power supply; the whole screen finless design, no noise low power consumption, can be used in -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ temperature range.

 •  16). No format restrictions: format, can be arranged by the user arbitrary display mode; can display text, graphics, images, animation, video information; and the amount of information displayed is not limited.

 •  17). Asynchronous compatible: It can support synchronous control and asynchronous control at the same time; when the control computer fails, it can still display and play normally.

 •  18). Stable circuit board: the circuit board adopts wave soldering process, with green oil oxygen barrier layer, to prevent the line of moisture oxidation, to improve the service life.

 •  19). Over three anti-paints: protect the circuit board and its related equipment from the erosion of the bad environment; has good resistance to high and low temperatures; its curing into a transparent protective film, with superior insulation, moisture-proof, anti-leakage, shock-proof, dust-proof, corrosion-proof, anti-aging, corona-resistant performance.

 •  20). Anti-vibration test: Anti-vibration test is carried out for the form before shipment to exclude the problem of screw and wire connection of the cabinet; to ensure that the display after long-distance transportation, no contact problems, suitable for long-distance transportation.

 •  21). Easy maintenance: our modular design, display effect is stable, more convenient installation and maintenance, and can be repaired with electricity.

4. Cabinet Characteristics:

 •  1). Newer light and thin transparent cabinet.

 •  2). Can quickly achieve lifting and sitting installation.

 •  3). Can spell right angle and oblique angle, a larger angle to support the 45-degree angle splicing.

 •  4). Unique single-handle design can be disassembled and installed by a single person.

 •  5). Module to achieve up and down left and right through change.

 •  6). The bottom of the cabinet is designed to prevent bumping.

 •  7). The standardization of the cabinet design makes the same box size applicable to different pixel display requirements, making the advertising screen more convenient to install, led cabinet is thinner and lighter, saving transportation costs.

 •  8). With 500 * 500/500*1000mm cabinet design, easy to cope with a variety of sizes to build. The display effect is realistic with wide viewing angle and easy to operate with various display modes.

 •  9). The use of die-casting aluminum cabinet, significantly reduce the thickness of the cabinet weight transportation costs, seamless splicing good flatness, stable performance, and easy maintenance.

 •  10). The use of the company’s research and development circuit board to extend the life of the unique treatment of anti-electromagnetic waves, using distributed scanning technology, can be repaired with electricity, easy maintenance.

5. Application Occasions:

Shopping centers, hospitals, banks, enterprises and institutions, exhibition halls, stadiums, ticket halls, hotels, customs, shopping malls, stage rental, car shows, airports, transportation, parks, TV stations.

Educational propaganda: interactive systems for campus areas, training institutions, etc.

Public places: airports, railroads, subways, highways and other transportation industries, libraries, museums, shopping malls and other places for information display.

Commercial display: TV studios, large performances and commercial exhibitions, hotel lobbies, enterprises, and institutions, etc.

Government departments: convenient propaganda, work guidance, government affairs openness, etc.

6. Our P3.91 hire led displays lit chengyu city Ningbo theater recently, the led display project has 40 square meters to commemorate the nurse section, become a classic indoor case, the screen was very satisfied with the audience feel, a strong visual impact coupled with the big screen shock Effect, so that the stage to achieve the best results.

P3.91 rental led displays is widely used in gymnasium, stage rental, airport stations and different indoor places, this project is the kind of die-cast aluminum cabinet, simple disassembly, and maintenance, with the choice of material quality, color reproduction Good, play high-definition effect, smooth video screen to attract the attention of the crowd and so on a little so that customers are very shocking.

Competitive price, delicate hd video screen, whether eyes or camera is very clear, to the audience to bring excellent visual enjoyment, creating a magnificent stage atmosphere.

7. Pattaya is Thailand’s flower city, is a famous tourist attraction, i visitors can travel in addition to its exquisite natural scenery, the more tense program is onlookers with the highest standards of the Shaman art performances.

New zhongruan Theater use of our P3.91 indoor led video screens and can accommodate more than 600 people in the construction, usually all together, led video screen effect to make the show more exciting, won the audience cheers and screaming.

