2021 Future Trends For Exterior LED Screen

If you stand in front of a led advertising screen today, you will notice that they are significantly larger, brighter and more sophisticated than previous models, allowing for seamless viewing and providing a deeper and more powerful visual experience.

Future Source Consulting’s Global LED Display Market Report 2020 confirms that the led display industry is continuing its dominance, driving smaller pitch pixel positioning in a wide range of applications in both outdoor and indoor environments.

While outdoor display screen, for example, used to have a pixel pitch of 10 to 16 mm as standard, today we are seeing new applications driving the demand for pixel pitches as low as 3 mm, and even smaller pitches of P2.5 are available.

This is true from large stadiums and entertainment venues to poolside movie theaters and retail storefronts.

While reduced pixel pitch allows for shorter distances between pixels and greater pixel density, which is key to bringing the visual experience to life for both companies and end users, there are other factors that deserve special consideration at the forefront of innovation.

So, what will the future hold for exterior led screen, let’s take a look at four related trends.

  • High Environmental Adaptability

Environmental conditions can adversely affect outdoor led video display technology, resulting in deterioration of image quality and overall system operation. Installing outdoor advertising displays with elements such as waterproofing, UV treatment, low wind resistance grids, abrasion-resistant masking and dust proof enclosures will help ensure that your equipment can withstand the weather.

Protecting the outdoor led panel technology from rain, snow, dust, wind, UV rays and extreme temperature fluctuations means you can extend the life of your solution, maximize the viewing experience for your audience, and ultimately save money and time on premature repairs or replacements.

For example, the world’s largest chemical manufacturer needed to replace projectors and wall-mounted electronic large led outdoor displays that had been underperforming in outdoor event spaces used for corporate events, parties, presentations and formal meetings.

They found that high brightness exterior led screen not only greatly improved visibility, even in direct sunlight, but also avoided the problems associated with heat, humidity and pollen in the past.

  • High Brightness

Direct sunlight has long posed a challenge for viewing outdoor led display panels, but with advances in technology and increased brightness, users can display great content even when the sun is out.

They no longer have to choose between detailed, high-resolution screen content and brightness. Now, they can have both with excellent image detail.

With a small pitch of around 3mm, outdoor led advertising boards are at least 4,000 nits brighter. This is a key component to creating a positive viewing experience with a lasting impact.

  • Simplifying Service

Many of the led advertising screens on the market today come with stackable cabinets for quick assembly and offer quick locking systems to support single-person installations. We are also seeing more led screen solutions offering interchangeable components and front-end access for fast service.

These features not only reduce installation time and complexity, but allow end users to easily adapt to a variety of designs and configurations, especially as their needs continue to change.

As a result, they are able to provide a better viewing experience at any given time. As a technology that is increasingly faster to install and easier to maintain, outdoor advertising led displays are now a viable option for almost any organization.

  • Diverse Applications

Today, exterior led screen can be used in virtually any application environment. From lightweight small outdoor led display that can be hung, to temporary led video walls that can be quickly installed and dismantled by one person, and durable led flooring display that can support the weight of a car, one person can quickly install and dismantle, today’s outdoor video screens technology is turning dreams into reality.

A new hospitality concept in Columbia, S.C., finds that incorporating an outside led display screen not only attracts visitors, but also supports a variety of events and multiple uses. 5,000 nits of brightness makes the 6mm led display the perfect solution for private events such as movie nights, sporting event viewing parties and even weddings.

  • In Conclusion:

Today’s digital display screen outdoor solutions have better features to make the content look amazing from any angle.

With the commercial led signs market forecast to reach $6.4 billion and $13.1 billion by 2024, led advertising screens technology will become increasingly popular worldwide and this growth will undoubtedly lead to unprecedented opportunities.


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