How To Choose Best LED Display For My Intention?

Selecting the appropriate type of LED Displays is important moment for success of your project. If the LED display is disappointing for your clients, they will not pay. If you use unnecessarily expensive technologies (for example too high resolution) you will extend the period of return on your investment.

Based On Placement: indoor / outdoor

The difference between the two types is mainly in mechanical design and the amount of the achieved brightness. Outdoor LED Displays have usually larger pixel pitch (5-16mm), indoor smaller (2-6mm). Outdoor LED displays must withstand all weather conditions, temperature changes and so on. The brightness of these LED displays must be high (min.5000cd/m2), so the image is visible even in direct sunlight.

Indoor LED displays does not resist such influences and may not serve brightness so high, usually 1000cd/m2. Beware of cases where choice between the use of indoor and outdoor LED screen is not so clear. For example: LED display located in the business center, but in the glass part of the building where the lighting conditions are the same as outside. Then the brightness of the Indoor LED Display would not be sufficient. Or the LED displays in multimedia dices on the ice rink. Brightness is sufficient here, but environmental conditions are rather as outside.

Low temperatures and especially high humidity, dangerous water condensation – comparable with rain or even worse. In this case, it is necessary to provide indoor LED display by cover, which should be at least IP43, if not outdoor IP65.

By Viewing Distance – Choice Of Pixel Pitch
Viewing distance of LED displays vary by location and use. We use several so-called pitch clusters. As long as the LED display is located in a distance of several tens of meters, there is no longer benefit of high density color points in order to compensate higher financial costs of the display. If you use the LED display that would artificially show the finest details, you will not be able to see them from long distance anyway.

LEDSINO LED displays use pitch clusters from 1.25 mm to 20 mm. These distances represent the space between the colored dots. How much is a pixel pitch of LED display in mm, that many meters is optimal observation distance. For maximum viewing distance is crucial is the only real size of LED display. In other words, Best LED Display must be so large, that even the longest desired viewing distance will provide clearly visible display content.

By Location – Service Access
Different locations mean different options of service access. If the LED display is on the roof, rear service access is better.. If the LED display is on the wall, the better service access is from the front. Service access from the right side means fast service and lower cost of the supporting structure and the rental of equipment required to repair. Last but not least is the good look of installation of the LED Display. Why having thin LED display, when you need at least another 700 mm space behind for service access? Then you are going to have clumsy box on the wall with a depth of 850 mm, when the screen is only 150 mm deep.

Fixed And Rent Installations
Depending on the use of LED displays there are modules for either fixed installation with wiring within modules, or in the form of rent with external cabling and cage structures for quick assembly.

Choosing A Place For A LED Display
Choosing a place for installation of LED display is one of the most important decisions and it will determine, how successful will your project be. In other words, a good place will sell anything, bad place will not save even the Best LED Display. In any case, the success of any media depends mainly on its content, the creativity and skills of the owner.

If you have a suitable place for a LED display, you will need rental contract and construction permission. The biggest obstacle is usually the opinion of the department of care of historical monuments and department of transport (police). We can arrange for you documents of a technical nature (statics, manufacturing documentation of supporting structures, etc.) or advise you how to get them. Finally you must have a suitable location for the control PC with an internet connection.

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