Although Thailand is a small country with a population of only 60 million, there are 7 million foreign tourists visiting the tourism industry every year, and this income is as high as $ 7 billion a year as a pillar of Thailand’s economy.

8. This was a great event to work on – the stage rental led display was set up at 10.30am on the morning of the event and tested.

We have worked with the organization on this event over several years supplying three 20 sqm stage led display. The three parts screens, the stage led displays of the effect of the content, but the overall effect is very dazzling.

We were timed and the screen was all set up and showing live content, the clients were using the screen to show, the scene with the lights, sound so that people are completely immersed in the ocean-music.

9. Recently, a five-star hotel in Sonya installed multi-screen indoor led display, with a total area of 108 square meters. This led display installed in the hotel lobby, adopt P3.91 full color high-definition indoor led display.

Our P3.91 hire led displays is the advantage of high refresh, cooling effect is remarkable, play the picture HD, colorful, high brightness, rhea display is stable and so on, the display by customers and other people’s praise, and successfully passed the acceptance, and the display to the friends to show a beautiful style.

10. Recently, the Star-river group held the theme of “pay tribute to the Chinese era” of the briefing. Star-River Life College has released its first high net worth lifestyle report.

“Diamond forever, a perpetuating pass,” Star-River will use the “diamond team” determination, each product will be polished crystal clear, flawless; so that every product must be as hard as wear and tear of diamonds, long time spread.

The event uses our P3.91 indoor hire led display, this display compared to other ordinary rental led display, picture quality is clearer, the effect is more delicate, also has a low heat, low noise, low radiation, etc., the thickness of only 6CM lighter, more convenient lifting.

11. About P3.91 Indoor Rental Display:

  • Aluminum die-casting cabinet
  • Light Weigh and small structure
  • Good ventilation and heat dispersal design
  • Each screen plays same or different content
  • Support image, animation play, and Live Broadcast

P3.91 indoor stage led displays is the popular cost-effective indoor products, using smd2121, horizontal and vertical viewing angle of 140, the brightness of 1200-1400cd/m2(can be adjust); the cabinet size is 500*500mm/500*1000mm.

12. The Advantages of Hire LED Displays:

Now we can see some of the major activities of the led hire screens figure, such as stage performances, a variety of press conferences, exhibitions, lecture halls and auto show and other places, this is because the popular led rental screens itself has a variety of advantages.

Not only play video, audio, and other documents, and will be illustrated by way of illustrations, to achieve the purpose of advertising. Because of this, it more suitable for large-scale leasing and fixed use of the installation site, then what exactly the advantages of led rental screens?

  • 1). Environmental Protection

Compared to traditional lighting, power several times lower, while the led rental screens have a very good visual effect. Long use life, even if the daily operation, its life can reach several years.

LED rental display light weight and thin structure, with lifting and quick installation function, in line with the requirements of the installation of the rapid installation and removal requirements.

  • 2). Use applications

LED rental screens because of the pure full-color, light, and other characteristics, and is widely used in a variety of activities, performances, lectures, etc., in addition, whether it is outdoor or indoor compatible, innovative design, whether it is lifting, or stacking can meet.

  • 3). Safe and Reliable

Using low voltage DC voltage supply voltage, the elderly, children, pregnant women are safe. In addition, the professional led rental screen application of aluminum floor instead of the traditional plastic shell, not only the formation, but also improve the cooling performance, and waterproof effect, even if the outdoor does not affect the watch.

  • 4). Reduce Cost Output

Hire led displays cabinet, light weight, can reduce the cost of output in the transport, low energy consumption, so you can save operating costs and reduce labor costs.

Because the led rental screens have the above significant advantages, so we can use it in all public places. However, there are now on the market with a wide range of led rental screen, the general rental companies will recommend tenants to choose the quality of the lease to extend the life of led rental screen.

14. Conclusion:

With the full color indoor led display technology development, many people choose our products, with the processual design, the perfect picture effect, colorful display of our products to customers the wonderful experience, and we will bring a brilliant glory.

Our led video screens have been used for more than 30 countries, provided the perfect stage effects and solutions for hundreds of activities, If you have any questions or good ideas about led video screen, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we value and need every customer’s proposals, together to establish a permanent partnership, with professional skills and enthusiastic services!


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