FMR-Series Waterproof LED Module

Aluminum Back Shell Double Maintenance Module;Outdoor P6.67/ P10/ P8 LED Module;With 75% Energy Saving

Flame Resistance

With the full aluminum die casting, back shell is not deformed and with fast heat dissipation, the mask is using VO standard flame retardant materials and can not be self-ignition.

Energy Saving

Common Cathode Proposal, 75 % Energy Saving.

IP68 Fully Waterproof

Aluminum back shell is using fully enclosed design with 3-in-1 waterproof plug, Waterproof LED Module lamp is using two-liquid glue-pouring technology.

High Refresh Rate

Customized Brightest LED Module Lamp(9500CD),High Refresh Rate and High Greyscale IC.

Double Maintenance

Zinc Alloy Side Lock Design, Easy Front and Rear Maintenance

Various Sizes Can Be Customized

Technical Parameters

Application Field

Suitable for all outdoor locations, for example: various types of building exterior advertising, airport station advertising, government culture square, highway standing advertising, etc.

Latest And Greatest Cases

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